Tuesday, August 31, 2010




 August 2009, as I rode through St Augustine, on Florida's east coast, just south of Jacksonville, I decided to stop for a few AA meetings, and "Meet the Peeps" (Sounds like "Meet the press", Holy Crapola!)...

Back in St Augustine today--2010--at noon I went to Serenity Club. Guess what? A Women's meeting! So, just momentarily and slightly bumped off the third rail, I remembered a lady, 30 years sober, last year saying she worked 32 years at the Lightner Museum, but I did not remember her name. So, wishing to meet with her again I used the time to go to that Museum--OH! What an interesting place of beauty:

--Old stuff, oily stuff (on canvass--grin!)
Grey stuff, clay stuff
From chairs to hairs (a shrunken head).
Musical instruments and surgical
Mundane and magical...
Statues and Carvings
All under one Huge roof

No luck looking for my AA lady-friend.  Person in charge of volunteers was no help at all...mainly because I had only few clues. I told her I met this lady at a meeting, etc. No help whatever.

I left, riding scooter right up the avenue. My DROID rang. Calling was the lady I had been seeking, RENE. She said her boss mentioned "a fellow on a motorcycle said he met someone who works here--at a meeting, way last year...Sheeeesh!"

Rene said she jumped up and said "That's ME!"  And she called me to return to the museum, this time to the BACK door! The "Family" door!

She guided me up to her office,and we had a great AA meeting--including coffee--the two of us with (combined) more than 65 years of sobriety, talking about our beloved AA program and Steps, like excited beginners.

Rene's son, probably between age 35-40 celebrated 10 months of sobriety yesterday. Her husband John, also an AA long-timer, and Rene, decided to take son Greg and me out to "do" Mexican dinner. And DO we DID! Out of this world GoooooD!

Tomorrow we will all meet once more at the 7 AM meeting, just before I leave St Augustine. And ya know what? I'll be BACK here! Why? Because I  L O V E it here!

I'd guess the real gist of this story is that I had said to the "museum lady" earlier, "Well, God just must NOT want us to meet up this year."  And that's JUST when God took over.

Many smaller Puzzling Pieces of this chance meeting, lovely dinner, and promise to meet again happened, but this post would become bloated, and maybe even lengthy, even by MY standards--grin!

PEACE and LOVE to 
All you peeps, seriously!
Whoever wishes, feel free
To spend the day as me...
Not to think of a spree
Or a single drink, you see
We're sober, happy, joyous
...and FREE!




In St Augustine, Florida, and the sound of a train nearby is so peaceful, so reminiscent of days gone by. I had forgotten that mile-long trains still snake their way--whistles a blowing--across states, countries and directly behind motels where Peeps are trying to sleep! Fortunately, the rumbling sounds of a long train are to me the same as that lullaby of sea-waves which used to rock my boat...yes, and float my boat.

I stay awake just long enought to realize what is happening, then fall into deep sleep, before I've had time to pray, to enjoy...OMG, does that sound "familiar" to anyone here?--grin!


I checked over my scooter carefully--something I should do each time before putting up the kickstand. Anyway, I found the front tire looking strangely like a seriously blocked colon, all lumpy. No wonder! And I thought all the roads in Georgia and both Carolinas were in terrible shape. It was my front tire creating the extremely rough rides! Half mile from motel is a very large dealer where my scooter is featured. When i saw the SUZUKI sign, I thanked God.

Mechanic said it had been a long time since he'd seen a tire that bad still on the road. I got a new one, and am very happy about that. A blowout is something I do not even wish to dream about. Smooth riding happens...NOW!


"Indulge myself" Day: I'll treat myself to a couple AA meetings, do laundry, eat at a Spanish restaurant two blocks away, and participate in a favorite activity, as follows:

 A friend rode on a scooter 22,000 miles several years ago. For world PEACE! She did not make speeches, she did not address conferences. ALIX--age about 33, went all over the US asking peeps (one-at-a-time) what they thought about PEACE--WORLD peace. In this way, she had not the goal to create world peace, but rather call attention to it. Anyway, that is what I've been doing the past couple days, and will continue. I simply ask strangers (when we get to talking,  like "Where you from, stranger?"--grin!), "What are your thoughts regarding world peace?" It does not surprise me that peeps simply have so much ELSE on their minds, that world peace is way down at the bottom of most lists.


