Friday, October 29, 2010


There is so much work here in 717 posts. Rather then just trash everything, I decided (during the 30-day grace period given by blogger) to 'undelete' this blog--and to keep it up as a static blog, until such time as.....


Here now stands a broken man--a shell
With countless years strewn wide behind
Of broken vows, banished hopes--he fell
Searching, seeking promise of a better place
--For just another drop his soul he'd sell

Ears ring--he hears an angel's bell
But too much to see, too much to bear
He languishes locked inside his self-made Hell
Yet deep inside that man's thin husk
Dwells the God of all Who can make him well

God's Eyes weep, His Heart breaks
He'd give His Life for this man's sake

And He did!


Goodbye, all of you lovely peeps!
Love...and PEACE!

"No thing is ever destroyed, 
only transformed
sometimes into ugliness 
but often--and surprisingly--
into a thing of beauty." 


Mike Golch said...

I wish you well in you travels on this great globe that we call home.I will miss your postings.

Susan Deborah said...

I wish you more obsessions that seem harder than this one.

Joy always,

Mary LA said...

Take care Steve. For many of us blogging is a help and a choice rather than an obsession and I have often worried about your tendency to take things to extremes. Love to Prayer Girl and I hope both of you are able to return at some point.

Kim A. said...

The Bard puts it best..

If we do meet again, we'll smile indeed; If not, 'tis true this parting was well made. ~Julius Caesar (Cassius at V, i)

I love ya. Wave at me once in awhile.


joanny said...


Will miss your words, comments, and beautiful thoughts and poetry. Come back to us soon, perhaps a different type of blog? Whatever you do or where ever you travel to in life know you made many friends here in blog land, and I am one of them, if you are ever in the Pacific North West, send me an email.
An Irish blessing:
“May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”


Silver said...

Thank you for a wonderful encounter with you here.

If you feel the need to return, you know that we're all here.


Findon said...

Hi Steve
You introduced me to the blog community something I have always been thankful for. I have enjoyed all your posts and appreciated your candor.

Take good care of yourself now and give my regards to PG.

Thank you for stretching out your hand all those days ago

margg. said...

i wish you all the best.

i will miss you.

Brian Miller said...

steve, you will be missed...and i understand...my hope for you is that you find peace once more with your obsessions. We got big HP that will help you with that.


Sylvia K said...

I wish you peace. You will be missed. I do understand.


drybottomgirl said...

Steve, you were one of the first peep bloggers I met. I am sad to see you go. I am grateful for the short time you touched my world, and I wish you and your wife the very best. I will miss your lively posts, and comments, and when I think of Florida I will smile knowing you are there - grin- sending hugs from cold Wisconsin, and blessings galore! Take care sweet friend.......

JStar said...


I am sad to see you go, although I understand. Your comments and words of wisdom will certainly be missed! I wish you all the best that this world has to offer! The poem you leave us with is sad...sorta like we feel knowing your presence will be gone from us...

Dianne said...

Steve, I will miss you uplifting poems and comments. You help people with your attitude. But I totally understand. You need to take care of yourself. This does become an obsession. Keep writing. Keep helping others. For in doing so you are an instrument of His peace.....

izzy said...

Addiction ? Oh I can identify. Thanks for your power of example! Hopefully we'll meet again. Thanks for sharing,
giving and living.Good humor and wisdom are such a wonderful mix. So is honesty.
Best wishes, One day at a time !

Everyday Goddess said...

Sorry to see you go! It's a fun party, and I can understand wanting to leave while it's still a happy memory.

Be well, blog friend!

Dulce said...

My dear friend,
Sweet Peep,
If you leave I feel like leaving as well---YOU know you've been my # One and best follower, for all oh ,so many months.

Yes, it's become an obsession to me too. But I guess I might stay a bit longer, yet, take it easy...

I am gonna miss you peep... a LOT
I hope everything's ok with you, hereafter, and, as Joanny says... who knows... In the future you'll come up with something fresh and new and less obsessive. :)

Love you


Anonymous said...

Just what I needed, thanks a lot.

Jannie Funster said...

You are awesome. And I love you, so many of us do!

Should you ever get the urge to pop by Cafe Jannie a seat will always be open and waiting for you!


Claudia said...

steve i have tears in my eyes while reading this...i will miss you so much..but of course you have to do what you think is best for you..be sure, i'll pray for you...lots of blessings..you are someone i have high respect for!

linda said...

darling, as you,, of all peeps, know, nothing lasts forever, including obsessions. unless, of course, they kill us and blogging hasn't done anyone in that i know of yet....be well my sweet and kind friend, you will be hearing from me, and that's a promise as i have lost that snail... i get why, understand and hope to someday see you around, at least my blog :) and perhaps at another new one for you too....be kind to you and yours and those who aren't. xoxox and many more.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

No matter where we turn, or where we go, if we put God first we know that all the other things in life fall into their natural place ...quite naturally.

I've appreciated all you've given here, your successes and your hardships. I'm so glad we have become friends and I know that friends like you last far beyond communication modes, kindred spirits live in the spirit of what we do when we move beyond regular communication. We know that to grow we have to let go of the old for a whole new experience with God.

You and Anna were a great encouragement in my early sobriety and I appreciate that God brought you here for a season.

I appreciate all the more your dedication to taking this next step with vigor and enthusiasm, all the vigor and enthusiasm that you've put into each step before.

Godspeed my friend! Much love and God be with you in your new journey!!!!

G-Man said...

