Wednesday, February 24, 2010



This post is to tell a little about a wedding on the beach at Naples-on-the-Gulf (of Mexico) this past Saturday. About 250 people I estimated were attending, many of us alcoholics (I like the word "ex-drunks").  Polly, maker of fabulous cookies for the Thursday night "cookie meeting" and her Fiancee John (also one of "us") became man and wife

Each family, Polly's and John's were 30-40 in number were mostly from other states, some traveled from Alaska.  So families counted for 70-80 witnesses.  I have played (violin) at hundreds of weddings, and never have I seen one so lavishly simple, so love-loaded, so mirthfully serious, so crazily sober...and I got to be a part of all this.  Whether AA, Alanon, or blood relatives joining at this celebration, it was indeed one huge, happy family affair.

When I asked Polly what kind of music she would like, her answer, "Steve, I'm putting you 'in charge' of the music, that is your job, OK?" was the answer every musician longs to hear--for weddings.

My sponsor and his sponsor were there, as well as Prayer Girl and her daughter--who is one of Polly's sponsees.  Except for the groom and bride's extended families, the rest of us in the crowd have been "friends" in the programs for years.

Imagine the gratitude and love spread around the park and the beach that morning and later at the home of the groom's sponsor; horseshoes, and lots of stuff, and food catered by a homeless shelter's popular and GoooooD! catering service.

This past Saturday morning and afternoon will be joyfully relived again and again in the fondest memories of all us happy participants.

Thank you again, Dear God, for these Your gifts.

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Shadow said...

that must've been a splendid gathering!

Susan Deborah said...

Aww! that was one nice nice wedding I've heard about in years. I can imagine the joy, gratitude and warmth in that gathering.

My wishes for the couple and joy to the ones who were there to wish them.

Joy always,

Secretia said...

To have that kind of fun with a bunch of friends, there's nothing better than that.


Manon Doyle said...

Sounds like it was a beautiful wedding. You playing the violin would of made it even more of a special day.

hey Steve.... thanks for popping by my stepson's blog. It's been a project for him and I think he may end up with the blogging bug!!

Happy you're back!!

Kim A. said...

It sounds like the newlyweds had lots of love surrounding them. I hope I get to attend such an event--the fellowship extends far beyond the rooms..both of them!


Enchanted Oak said...

It's awesome they let you choose the music to attend their wedding. I know you picked the most wonderful sounds. AA weddings really rock. At ours, we had sharing just like we do in meetings. It was so much fun.

Cat said...

It sounds amazing, love the photo!

Audrinna said...

sound wonderful

Dulce said...

I'd have loved to be there...beautiful and inviting scenario... especially that mixture of the sound of the sea and your violin...


Nevine said...

That's a heartwarming post, Steve! :-)


Mike Golch said...

wow,that was some good fellowship for sure.

Margie said...

It must have been a wonderful wedding!
I love weddings!
A time of joy and love for all that attend!

Wishing you a wonderful day.
Oh, I keep forgeting to mention my husband and I vacationed in Naples about 6 years ago and so loved the place!

Margie :)

Syd said...

A beach wedding sounds just perfect. They are off to a great start with so many good people there--lots of good vibes.

Selchie said...

There's nothing like a good wedding to lift the spirits.
I've been away myself so missed your updating, very happy to see you bach lovely.)