St Augustine (not in the downtown but several miles inland) is a MOST comfortable place for me to be. I feel much at home here, and will stay another day, sort of regroup, catch up on sleep, and "think about world peace"--grin!

Also I think much about how easy it is to be cheerful, upbeat, positive. I become more aware of  how to be helpful to others.  Be grateful for those who have been helpful to me/us. I consider these as special attributes of peeps who live the AA way of life, and of bloggers in general: sharers of experience, strength and hope for happiness, joy, love--and world peace.

I sometimes feel like a loner (a hermit? God forbid!) out here "on the road"...but not A-lone. Does that make sense? It continues to amaze me how utterly nice people are--strangers. How giving of themselves, and yes, how spiritual. At everyone I smile, and ya know what? they smile BACK! isn't that marvelous?

Have I mentioned the many times I sit under an overpass during a storm?  Invariably I'll be joined by from two to eight bikers, and in minutes we are like old friends, laughing, joking, believing.

It is time to shut down for this day, and anticipate the next day, ready for whatever is sent this way...there is always something new, strange, exciting and wonderful (full of wonder!)...May god bless you peeps.

I am sober today--had to tell my friend the Spanish chef, "NO WINE in my sauce, OKAY?"

And in my heart there is love for everyone, believe that!


Sunday, August 29, 2010



"Daddy, are we there yet?"

"I have to go wee!"

"Can we go back home? I forgot KitCat!"

"I gotta poo!"


(I need BEER) 

Micro-Fiction Monday, hosted by Susan at Stony River.!
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It's fun, and quite a challenge.
Try it, you'll like it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


AMENDED: Just now I went to office for their "Continental (stale doughnut?) breakfast. Guess what? The place has closed down!! This is TRUE. Altogether! Guess I got here yesterday in the nick of time--grin!
(No wonder it was "$33 cash--pay in advance!")

Lots of rain forecast for today where I am riding, so I'll cover my gear NOW instead of later..."under an overpass"

May God/Allah Bless you ALL!


In a little part of a little town named "Littleton" 
(actually, Walterboro) on State Route 63 in 
South Carolina, I came upon this beautifully secluded--yes, another--OASIS in my travel day. 
"I hope there is 24-hour coffee pot", 
I spoke out loud to nobody!


The girl who checked me in ($33...cash only) looked a bit under the weather, she was a member of the housekeeping department. In fact she WAS the h/keeping department. So I asked her if the manager was in, and she responded, "Nope--they's out to a drunk-brawl party this evenin'..."

Me: Do you know when they will return?

She: Nope!

By the way, are there any meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous around here?

Well, i dunno. Me an' my husban' don't go out much, ya know?

My next questioning was in regard to WiFi (Wireless computer access). (Peeps, did I tell you this is mostly a true story which happened only MOMENTS ago?)

She told me I would need a PIN number, she called it a "prin number"-- whatever--grin! To get the "prin" I had to pull a chair in that externally  elegant lobby, reach to the top of an antique bookcase, and pick up the old, dusty, hot, hot router. There it was, Scotch-Taped to the bottom: the prin number: 578839400 (it was written "prin", BTW!!!--grin!). 

And peeps, do ya know? It WORKED, and here I am blogging this really--and I AM serious, YEP!--this really WEIRD piece of my trip. 

The lady brought me a towel, a coffee pot and maker, some filters, etc., and showed me how to turn on the water, believe this. 

As far as I can determine, at the present time, 6:30 PM Saturday night, there is as yet but ONE guest in this place...ME!  72 rooms, and only vehicle--a motorscooter.

Peeps, I TRULY feel as if I'm a character in a Stephen King story here. I keep walking around to the front of this building to see if my scooter is still there. Oh yes, I forgot to show you a photo of the REAR of this place...MY ROOM!


This was inspired by Willow's blog Magpie Tales
Please go visit for more creative poems, stories etc!
And join in, so simple, almost rule-free--most of all
IT IS FUN!!!! Go HERE for quick information....

