Monday, February 22, 2010


Counting the days,
For whom or what?
Marking the time. WHY?
Whether monthly, daily--by the hour.
Be not so dour.
For even so--it is LIVING
Which we are all still doing.

And where there is life...there is, yes........


A fellow I have known for years received his 14th anniversary chip this morning.  Jerry sponsors, and does it well, almost like the old days.  In his kitchen, singly, and in a once-a-week small step-group.  He does not "teach" people, he allows them to "follow" himself and others into strong-and-long sobriety.

Jerry.  From a know-it-all drunken slob, to this--busily walking the walk, and staying humbly sober today   What a thrill to have witnessed such growth in a Peep!

And where there is life...there is, yes.......


With each breath, I anticipate the next.  Without thought it is always there, as far back as I can remember, even before that. And at the final breath,  following will come the real breath of the real life.  I believe that, I know that.  I try to live that.  It is difficult.

With sobriety came the ability for me to become willing, to accept what is truth.  I am able to view evidence, make judgment, and follow that with a faith that cannot, must not, be shaken.  My own Faith is that there IS a Creator of all things, Who loves me...ME!  Imagine!  And God's greatest desire is for me (and you all!) to love HIM!  Of course, for me sobriety is a given, for without that, I have nothing.  NOTHING.

And where there is life...there is, yes.......("...the greatest of these...")


There was not a beginning (actually, there was not even a "was"!!!), there is not ever to be an end.  Between those parameters (of course, "eternity" is not a parameter) there is but one underlying, or maybe overriding characteristic.  It IS love, the reason for everything I know, touch, "feel", perceive, yet have little understanding.  Whatever I call my Higher Power (God), I know that the whole of His creation, from angels, to mankind, to firmament, animals, and nature itself, is a Divine Act of Love.

In many forms that love is expressed in humanity and nature, but the bottom line is His love for me, and my love for Him.  Without God's great gift to me of sobriety and our Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, I could not be here, would not have these thoughts, and could not write them.

Peeps, this post was about as serious as I can be at this time, and in that spirit of seriousness, I wish you all Love, Peace, Hope, Serenity, and the capability to cope with whatever might be troubling you--for today.  May we pray for one another today?

Take Care!

Photo, Deviant Art:  Love__Faith__Hope_by_tranhonglien.jpg


Ed G. said...

I wish you well and an abundance of all 3.

Blessings and aloha...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God be with you and each who touch you and are touched by you today, as He is in you carrying the power. :)


Kim A. said...

and the greatest of these was Love.

Amen, bro.


Anonymous said...

Good to read you again, Steve!


Syd said...

Those three things are powerful.

Rondell said...

I started reeding this post but it got to be too long! You got one of them Clift Notes versions?

Nevine said...

Steve, you are such a beautiful person inside. Do you even know just how beautiful? You think of those things we all should think about... the beautiful aspects of life... the blessings... what we should be thankful for. And that's why I come here... to be inspired by your positivity... and that's why I missed you while you were gone.


Dulce said...

I missed you while you were gone too... although you were not SO gone after all --for what you are doing compensates hugely (Does this word exist) for those missed days...
I must say the photo is so accurate...

How long did it take you to find that?

Lovely post
Man of PEACE and LOVE

Andrew said...

"I wish you all Love, Peace, Hope, Serenity, and the capability to cope with whatever might be troubling you--for today."

Thank you for that Steve. I just got an answer today to why I have been feeling like shit for the last year or so. I have severe obstructive sleep apnea where I stop breathing some 82 times an hour. The tech mentioned that I must be exhausted. An understatement.

Tall Kay said...

Welcome back Mr. Steve-o! You have been dearly missed. "Without God's gift of sobriety"...He must sure love us a whole lot! Great post!

linda said...

well, good evening to you too, kind sir...what a surprise when i saw i had a comment from steve e. since i happen to know two steve e's, i wasn't exactly positive it was you until i saw fiddleman in your email addy and then i knew it was YOU! i was thrilled, and i wondered how did you manage to touch my cold heart so deftly in such a short time, you old..... anyway, you know what i mean and that said, i welcome you home to blogland with a deeply meaningful post, welcome you back to my little world in that world and thank you for stopping by because, tho i was actually over here a day or so ago to see if maybe... i might not have known....you are here, aren't you? ;)

Anonymous said...

"Strong and long sobriety"

I like that.

Shadow said...

and here you are, my sweet steve. i missed you. it was good to see you here again!

Margie said...

Steve, I wish you much joy, love and peace in your life!
Thanks for sharing your caring heart and wisdom!

Margie :)

Elizabeth Wilber said...

I've found your so nice comments in Dulce's blog. Yours is really interesting as well and so full of joy, peace, love...
You must have had a hard, yet intense life to get this far so brightly.
Pleased to meet you. :-}


L.L. Barkat said...

I love this circle of stones. And their soft roundness.

I am partial to stones anyhow. :)

L.L. Barkat said...

The button looks great. :) Thanks! Added you to my roll at Seedlings. (I don't have a roll at Love Notes.)