Friday, April 30, 2010


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He called.
We talked.
We planned.
We met.
He said, "Will you sponsor me?"
I said, "I thought you'd never ask."

New job.
Picked him up at work.
Went to meeting.
He has Big Book.
He loves Big Book.
We talked about:
Doctor's Opinion,
And today being
One more day

We are happy
For guidance.

Picture: Deviant Art...When words aren't enough by Pisk1.jpg

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Fellow Peeps!  As usual I am one of the last to spot a diamond or that ounce of gold...or a super, SUPER blogger-poet-acute observer of things eternal. Certainly his blog posts have received acclaim elsewhere, but I have just obliviously, somehow missed the whole show.

His name is Brian Miller. And the poem "Finding Serenity" posted Tuesday, is one I have even read aloud to selected sponsees--and no, it was not I who selected them.

A simple description of a time and a place and BEING there--yet so profound thought, artistically woven words, and a message for many, many Peeps.  As of now, yesterday's post has comments numbering in the eighties.  

Whether you trust me or not...trust your keyboard to take you  HERE and you will find something which will carry you through the hopefully infrequent muck-and-mire of daily living.

(sigh!) It is probable that everyone who reads this is a follower of Brian.  No matter.  When he let his feet dangle off the rock "here on the edge of creation", my spirit was there with him. 

I could see once again those kites flying off the mountain south of Denver (even though Brian's piece was not set in Colorado).  And when I realized those "kites" had PEEPS in them, guiding them, gliding them, with the air currents--well, ever since that moment I have from time to time dreamt I was one of those fliers, a hang-glider-guy.  What a thrill.  Occasionally I awaken frightened because my glider  "is malfunctioning". But by morning I have always landed somehow...somewhere. 

Such is life!

 Do not attempt this while drinking alcohol
Although maybe it would help?
No, the guy on the right is not me.
You think I'm CRAZY?--grin!

Have not had a drink today...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



"Steve, your eyes are too close."

"What do you mean?"

"Just what I said--your eyes are too close.  Check 'em out."

So, the next morning I studied myself, my face, in the bathroom mirror.  Ugh! But, even so (with the "Ugh!") I could not see a thing wrong with my eyes. At the next meeting I met an old-timer, and there I got the answer to my question.  He said, "Your I's are too close. When you speak, it is always 'I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I".......


Met a fellow tonight who had been sober in AA for six years--then six years ago he had one--just ONE!--"fancy" drink, a Mai-Tai.  Well you pretty well know the story, he's been mostly a drunk ever since, these past six years.  His first meeting back into AA was this evening.  And I became the fortunate one to have a coffee with him after the meeting.

A nice telephone conversation with him just ended. I was filled in on his updated life, a nearly verbatim story of so many;  out of work--no paycheck for 9 months, living with parents (he's nearly 50), wife, also an untreated alcoholic, living in a Colorado city (with HER parents), threw him out.  They had been drinking buddies ever since those six long years ago in another state.

Now in Florida, he owns--as of today-- a Big Book, and a 12X12 (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions).  Do you know?  He seemed SO happy to get those books back into his hands. I have given lots of books away, and usually I get the impression that the recipient thinks he is doing ME a favor by accepting a book...how "positive" is that?  But THIS guy wanted a book so bad...and no money (he had put his "last dollar" into the basket), he expressed real gratitude.

I  almost said to him not to put a dollar into the basket, but thought to myself, "This helped me to make my commitment to staying sober some years ago...when I was expected to 'pay my way', even when broke.  It is almost like showing respect for a new person to allow him to pay for his coffee, and Big Book".

And tonight he told me he read "The Doctor's Opinion" for the first time. When he chooses a sponsor, he will be still a friend to me--I can "feel" it.  In a room of more than 100 Peeps, he picked me to talk with. What an honor, that God directed him my way. 

In SO many words, and with my "I's" very close together...I'm just sayin'


 Picture: Deviant Art--Too_Close_by_JaBoy3000

Monday, April 26, 2010


1947 Salsbury Super-Scooter Model 85.

Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN

What a thrill to find my FIRST Motor Scooter, pictured above! 
It cost $225 new, I was age 14, had saved my money from 
working on the farm, and playing barn dances.  I loved that scooter. 
I love my scooter today, a SUZUKI BERGMAN 650. 
Nothing more pleasurable than an early morning ride in the country.