--steveroni "A mostly true story"

Friday, August 27, 2010



Fri., Sat., Sun., riding south on I-95 
toward St Augustine FL


 Riding EAST (my deepest apologies, Mr G-Man!) across the state of Virginia toward Norfolk, I felt suddenly Tired, Hungry, Lonely--but NOT Angry ("H.A.L.T.")...three out of four, though, is NOT good for this alcoholic. I blinked once, and there before me stood this little old building--beckoning, only one U-Turn away.

Inside, two women owners became immediately the friendliest of friends. Another of those "on-the-road" connections--blessings--on which I thrive. I was introduced to every trucker, logger and deer-slayer (Ugh!) who stopped by, as "this alcoholic violin-playing scooter rider from Naples Flow-reeda".

More to this story will just have to be posted another time, but my "55"-word Friday was thus inspired. See MR G-Man, if you are interested in writing one of these. It is simple, and fun:


 Out of gas--almost
Out of song
Out of energy--
Been riding too long

Vision appeared
Just west of Emporia
Place called "Woodruff"
Highway 58! Virginia

Chicken salad
Stories for blogging
Men been logging   
Will remember always
Liz and lifelong friend
Happy faces
Happy places

Oasis of giving
Day of living
Ride on


Thursday, August 26, 2010




First I heard the sirens, wayyyy behind me, approaching. Since I was slowing from about 80, they were not coming up on me--public servants don't "do" 80...at least on the job.

A few cars and a moving van were stopped...then I saw it with my eyes, a motorcycle sort of crumpled up. All by itself, the bent front wheel still circling itself. Maybe caused by the breeze out here on the Interstate.  It is Tuesday. I've been out a week from Naples. Nearby the bike is a body, . Apparently a young man lost control of his two wheeler machine, got into sand on the side of the road, and wound up--as it turned out--quite dead.

I sat in the roadway and recalled feeling as if in a trance--near the lifeless, as crumpled up as his bike. As I looked around, I noticed the little unevennesses in the rocky asphalt, those slight street-indentations. In these places were little spoonsfull of blood, like miniature puddles of unevaporated red rain.  The sirens were getting closer now, and I sat contemplating a tire valve stem cap, some old cig butts,  gravel-sand and a string of marching ants carrying whatever. I moved as the officials took over. They discovered I had nothing useful to offer them.

Peeps were trying to revive the obviously dead corpse, and while walking at the pace of a land turtle back to my own scooter, I realized something. This is the second time today, that I have received a message from outside myself. I stopped in a Starbucks at Exit #123 (Is it the real number?) to write this while it is fresh.


Two hours I spent at the home of my granddaughter, her mother, her husband and my one-year-old great grandson.  L had prepared a lovely dinner.  I had let them know only 24 hours earlier that I'd be coming through their city. It had been one year since we'd seen one another.

In near darkness I continued my ride (won't do that again--ride at night). Before long the big trucks had regaled themselves in thousands of beautiful Christmas-tree-like running lights. Every speeding 18-wheeler appeared as a rolling circus to these tired old eyes. Real darkness set in...and the cold, the biting cold had my hands shaking as I held the handle bars. The Christmas trees began to slow a little at a time. In truth I thought maybe a police roadblock ahead might be the reason. After many miles it seeped  through my thick skull that we had been climbing a mountain. All the while, the scene from earlier that very morning kept flashing through my head

Just before midnight I succumbed to nature. Tired, sleepy, and fffreezing cccold, I checked into the settlement's inexpensive (only) motel, built on a hill high above the village's only gasoline station. Morning arrived and it was clear (and cold--grin!) that I had spent the night at the top of a  mountain, in "Fancy Gap", Virginia.


While packing the scooter to move on, I met an old Alkie-type guy. he was sweeping, emptying trash, and installing new TVs in room units. We talked. He looked just like the old Alkie guy who had checked me in at midnight. He was. And he IS! (Ya never know!)

He suggested I take the Interstates wherever I was headed. But I chose a US highway #58 East. So happy. The sounds, the smells, the views, the "visions" all made this my BEST travel day. Earlier that morning I had been phone-counseled by a Peep friend who several years ago rode a scooter 22,000 miles--by herself--for world PEACE.  Thank you Alix!

