Sunday, February 28, 2010



Today I get to ride 50 miles on my scooter to our district AA meeting.  As a new GSR, I remember last month that the meeting lasted more than 5 hours.  And I fell asleep--sort of.  Today I will not snooze because the temperature is in the 60's and on a bike there is the wind factor.

The 7 AM AA meeting this morning was about God.  Since each of us has--and is certainly allowed--to have our own concept of our Higher Power, this is a tricky topic to address.  The first 164 pages in our Big Book "Alcoholics Anonymous" for me is like a rock-solid creed from which I sometimes veer, but to which I usually try to adhere.

A priest in AA named (believe this!) Father Bill Wilson tells us on his CD that Chapter Four "To The Agnostics" is the most important piece of literature in all of written history.  He had been seeking the "real" God from Rome Italy, to California. Studying in Rome, he acquired TWO doctoral degrees, no dummy, this guy. And he "found God" in Chapter 4 of our Big Book page 55.  In fact, Father Bill Wilson reads aloud this paragraph (about halfway down page 55) TWO TIMES in his talk--it is that important to him, for understanding "where is God"...

The excerpt:

"We finally saw that faith in some kind of God was a part of our make-up, just as much as the feeling we have for a friend. Sometimes we had to search fearlessly, but He was there. He was as much a fact as we were. We found the Great Reality deep down within us. In the last analysis it is only there that He may be found. It was so with us."

Yes, it does say "deep down within us" and "In the last analysis" and "ONLY there that He may be found." WOW!  It almost says to me to look no further that the Peep next to me and I should be able to "see" God. This chapter/paragraph changed my lifelong-held perspective of God--as if God ever needed MY "perspective-change"--grin!!!

Sober, Love, and Peace for today
For ALL you Peeps and me, I pray!

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Steve E said...


Kim A. said...

My own journey has shown this to be the truth. When I recognize the Great Reality within me than I can recognize it in you. That was the beginning of true spiritual sight for me. Shazaam indeed!


Banana Girl said...

Deep down inside: In some it is unfortunately so buried and hidden that no human power (Peeps) could render assistance in the "big find." I still marvel at those who say they want to be sober, who declare they cannot find God, and yet have enough faith to believe a reading of Tarot cards. Shazaam!

Fireblossom said...

And here I thought that the most important piece of literature in the world was either "Lady Chatterly's Lover" or the menu at my local coney island. But I know that God will overlook my silliness. SHE always does. ;-)

Secretia said...

To find what we want only requires our looking in the right place. Anywhere else you come up empty-handed. We fools believe in the impossible instead of the possible.


Dulce said...

Great post Steve dear,
I wish I could grasp this sensation, that God is here- there and everywhere in all the 'peeps' all the time...
Not easy though, but we keep trying.

Andrew said...

Like a journey without distance to a place I have never left. So close, yet so far.

Good to see you blogging regularly again Steve.

Nevine said...

And doesn't your post's title say it all? "Where is He? Everywhere!" You beautiful spirit, you!


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Steve E said...

KIM A: Recognizing where God really is (in everyone and everywhere) sort of gives me a notion that we all have something in common, but I like the way YOU put it!

BANANA GIRL: Yes, I have faith that out of 100 autos coming at me 60 mph, at least ONE of them is being driven by a drunk (on a given night). And I "believe they will not veer over and hit me. So why was it so difficult to believe in a "God of my understanding..you GOT it, girl!

FIREBLOSSOM: Lady Chatterly is JUST who I was referring to--NOT that menu thing. And of course, SHE forgives you, and I hope, ME! Because I sure enjoy reading you!

SECRETIA: The IMPOSSIBLE, i.e., putting Peeps on the moon, we believe so easily. The possibility that God (She or He!) might have something to do with it is simply UNBELIEVABLE...love your blog!

DULCE: Well, "Dear"...give it time, give it time. And remember, "Time takes TIME".

ANDREW: I am SO glad to "see" you here. Truly, a friend!

NEVINE: Any reader of YOUR postings, must be inspired by YOUR spirit. It just works that way--for me, anyway.

JESSIE: And from you, Girl--ONE word means SO much! Thank you for being a friend.

Syd said...