Please, oh, let me be
As one who cannot see
Day from night,
Dark from light.
Just let me....

Right after sup
Put me on my bike
The place I like
Kickstand up!
Need coffee cup...

Oh, the steadiness
Oh, the headiness!
On with the light,
Roll into the night!
Neither fight nor fright

Can you not see
The air, nature
The free, Peeps?
Oh, please Oh Yesss,
Let me be.

To go away
No, not to stay
But to grab the arm
Of total stranger, and
Visit a farm, a manger

The steadiness...OH!
The headiness...OH!
Here, to linger
There, to stay,
Spend a night or two

As a tired peep
Rest and sleep
Dream and weep,
(not over loss)
Turn and toss

Awaken to a new and vibrant
Schedule, which is sent
For brain to scour

Please oh let me be
Allowed to roam free
Allowed to mime
This one last time

If none of the above you can see,
Then please, OH!--just let me be.....

Steveroni 1988

Saturday, April 24, 2010


One week ago I created another blog, and tried it for four days. 
It did not work, because It was (click) NOT ME. This post is stolen 
from that blog, from myself.  Wonder if that is legal? 
Maybe I can sue myself and buy a new HARLEY!


We met to break fast
In shaded sunlight
Of a coastal morning.
It would not be our last
Together time.

Long years passed since
The beginning friendship
From our first "Hello".
Our first "Yes!"

Then it happened
An immediate smile
As her laughing eyes
Searched my own.

Now, our pair of two peepers
Peered one into the other
In a manner of seeking, learning.
Happy-faced others were leering,
Their knowing brows all arching.

On a wire high over,
Tweeting birds were marching
In orderly fashion
To the rumbling beat
Of distant rolling drum.

Thunder of an approaching

Wonderfully pleasant, that view!
The birdsong, coffee and cake
All our enjoyment. We saw
Ducks, swan, fish and lake,
And beyond that the deep sea...
So colorfully covering all its treasure.
This not the time to measure pleasure.

We shared love which told
One to one, oh! so bold
What our minds thought
What our souls desired.

As rain began gently dropping
Onto the deck, the place beneath,
We spoke on and on
--Smiling, loving,
Until all of time wrapped itself
Into this single, blissful moment

And we allowed all who found
Us--we, who found a happiness,
A joy in our meeting,
To make their assumptions,
Live their own lives.

As if they really cared.
As if we care.
We care!



"Love? You can't be serious. I am a happy man. Love is not for people who are happy"

Aha, she thought, just the right sport. Charm, seduce, lead, discard.

Ah, he thought, milady is baited. Now all I need is to keep her intrigued and on her toes.

Love followed them everyday for 50 more years...

Note: steveroni did not write this, and does not recall who did. Sorry

Picture from Deviant Art:  carnaval_de_Veneza_by_Snow1992

Friday, April 23, 2010

OK, OK...snicker all ya want. I feel as one just now released from an 8-day Detox Center for "Bloggers Anonymous". The initials sound like a college degree, right? Well, for me, abstaining from the blogging world is nothing but suffering. My last post here was 8 months ago...that's a LIE. It only seems like 8 months, it was eight DAYS!--grin.

The truth is that I LOVE writing, drawing, poetry, music, blogging and learning. If God wishes to help someone here--even if it's me--that is a bonus! I cannot try to be teacher or director, but merely a student of life--for...ever!

I seek not new Peeps, comments, accolades, followers, etc. Just I will post when and what I feel like writing. I have learned these past eight days who is important--or rather who is NOT important--and that is me! All is well!


YES, there IS a Flash Fiction "55" below the photo

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010



steveroni Post # 569....

This posting is sad for me, but a necessary action--that is to declare this my final blog post. NEVER could I express what I have learned here, the love I have found here, received and given.

Thank You, thank You, thank You God, and thank ALL YOU Peeps, through whom God has spoken and continues to speak to me and one another.

For allowing the blogosphere to take over my very life I alone am responsible. Blogging has become my intoxicant, and there is only one way to deal with that. 

These "AA" words apply here: great obsession, compulsion, abnormal, persistant illusion, delusion, fully concede, control, smashed, pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization, insanity, DEATH!  (I love their message of the  powerfulness of this disease!)

As the result, this is my final blog.

Hopefully, you do not realize how much you have positively affected my life, my thinking, because I wish you all not to become too proud--grin! 