I was a bit scared for a while, riding so close to the edge of (the world?) with very little--if any--railing-guard protection. The answer is "Focus, focus, focus"...but NOT on the scenery.

Again, the awesome sights, precious sounds and fresh smells which adorn the many crowns of nature as I ride my Suzuki 650 Burgman through the mountains are indescribable. Delicious! Tantalizing! Tempting!

Maybe I'll just write a 55-word-Friday for tomorrow night/Friday. A "short one". Does anyone believe THAT?--grin!

Writing this--with its inherent memories, made me reflective and tired, so good night...


Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Into the motel office I walked about 5 PM Monday, to get some change for vending.  A lady was just checking in...she kept looking at me, finally said, "Didn't you speak at the Three Legacies group Saturday night"? Yep!

One hour later at a red light on my scooter--still in Charleston--two very young girls pulled up in a van next to me, at a very busy intersection. One had a huge camera and asked if she could take my picture. Wellll, what would you say..."NO???" 

Lights here are long waits, she took several photos, told me where to "look", etc. Since I could not find the Walgreen Pharmacy, they said "Follow us, we'll take you there." Once at the store, just before they drove off, one of the girls--the driver--said, "Hey weren't you at the Palm Island Meeting (AA) last night (Sunday)?" OMG!

NOTE: Several vehicles directly behind my scooter waited patiently for the picture-taking session, as they were turning right, and could have raised holy hell.Why did they not? The photog had trouble getting her expensive camera to perform. Some more of the many things I will never understand.


How COOL are these "God-Moments". I do not know what else to call them. They produce smiles all around, even from onlookers, and peeps waiting. These special precious seconds/minutes, as they are happening, signal to me that none of us are alone...ever!

Somehow I have to believe that an old guy, riding a rather large scooter with the word "SOBER" printed across the rear bumper, grinning from ear-to-ear, is NOT a primary candidate for a photo-shoot. However.......

In the morning (it is already morning!) I'll be riding away from this city which I am coming to love, Charleston--specifically, Mt. Pleasant--to Huntersville, North Carolina to have dinner with my granddaughter, her husband, her mother, and one-year-old great grandson. It is about 250 wonderfully happy scooter miles north from here.

IF incidents like the above reported interest you Peeps, I'll continue to post them, because they are no longer the exception, but now are the rule. At the least, I certainly enjoy these "angel winks"!


Monday, August 23, 2010


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"Well, your papers seem to be in order, Mr Bones. 
What is the condition of your health? 
The Insurance company does wish 
to know about that!"

Just decided to take an "off" day from
everything...and spend another day in
beautiful Charleston. And yes, it IS hot!
Thank you for all of your good wishes
and prayers for "safe riding".....

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Early on this trip, I stayed at the house 
of one who was SO proud of her yard.
What I found there, I share--with you.


At one house where I stayed is a huge back yard, wood-fenced, and loaded with flora, fauna, and vegetation also--grin! Of particular interest to me was  something you all probably knew...but being born in the dark ages, I somehow missed.

A year ago my hostess (Florida) stuck a sprig of milkweed in the ground. It flourished, although slowly...and then came the record-cold winter 2009-10, which killed the milkweed, which is really "weed"--I didn't know that, nor did I even care.


This summer the weed came back and multiplied itself into a "milkweed garden".Of course returned also the Monarch Butterflies! Lots of them! They eat the seeds from the budding and flowering beauty of the "weed". This weed's stalks--stems--then become home to eggs, left behind by the Monarch.

The eggs-turned-larvae, then turned caterpillar, eat the leaves, cleaning the stalk of them. At the "appinted time" a transformation takes place, and the worm becomes the mighty and heavenly beauteous MONARCH which/who will one day return here to lay IT'S larvae. And as the milkweed garden expands its own root systems and boundaries, the Monarchs continue returning "home" to the place of their birth-memory to visit their relatives, eat, love, lay and hide their eggs.

...And the beat goes on....

And the whole magnificent creation of this singular universe is reminiscent of those universes within universes--and those without, beginning to form and fulfill their own functions, as One under All, for All and with All.