I recognize God's presence in so many things and people. I think that we are all born being innocent and close to God. Someway along the way, some people grow apart from God. The good thing is that we can find our way back if we so choose.

Steve E said...

Sometimes God help us "come back home" without our choosing, I think. He hits us over the head with a baseball bat.

You are so good at answering everyone's postings around the B'world. It means a lot to us Peeps!

God Whispers In The Wind said...

God is showing up more and more in my life as I let Him and am open more to Him. Great post Stevie. Blessings dear one.

Susan Deborah said...

Dear Steve:

So very true. No place is free then, eh!!!???? That he is everywhere sometimes scares me to bits but then HE IS.

Lovely meandering for today.

Joy and peace,

P.S: I was reading another post that also reflects along same lines:

Indigo said...

I needed this so MUCH this morning. I sometimes forget what my higher power was for me in those early days. I couldn't envision God so instead I envisioned a sober, healthy, courageous me. And it worked. These past few weeks I forgot about that woman who took the bull by the horns and with determination made a better life for herself.

I need to find her again. This latest path I'm on is nothing short of hellacious, full of all kinds of self doubt. (Hugs)Indigo

Steve E said...

GOD WHISPERS (JBR): LOVE your "whisper) blog, though it is more bible than I'll accustomerd to...MY BAD! Our AA program is bible-heavy I realize, but cloaked in Englis words, and without (Chapter, Verse, Line) references.

So I'll get my "Real" bible in "God Whispers". Thank you.

SUSAN: Dunno...I believe "knowing God and that Perfect LOVE can be and/or IS freedom. We DO still hjave free will, ya know?

Thank for your SO nice comments. I went to GQ's blog, and he does write good--Thanks!

INDIGO: How wonderful to meet you here again on my post! To me, you ARE "sober, healthy, and courageous

We can ALL let God into more of our lives, I guess. Those who do claim the "better life" in all ways

Cat said...

Finding that higher power for me has taken a great deal of soul searching but I agree with this post, where you quote, " we found the reality deep down within us", and that is the only place to find it.

Margie said...

Steve, I really appreciate all the wonderful wisdom you share!
Thank you!

Now, I'm off on a walk and I know God will be right there beside me!
God is always by my side!
I really do know that and on the days I forget about Him, I know He does not forget about me!
How blessed I am!

Margie :)

Manon Doyle said...

I pray to my *spirit guides* twice a day. Ya.... I call them my guides because they are showing me the way. Do i sound crazy? LOL

Steve E said...

CAT: In AA Big Book, pg 60 under letter "c. God could and would if He were sought."

...that says "sought", not "caught"! Cat, you are SO right--I do not have to FIND God, just keep searching, God will let me know where He is when I am ready. Thank youi for that insight!

MARGIE: God IS with you, anyone can tell--by your writings! And how good for you to point out that

"(when) I forget about Him, I know He does not forget about me!"

MANON: It is finally GLADNESS for you to let me/us know that God is GOD. "As we understand Him" is the secret word.

And everything beyond us is in that "Spirit world" of COURSE! I have an angel (Flex) who helps me in even the smallest of situations

And (I believe) these spirits are EVERYWHERE. And, I believe a definition of God is LOVE, certainly a Spiritual Being, One of Oneness with all of Creation.

Should I write "Amen" after that--grin

Audrinna said...

Thank you my friend, I wish it was that simple for me to what you said, I feel like its me having to lose every thing and have nothing to start with nothing, when all the evil people in my life have gotten away with everything.I don't if that make seance

Clueless said...

This is my first time at your blog and I am enjoying it. For some reason, this post caused me to tear up with joy and sadness...I wonder what that is about...time to pray and ponder...or is it just time to let be and let God? Either way thank you.

Steve E said...

ADRINNA: Nice to be "talking" with you. Can you rid yourself of the "evil people"?

We are not made to live in "evil" surroundings, if there is ANY way out. I hope your life turns onto the road named "BETTER--ONE WAY"

CLUELESS: Letting go and letting God is the method many use to overcome adversities.

It helps me to be on "speaking terms" with God, I talk with Him like I would to a good friend.

I visited your blog, and I was left...clueless. But I'll be back.

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