I am turning off comments on this blog. Not because I do not enjoy reading your comments about what a great guy I am...but I am neither sane enough nor humble enough to handle those kinds of remarks--

Sober today.
Feel good today.
Praying for you today.
LOVING you ALL a LOT today.

Top:  Deviant Art  End_by_kris_wilson.png.jpg
Bottom:  Deviant Art  The_end_by_mappol.jpg

Monday, April 12, 2010




Step 1.  I had to see the truth, face it, accept it, admit it deep down, concede to my innermost self the utter powerlessness of this affliction. OK, I surrender--I give up!

A couple years ago I had a semblance of humbleness in my interactions with others. Sure it was not without any pride, but in general I did not seek admiration, praise, and love from all and everyone...all the time.

Today it was made known to me by a blogger that this huge monstrosity, my Ego, was rearing it's head, roaring its way out the barn door, and had jumped over the fence. False Pride has again settled in, and has sought and found comfort--in my mind and my soul.

Blogger "friends" had implied this in recent months in too-subtle ways. When pride is running my show, subtlety cannot breach the well-built, self-built wall. So for moon after moon after moon, I ignored, denied the signs which were pointing to my slowly-lacking slacking AA program.

How could I guess that I would actively participate in two to four meetings every day, and not become a saint?  ("We are not saints." BB, p 60)

I am just sick and tired of unwittingly pushing my own thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and understandings onto others--at home, at AA meetings, on this blog-world, even in church-- in arrogant, prideful, overbearing ways which are and have been offensive to more than a few Peeps.

Hey Peeps...Of COURSE I have not been drinking...just appraising my life--it IS time to do that.  NOW--grin! I have come to a conclusion, that I must help others, and in doing so, benefit, guess who? ME! There is that "ego" thing again.  I am NOT trying to flagellate myself...in fact I am not even hurting. The opposite is true, I am still happy, joyful...and free, to the extent I decide.

In close, I wish to say, I have been thinking (dangerous word!) about sin; the act itself, motivation, consequences, causes.  These thoughts have brought me to another conclusion, that my greatest unforgiven sin is that of WASTED TIME.  Oh!  All these years, to think of being so engrossed in self, that God and the Will of God took a back seat. And wasted time, is like an empty hotel room--ya NEVER gain it back, the time, nor the room rent, both are lost forever

If this blog sounded like "preaching" so be it. That was not my intension. And I wish to again address ALL you bloggers, many of whom are my friends. There is a special love for you in my heart, which will never leave! May God bless you all.

This almost sounds like a farewell thingie! Well, ya never know!

Maybe I'll try an act of humility--today.
Sober another day!


Following taken from: 
The Song of the Bird, 
by Anthony De Mello 
"Don't Change" page 67.

I was a neurotic for years. I was anxious and depressed and totally self-centered. Peeps kept telling me to change.

I resented them. But I agreed with them. And I wanted to change, but simply could not, no matter how hard I tried.

What hurt the most was that, like the others, my best friend kept insisting that I change. So I felt powerless and trapped.

Then one day she said to me, "Don't change. I love you just the way you are."

Those words were music to my ears:  "Don't change. Don't change. Don't change...I love you as you are."

I relaxed.  I came alive. And, ya know what?  Suddenly I changed!

NOW I know that I could not really change until I found someone who would love me whether I changed or not.

Is this how YOU love me, God?

Picture Credit, Deviant Art:  METAMORPHOSIS_by_RafiX14.jpg

Sunday, April 11, 2010



 Frequently I just do not make enough time to comment on
all the blogs I love--there are just too many!  
So this is a posting of my responses to all 
who commented on steveroni yesterday...
--also to those who read and do not comment:

 KRISTIN: you are so nice to comment on a blog which seems to recycle it's posts annuallyee, especially the "duck" series! Stepdaughter is the answer to many prayers!  You betchum, Red Ryder!

CHICAGO GREG: yes, we have roast duck on Sunday. Monday--duck stew, Tuesday--duck with orange in its mouth, Wednesday--fried duck, Thursday--Duck-potato soup, Friday--FISH, Saturday--Throw-up Duck! Thanks! (I think!)

ANGELES: YOU know that a mother never forgets the aroma of her offspring, however perfumed.  I'm a (Chinese sign) Rooster, but I never did--YOU know, ummmmm, well--but maybe I thought about it? Your English is excellent!

TURNING POINT:  You commented "Ducks and cats, didn't know they got along together."
...Sure, that's where we get the word "ducat"...OK?