Did I mention that milkweed exudes some kind of sticky poison from which the Monarch is immune, but many--most--insects are not? Also, FYI, you must realize that I have not researched this topic, the above is simply my understanding from a quick interview.
But isn't this all just a LOVELY facet of Creation?

NOTE:  This is my second installment of RIDE 2010. this trip is packed with AA meetings, friend old and new, and "God" events happening almost constantly. 

In Charleston SC my very special friend has herself blogged a some (trip) experiences, which might be of interest to a few of you Peeps. Her name: Jess (Go ahead, please click on it!! And read Aug 21 and Aug 22, and then blogroll this woman!)

Friday, August 20, 2010


"On the road again", this beautiful Friday in
Charleston South Carolina (I like it here!) 
I combined "55" with Magpie--not much 
computer time (that's my excuse this time!)


("Psssst...Shhhh! Willow, you have nice toes" --the Foot Fet)

"Here am I again, just another chunk of old plumbing.
Sticking my nose out from behind some plaster.
This time between some exquisite human toes.

Whatever happened though,
to those two little Piggy guys on the ends
Maybe they went to buy me something?
To put in my nose?
To stop this nasal drip...

NOTE: Go to G-Man and if you write a "55"
Let him know...then check out others

NOTE: Thank WILLOW for her weekly
prompt for next Tuesday's MAGPIE

Wednesday, August 18, 2010




Scooter Trip, Day 1 and I sit here in a beautiful South Florida village visiting my daughter. At the moment she is out taking one of her several dogs to school. He is taking a test tonight in front of all the other dogs at school. He is going to sit, when he hears the word "SIT", and stand, etc., at the command "STAND".

Bloody hell, I could do those actions even before school...but never on command--grin! 

So I am eating some really good hor'd'ourves as daughter is a GooooD cook! These munchies are spectacular! I will put out the recipe if she will allow it.

First hour of riding I was being followed
By Lightning, Black clouds and Thunder.
It gave me again to witness the awesome
Power of our Creator--and wonder...

Yeah! Okay. I gotcha. The non-story:

This was again one of those gigantic monster-storms we get almost daily in South Florida. And I can tell you that storms do NOT move only at 15-20 miles-per-hour. This one was moving, really coming AFTER me
on I-75. It was, like...tracking me down. Now and then I saw a few drops hit my visor, and one moment I tasted a wet mosquito--decided to stop yawning--grin! (Yes I swallowed the bug. OK?)

What made this exciting for me was the fact that I had not any of my saddle bags or luggage pieces fitted yet with rain-wear. Also me, not rainproof. Now I was going 84-88 m/p/h to beat this storm, and each time I looked back (dangerous, BTW!) there they were--sheets and sheets of driving rain, raining GAINING on me. Brightly colored flaky clouds up ahead. I went in that direction.

One hour later I looked back, and all the sky was blue, dotted with fluffy, friendly white puffs. I beat the storm--on a scooter! How about that?

OK, I was going to give y'all some recipes for some delicious handfulls of stuff everyone will enjoy. You may not enjoy them as much as I--for I just discovered that all these handfulls of sweetest treasures can be purchased in any food market. It is all stacked neatly in bags and boxes in aisle #23 DOGGIE TREATS AND PET FOOD!

...and if there is any doubt...well, YESSSS, I am still sober. Today.
I'm loving you today, Peeps!
Knowing that God allows you all His PEACE. Today


Just no time to make comments, 
but I'm reading most blogs, and 
LOVING your responses. 
Thank you Soooo much!!!

Picture: Deviant Art 

Monday, August 16, 2010


This was inspired by Willow's blog Magpie Tales
Please go visit HER for more creative poems, stories etc! And join in, so simple, almost rule-free--most of all IT IS FUN!!!! Go HERE for quick information....


(In whisper mode)  Shhhhh, I cannot talk...down here in the basement, being held prisoner. I am huddled on the damp floor, awaiting instructions from my captors. Shhhhh, I can overhear a few words now and then--we should stop talking.  From now on...ONLY TEXT, OK?




Run. Run. Run (See Dick run--grin?) Crash! TRIP! Plop! Slide! "Oooof!" Holy Shit, here they co--......Crack! Crack!

......."Well, boys, guess he can swim with the fish today, OK?  Ya know guys, if it weren't for that God damn old plumber's piping nightmare where he tripped on--he coulda' easily escaped."

"Hey JUNIOR!  You Stupid Ass!  Don't bother wiping blood off those nipples, lips, joints all twisted together, tongues, and grooves...you could end up separating that fitting male from the female fitting. YEAH, my Uncle Nero Willow the plumber always treated his pipes as if they were human. He called them 'Peep Pipes'!"


Sunday, August 15, 2010



This IS fun, to write anything 
in exactly 160 characters 
--spaces counted also--
Then let MONKEY MAN know.
Sunday ONLY posting

This moment
Of mine
So bad
Feel sad
And a tad

Pay the fine
Put behind
That stress
The mess
Live again.

Together forever
Here, there


Friday, August 13, 2010



My first "Freedom Ride" 
was to be a full-sized 
WILLYS JEEP, a 16th 
Birthday present. 

"Young People will never remember our words, but they will ALWAYS remember how we made them FEEL"

When but a youth of sixteen
I received a birthday present
A brand new half-inch machine-a Jeep
Hidden under my breakfast plate

This was the greatest
Of my entire life
Before or since.

Promised months in advance
Coming down the stairs that morning
I took a 'proper' stance
Almost like a dance
A prance.
Then, without a bit of warning

Farm hands and Family
Stood around me laughing
I had misunderstood their mirth
Thinking it support, and worth
My joining them, my Peeps
Happy for me and my Jeep.

Joke was on the Jeepee
Yep, the joke was on me.
That laughter I yet hear
When I direct my ear

Oh, how I remember that day
That morning without warning

Through my heart, the spear
Drove me to grow up (Yayy!)
And be hurriedly out of there
I have been getting "out of there"
Ever since

Now I listen to music in my head,
Play symphonies in my bed,
Enjoy writing poetry
In somewhat symmetry

And stories give me interest.
Writing them, I feel like a guest,
An honored one (written in jest!)
But then backwards I leap
To that  16th birthday long ago
Served with breakfast--Ohhhh!
How I miss my little Jeep.




Dear Peeps.

There is just not the time for me to comment--much. But I realize YOU like enjoy receiving them as well as I.  So this little photo is what I am sending , as grass mowing is the next job today. I believe our thermometer on lanai reads 104 right now.

So, I'll just drink to that (water!) and get to work. Forgive me for being short in the comment areas. I love you all, and YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOUR COMMENTS! (Or maybe you do.)

(Steve E)

Thursday, August 12, 2010



Early next week
I go to seek
God and his peeps
And in my blind'
What do I find?
A toll booth!

"Get off this red Highway
Drive on the "Blue" By-way
Make it to the Maker
--Be giver, not taker"

These words said
By Flex my Angel
And One other, too:



Flash Friday Fiction 55 (click HERE) is hosted by the G-man. The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a story in exactly 55 words. And let HIM know!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Mr Meadow saw what loomed like a huge black cloud descending upon his little settlement, his "place" of the evening. The wispy wetness blurred into what resembled a gigantic human hand, palm facing him. Moving slowly, like a shadow in the dark night, it struggled to keep itself between Mr Meadow and the lamp ("lamp", same four letters..extra credit, maybe l'll be allowed back next week? If I clasp my palms together in supplication?)...this lamp, a light source, is what gave the puffiness its palminess.

On with our story, boys and girls:

As Mr Meadow crawled around the table, to evade perceived danger, he felt the friendly fibers of the carpet--this time, impeding his rush to escape. He felt the stickiness, did Mr Meadow, his legs were seemingly without power to move away from this now room-filling palm of cloudiness. Those hairs on his face stood straight out in the coldest of fear, that life, so dear, was about to be terminated.

At that singular moment, two things simultaneously occurred. Mr meadow knew his demise was imminent...at the exact same time he heard the voice pierce the cloudy airless area. "I've finally got close enough to spray you, you damn PALMEADOW!"

(Sorry, Peeps--grin!)

This is a Theme Thursday post.



I love looking at pictures
Of people, places and things
I search them out, to view again
.....Again and then the
Dammmm phone rings...