HEATHERS MOM: For being so nice, I'll comment on your blog (do you not have a "gmail" address?) how to link in "comments"...someone was nice to show ME recently.

LASH 505: Well, this will be our 3rd "hatching in 9 months, right AT our front door. Wanted to stop the ducks, but WTF! Nature, ya know?

SECRETIA: One of our neighbors looks like the duck. When we call out to him ("DUCK"), everyone in the 'hood hides under their cars or somewhere--grin!

SUSAN:  Obviously, you do not know me--AT ALL!!! But I AM sober! And nice?--grin! YOU are too nice with your comment.

PRAYER GIRL: Welcome! Please come back and comment again! Even though you've "heard it all before".  Love you, too! Thanks for cleaning Duck residue off the sidewalk--grin! Next time let's have scrambled duck eggs with sliced hot dog, OK?  (You sure put up with a lot from me--grin!)

SHADOW: You are BACK! And we choose YOU--good and kind! (13 years ago I pulled the (mewing) kitten, then 4 inches long, out from under a wood pile on a cold, rainy, wintry Naples night. Guess he thinks I saved his life. Dumb cat!

JESS:  "YAY Dog and Duck" almost sounds like a listing on a dinner menu, i.e., Surf andTurf--grin!

ED G:  The dog took over care of the mortgage payment book...he just ate it--grin! Then spit it up and buried it. Fitting end for a "death" document. Thanks for dropping by.

SWEETER POET DULCE:  Whenever I lie on the bed, Bert (as in "Catbert") lays himself--age 13 and 13 pounds--over my chest, and buries his head in my neck by my ear, and "purrs like a kitten"!!! Take Care, my Sweet peep...

GARNET:  IF you are one who hurt today, and needed healing, and God allowed you to find it here...then THAT is the reason for this post.  Thank you for following. PEACE!

LARRY V:  Yep, he (dog) ate everything. And he licks everything!  Normally, I am a "barefoot" Peep, and so my feet DO get dusty. But with "Lucky" here, my feet are always clean--well, that all depends......Glad to welcome you here, friend of 60 years past.

Well Peeps, sobriety is one day at a time, and today I AM! I wish blessings for you ALL...

Picture Credit, Deviant Art:  People_by_Mollicles420.jpg

Friday, April 9, 2010



Would you believe that less than one week after PG cleaned up the sidewalk leading from our front door, less than one week after the hatching of nine ducklings, less than one week after I had placed all the stones and rocks to their original state--yep, another Daisy Duck is digging her nest? One rock at a time (like one-day-at-a-time?) she is constructing her place deep in the coolness of the stones right at the front door of our house.

It almost seems like we should feel honored that these creatures have chosen OUR place out of a couple dozen neighbors--to use as their birthing ward, time after time.

We may have another seven or so weeks of exclusively using the garage door.


At the age of 42 I visited a farm outside of Kirksville Missouri. There was a huge dog there, and as we pulled up, the children jumped out of the car to play with (I shall name him "Killer"!) him, but I was afraid...those teeth, WOW!

Farmer said not to worry, dog loves Peeps and children, gentle as a lamb. And so I climbed out of our 4-W drive, and all I could see was the foaming from his mouth, the look of Satan in his eye, and the afore-mentioned shark teeth. With a flying leap, the monster attacked me, and bit a chunk out of my neck. My unmitigated fear of canine, either tiny or humongous, remained for 34 years after.

And then one day, daughter "C" (5 months sober and clean!) moved in with us, and brought her best friend, who shares her bed. Best friend is big as a big dog, walks on four legs with paws, and is named Lucky.  He and I have become close--I almost know what he is thinking, and it seems at times that we are holding conversations.
And I love him...and Lucky loves me.

I am by nature a "cat" person, savior of cats, lover of cats, cat owner (is that an oxymoron?), yet animals and birds in general use up more of my love and admiration, than in the past. That realization the we are ALL a part of the whole, all a part of Mother earth, Mother nature, well, I could not have that feeling were it not for staying sober today. And for wishing you all as well, a sober day...TODAY

Thursday, April 8, 2010



NOTE:  After staying sober, we found out that not EVERYONE did or does these things.

Didn't everyone quit  jobs just before they got fired. LOTS of jobs?

Spend Friday's paycheck before going home on Friday?

Kick the dog?

Spend the night in jail once-in-a-while?