"Hey YOU! Did receive my photos?"
Of course I did, my Baybeeee
I wish to look more and see
You. But where are your clothes?

You were else nought
But very bold
At the same (Wow!) hot
But very cold

Thank you again
For what you send
I SO love the view
And I SO love YOU

Riinnnnggggg! That phone again?
Nope! Alarm clock telling me time
To awaken. Just how
Am I supposed to now
Get up and push that plow?
No dreams tomorrow night of mine


In the late thirties and early forties I lived with a group of six "bachelor farmer" type men
(Army rejects) and my family. Looking backwards, I know there were many dreams in that farmhouse...mostly of girls, nakedness, drinking, fun, and fun, and not much else. Not yet age ten, I was secretly one of those dreamers.

Never once did I say to myself in the mirror, "Hey, you...steveroni. Maybe one day YOU can drink a pint of Muscatel before breakfast, be drunk before dinner, and not remember supper. Then Steve, YOU can also lead a life of pure (false) guilt and misery, and be filled with a hundred forms of fear, paranoia, resentment, anger and jealousy.

And you can finally graduate (Oh! finally?) into the ranks of daily drinker, daily drunk. And one day your GOD (alcohol) will turn on you and leave your heart and soul bleeding. Instead of making yourself believe you were above--better than--the others, your God of 20+ years will say 'fuck you', steveroni, as He abandons you.

 Then that God--alcohol--will look for millions who have not lost much yet, and proceed to lead them down the same dark stairway to hell-on-earth. Now, Steve--isn't that an ideal life--he way you WANT it to be?"

Alcoholism, the killer disease, wants me and countless others DEAD. Alcoholism tells me I do not have a disease--just a slight lack of will power. Alcoholism is patient, having until the end of time! I don't have that long.

Peeps! Without any intention of doing so, I really got on the soapbox this time, right? Well, I wish for everyone here who needs and wants it, to experience the peace, love, and happiness which has been given freely to me through the AA program, the lives and life it has redeemed.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010




During my earliest memory--about age 5-8--Grown-up Peeps would ask me questions like, "What do you want to be when you grow up, young man?" Oh how I hated that condescending-sounded question! I mean, they didn't give a rat's ass about "what I wanted to be", right? RIGHT! So I began to make up things they wanted to hear, like "I want to be a farmer" (like my father) or, "I want to play violin in the Symphony!"

The old joke here is;
Kid: "I want to grow up and be a musician".
Response: "Well, son you can't do both!"

DEFINITELY I do not recall saying--or thinking--"I want to grow up and be a drunk and sleep under a bridge, and eat out of McDonald's dumpsters, and puke a lot, and die all alone of sclerosis while laying frozen in a snowbank!" 

Sometimes I would say what I REALLY wanted to be my career...psychologist or psychiatrist. Even at that early age, I felt in myself a special gift for "helping" people sort things out in their lives. Not MY life, understand...please! But I wished to "direct" the lives of others...hmmmmmm? Some bad vibes there?...

So, I played the violin--in symphony orchestras, in cabarets, on street corners, on boats, on airplanes (twice), in String Trios and Quartets, in recording studios, on the beaches of SW Florida, in churches, in Men's Toilet Rooms, for weddings, for funerals, for Christmas midnight masses...

Many years have swept by in hindsighted warp-speed. Today I find myself--not unusual at all in recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous--with several new Peeps to sponsor...which means three men asked me to be their sponsor, AND I became willing to let God use me to help them stay sober. 

It is a full life, allowing my time to be taken up by the needs of others. It is satisfying, fulfilling, rewarding.

The reason I am uniquely qualified to be of help, to peeps in real deep-shit trouble is because I have been where they are...I had completely clothed myself in utter chaos, even long since my last drink. Several times! 

Staying sober (not drinking alcohol) did not, nor does not guarantee a happy, joyous, free life. Staying sober is simply the beginning. For me it was a prerequisite. Becoming honest, open-minded and WILLING was then necessary. Next came surrender, action, complete change--prayer to some form of Higher Power (my choice)--as requisites.

And THAT is what I guide Peeps through, this 'simple' maze of twelve steps, to somewhat stressless peace, serenity, calmness of spirit, and a sober, happy and satisfyingly productive life. 

The reason--again--how I am qualified for this new (volunteer) job, is that I myself did everything WRONG! And learned the hard way. Many Peeps have forgiven and forgotten...one or two have not. God will sort that all out in time.

One of my personal needs is spiritual help to grant me patience, tolerance and calm understanding to allow other Peeps the RIGHT TO BE WRONG! I heard those words at my second AA meeting, more than 36 years ago.

And so, in a way, these three peeps I met this week, have entrusted their lives to...who, ME? OMG! Already I feel sorry for them who have asked me to be their sponsor, their guide through the program of AA. But I shall not back away from this responsibility, because it keeps ME sober, you know?

In fact, that is more than half of the whole idea--grin!


Sunday, August 8, 2010


Long-ago slice of life of steveroni

Maestro Josef Kripps shouted, "Sing, SING!"


 Some years ago, after my first season with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, at age 20, I had a cyst removed from left side of my neck and I can still today feel the warm blood trickle down my neck and chest and arm.  

Surgery was in the doctor's office. Tests showed a non-malignancy, but it sure made violin playing uncomfortable for several weeks.  I had (still have) on my violin a rosewood chin rest, and it became more red (with blood) as the days went by.  

Doctor said, "Don't play for a few weeks", but I was leaving in a short time for Tanglewood (Lenox Massachusetts), and had to practice like mad for those orchestra seating auditions.

It was a great summer musically, for me, many true learning experiences--studying with members of the Boston Symphony.  I felt well-blest to be playing under some famous conductors that summer; Aaron Copeland, Charles Munch, Leonard Bernstein, etc.

Gregor Piatagorsky--world-famous' cellist of the day--was my chamber music coach for one week, and Richard Bergen, Boston Symphony concertmaster, led our small group for two weeks.  I got to play first violin in a piano quintet group, with William Kroll's (violist and composer) daughter playing viola.  Ah, memories (again!)

Lagniappe:  Prior to the summer Tanglewood experience, my rather well-to-do Uncle T. sent me to his own "special" doctor for that cyst removal, saying everything would be "taken care of" and that the doctor had instructions to "take care of everything."  

Well, I got the bill several weeks later for $1,100 (helluva lot in 1950's) . But Uncle Tony had made it sound like HE would foot the bill.  We live, we learn--there IS no free lunch. So I took care of it
(the bill!)...


This may be a re-post from 2 years ago
I just do not remember, and too lazy to
look it up!

Friday, August 6, 2010


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The final sentence of last week's MAGPIE 25

Attorney said:
We are here to discuss with your mother privately her wishes for handling a prize of this size--it IS a lot of money, you know......is there a room with a lock where we may meet?


Said in a patronizing tone
Well, certainly so we do
It's where we go to be alone
A perfect place for you two

Into our basement and you'll find
Here enough furniture left behind
For your comfort, and quiet it is
You may now discuss your biz

(in sotto voce):

Dear Lady, I pulled all the cash out
It's all here in my briefcase
Can you quickly look about
For a safe hiding place?

Oh! Yes, I have the secret plan
It hasn't been used for years
This old flowerpot water can
Will relieve all our fears
That selfish son and 

Gold-digging wife
Would find any of it--
Searching all their life. 

Let us go now
With this, our vow:
No matter if, or when there is a quest
None will be told of our water pot--it is blest
Shhhhhhhhh, now!

HEY WIFE, those flowers in our yard out back
Need a bit of water--they really lack. 
So call me when dinner is ready.
I'll help my mother on steps, to steady

Dear selfish son went to water the flowers, 
whistling and smiling to himself. He was 
so much happy this day, millions of dollars happy 
as he grabbed the watering can--
out the back door, almost ran 
to the rear of his car. 

He then opened the trunk to quickly
dump the contents, and all fell so neatly onto the trunk floor.  Son's smile turned to frown, frustration, anger, bewilderment. What rushed, gushed out of the watering can was....PURE WATER!


NOTE:   This was inspired by Willow's blog Magpie Tales. Please go visit for more creative poems, stories etc! And join in, so simple, almost rule-free--most of all IT IS FUN!!!! Go to  FUN for quick information....