Go to prison at least ONCE?

Have one "dealer" who was really special--MY man?

Often eat out--at McDonald's--out of the dumpster behind the restaurant?

Slap the husband/wife, to show who is boss?

In front of the kids, to show them, also?

Think he/she drove much better when drunk?

Drive completely wiped out--speeding, with children in the car--at night?

Think, "I don't have a problem, just had 'one t o o many'"?

When questioned, answered EVERY time: "I only had a couple drinks"?

Say often, "I'm going to stop in here and have a drink"?

A short eight hours later, finally order a last "one for the road"?

Hand the bartender a $50 tip, thinking it was $5?

Take part in huge drunken brawls, and say to a friend, "Wasn't that fun"?

Be told "You are an alcoholic"?

"But only YOU know if you are one for real"?

Be told, "You'll do until a real one comes along!"?

Think church-goers are goody-goody hypocrites?

"Total" cars? At least one or more a year?

Have several DUI's to their credit?

Didn't everyone: SHOULD have had hundreds of DUI's?

Doesn't everyone feel "alone and lonely"?

Doesn't everyone "isolate" for emotional safety?

Doesn't everyone think "I am UNIQUE"???

HEY STEVE!  It's time to END this list...NOW!!!
And be SOBER!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Photo by Heather T., Naples FL, taken at Swamp Buggy races


Couple days ago, my Verizon phone "The DROID!" asked me to download and install an update. So I did, not even realizing what I was putting into my "iPhone-clone" (almost). Don'tcha know?  Now I can dial you e.g., to send you a text message. Then I talk into the phone normally, and the voice detection sends what I spoke, to Your phone, texted.

This is awesome to me, another "thing" I can do while driving--Ooooops! ##CRRRRAAAAASHHHHH##!!!  I predict more and more Peeps in future, saying things like, "I was the last one to hear her voice before she plowed into that abutment." Oh my--I hope NOT!

Here is a list of more update enhancements I just installed

Peeps, a DROID is a GREAT Father's Day present: June?

Oh well, so much for the "material crapola" in my life, but I LOVE it, Peeps! And it all fits right in a shirt pocket!  And I have the complete Big Book (literally) under my fingertips, and the Bible also! 

After reading all that, you deserve an "AA" joke:

A group decided to hold Step Meetings from now on in the nude. So, the first meeting was held, all sixty-seven Peeps undressed (please don't spill the hot coffee on me!).  After the meeting a friend asked one of the participants how it went...

She answered, "Well, it would have been a good meeting, except we ended up "comparing" instead of "identifying"!

(I can hear the groans, all the way to Naples.  That joke is from a Grapevine Magazine.)

NOTE: Yesss, I'm still sober for today, although my post may sound a bit inebriated...see?  I could not spell that word if (hic) I was drinking--grin!

Monday, April 5, 2010



1. My Laptop "Higher Power" returned from its "free-engine-repair-and-tune-up" round trip to Auburn WA (Puget Computer Co) and so it is taking me time to tweak it back to "steveroni" specifications, read: re-install sisteen hunnert programs, and mountains of data and other stuff. But I LOVE doing that!

2. Our daughter locked her keys AND her spare key in her car at work.  Now I know why we pay guys $50-$100 to come out at night a "break in" to your car.  (I found another spare key at home.) She took us out to Dairy Queen.  Beats 50 bucks!

3.  Sunday night I got a call from an "active" alcoholic.  He was so drunk I could barely understand him.  He DID promise to meet me Monday morning at a meeting. He did not show. I was really surprised--NOT!  We will try again tomorrow.

4.   Today at Starbucks (well it's less expensive than ABC Liquors!) we met an AA girl we had not crossed paths with in about 20 years.  We met also her friend, whose son was arrested Easter week TWO DAYS IN A ROW.

He was in jail 8 times, back when they lived "up noath", and 5 times here in Naples--cocaine and alcohol-type stuff.  He has been on life-support 3 times--overdosed.  He is in jail now for a longer period of time.  Yet he does not believe he has a problem...YET!  Age:  23.....OMG!  He will not attend (yet) the meetings we take in to the jail.  Do we not ALL remember our own personal "yets?"

5.   This summer looks good both in fantasy and on paper.  In July we will attend--my first--the 75th Anniversary AA International Convention in San Antonio TX.

Less than three months after that, we will be on a 7-night Gratitude Cruise (Sobriety!) (Royal Caribbean Lines) on the OASIS with many meetings, open and closed, scheduled speakers, 24-hour coffee and pastry areas, and a few shore excursions.  There's not a whole lot more that a guy could desire--OH!  Yeah, I forgot...the  ANY-TIME  BANQUET ROOMS.  This will be my second cruise.  Fortunately we paid for these things a year ago, or else I'd be pulling weeds and mowing grass all over Naples these next few months--and hustling wedding gigs on the beaches (playing violin).

Again, I am certain there's more, but how did we used to say it?  "Father, that is all I can remember."  Yeah!  Right!  It is NAP TIME!!!!

Gratitude List--Yeah!

Blue Birds of Paradise


Today I am grateful--and try to show it--for:

1.   Friends!

As I grow older, it seems to me that everyone, even Peeps I simply meet by "chance", IS a friend. That determination expands the list of friends unendingly.  Those I find otherwise are SO few, and rather obscure, that mostly I do not even know who they might be.  I am grateful for friends...especially you blogger-type Peeps!

2.   Being SO tired!  When I am this fatigued it means I have been more than busy in the whirlwind of this past Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., and today, Easter Sunday. And it is a Happy, Sober "weariness"...

3.   We do NOT have termites, as we were told by a pest control worker.  Just a bunch of dead ants with wings and some wood dust mixed in.  NO problemo.

4.   My violin is sounding as good as ever!  I got to play at St Ann church...and sing.  I always thought something odd about guys who "sing in choirs", like they think they're "holier than thou" Ha! and LOL!  (I DO love being there, participating--it's like "hanging out with the winners" sort of thing.  Is it rubbing off?

5.  Family.  We seem to be settling into a more comfortable "place", dare I say more loving?  We are being watched over by a couple angels, who have been working overtime.

6.   Motor scooter. The Suzuki Bergman 650 has unknowingly been a dream of mine for many years.  Never dreamed there would one day be a scooter so powerful.  It is named Flex, after one of my angels.

7.   NAPS!  I have learned this past year to take one every day if possible.  Even if they do not extend life.  A little afternoon sleep is Sooooooooo nice!

8.   Sobriety.  Alcoholics Anonymous. The fellowship, the therapy, the healing, the closeness of the Peeps, the tough love, help, trust, and guidance which I have found there.  We are "like survivors from a sunken vessel, in this lifeboat of recovery".  I think that's from the Big Book.

9.   Higher Power, my computer.  Where would I be without it?  For "people of age" it is a marvelous connection with the world, which helps keep the mental processes from stagnation.

10.  The REAL Higher Power, God...who I have noticed IS still in charge of everything.  If I do not get in the way, don't put up a wall of separation, God will take care of showing me what to do, how to do it, and give me the power to do what is right.  Not easy--but simple.

11.  HEALTH which allows me to stay up until midnight or after, writing these things.  As stated in #2...I am tired enough to put my head right on top this keyboard and snooze away.


When I slip into bed I will think of two dozen more important/appropriate gratitudes, so mayb another "list" soon.  Meanwhile,  thanks for reading


Sunday, April 4, 2010



Be back tonight with a post.  Sorry, just T O O much going on!!!

Photo: Deviant Art, lost the URL

Friday, April 2, 2010



This is a solemn, wondrous day.
This day I heard Him say
"For YOU I hung there those hours three
And of what have you given ME?"

I sit in the church listening, and I nod...
Knowing that the crucified One is God.
My simple life of simple ease
Has not been lived to please
God.  Rather for me to feel good
Has been my goal.  I  surely do
Seek pardon of those whom I've offended,
And from then on,  begin life anew...amended. 

For the way I see it, most all of my slips
Are in the realm of human relationships.
I can make an argument out of thin air
And blame you, so unjustly and unfair.

But at the end of the day
Is when I hear God say,
"What have you done for ME?
While I was hanging from that tree?"
 God continues, "Wake up and SEE!
It is where I am--always am,
Inside every Samantha and Sam.
Every Peep you meet and greet
It is ME standing on those feet."

And so when you express love for one of these
A spark is released, which ignites and frees
That one, to make a selection
Be part of that wonderful connection.

For we are, well, yes...
All one with the Father, 
And the Spirit and Son.
And with us, all of nature
In it's springtime splendidness
Has arrived, and with us adored
Our own Creator, Lord!

...and SOBER today.  How's THAT?