Godspeed Maestro...
We all have to exorcize our Demons one way or another...
Keep the Tank Side UP!!

Jerry said...

Wow, Steve, just reading all the comments have me praying that this move opens up much freedom in your life! By reading I also see the ways you have touched in positive ways the lives of other bloggers. Wish I had come aboard way sooner.
godspeed and God bless.

Dianne said...

p.s. I dedicated myy 55 poem to you and Chris at Enchanted Oak.

Olivia said...

Mind blowing Steve!!

Olivia said...

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Let me know if you have further questions..Hope to see you then.

hope said...

This is the crappy part of being an adult: understanding even though you wish it wasn't so. :)

But I do understand. Here's wishing you love, laughter and hope for the future.

Superfluous Brunette said...

You will be missed, but I gotta agree that it can become an obsession. Although writing is great, obsessions are unhealthy and I totally get it. I try to pry myself away from the computer, even though I am reading inspirational and self help stuff, it is consuming my life. It almost seems it has become a distraction to living a REAL life, where we do grow and make mistakes...not just write and read about them.
Anywho, I am with you and plan to post my last blog on Nov 1...the day that a relationship break up lead me down a dark night of the soul, but closer to my real self, in which my blog documents.
Keep on living the good life, my friend!

sympathy for the devil said...

oh, i know you through Ces, thank you very much for your encouraging words, very much appreciated!
(you are very nice to me and also funny...)

are you going somewhere?
take care yourself okay and wish you all the best!
gotta run too, theres a witch hunt out there :D
see you in another life!

love, pain, blood,

~You Know Who.

steveroni said...

HEY PEEPS! I could not figure how to 'close' comments...and so then got to thinking why the hell?

What is the point?...and so this blog is now simply left unattended...

This way I can some day come back here and read all the nice things you Peeps wrote about me--grin!

Crown of Beauty said...

So this is the stuff of life, saying hello, and saying goodbye.

At least I was fortunate for a few shining moments in my life when it was graced by a unique person such as you.

I hope you will still drop in on our blogs with a surprise comment once in a while.

You will always be remembered, dear Violin Player from Florida. A man named Steve who loves macaroni.

Blessings of shalom...

izzy said...

Hey- Thought of a spiritual book/ books you might enjoy perusing !
Ever hear of Eileen Caddy and the Findhorn Community ? It's in Scotland
and has a rather wonderful 'evolution' to it. Before visiting the web site
maybe you can find one of her books
" The Secret of Findhorn" which begins her journey. Dorothy Maclean has also written about the community-as have other members.
Be well !

dAAve said...

At times like these, I'm often reminded of ...
A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime.

We are never sure which it may be, until it's all over. Take care and see ya on down the road.


Crown of Beauty said...

Hey Steve...

Thanks for bein so kind.

Even if you choose to leave your blog unattended for now, maybe just for a season... but surely you can still visit your peeps once in a while to say hello.


Syd said...

Steve, I wish you the best. There is a time for things and when the thing that we have time for becomes overwhelming, it is then the time to move on. I hope that you will enjoy living life and having other passions than blogging.

Dulce said...

The tree is here, still, in pure stone,
in deep evidence, in solid beauty,
layered, through a hundred million years.
Agate, cornelian, gemstone
transmuted the timber and sap
until damp corruptions
fissured the giant's trunk
fusing a parallel being:
the living leaves
unmade themselves
and when the pillar was overthrown
fire in the forest, blaze of the dust-cloud,
celestial ashes mantled it round,
until time, and the lava, created
this gift, of translucent stone.

Pablo Neruda

moondustwriter said...

Steve -

So many wonderful things have been said - all of them true.

You will be missed.
I know your heart's desire is to do the will of our Lord and that is what makes the difference. strive- my friend that's what we do.

Your many gifts I know you will continue to use somehow. your encouragement will be felt in the breeze...

Love and hugs from the Moon

Scott said...

Be well my friend, I've enjoyed this journey with you! Keep helping peeps, getting to meetings, making music and writing!

God Bless!

Sarah said...


Carrie Burtt said...

I will miss you Steve!! :-( Hope you will be back in the blogisphere again someday...until then....God bless you. :-)

clean and crazy said...

i too have been obsessed with this blog at times, wondering why i only have so many followers or sad when the number drops.

i have cut back on my blogging though. i have cut the starches out of my diet as well, no small feat let me tell you i can go for a dozen doughnuts right now with chocolate frosting. i am used to covering up my feelings and emotions, but i know the internet is and can be another obsession.

so i allow my numbers and comments to drop off and i stop by sparatically but i always thought you would have something to put out there.

there are many times when i struggled and like a meeting often does, i stop by and read your blog and hear exactly what i needed to hear. i will miss that. but alas you have such a zest for life that who could blame you from not wanting to live in the real world.

many, many blessings to you my internet friend..

Ces said...


Excuse me. I have never sworn in the blogs before.

This is the first time I have sworn.

The hell!

Are you dying? Is that why? That's the only reason for you to stop blogging. I hate it when I start loking someone very much and they leave.

The hell.

No goodbye from me.

Damn! Damn it Steve!

Ces said...

See what you made me do? I invented a new word. Loking = loving and liking but I am taking it back, you twerp. I found a friend and then he leaves!!! Yes, you! Damn it!

Ces said...

I just had a public tantrum on my blog. Thanks a lot!

Ces said...

You just made me eat 8 totsie roll candy in 1 minute! I hate this crap.

Ces said...

Okay, my tantrum is over. I wish you happiness. Good luck. Be happy. Goodbye, Steve. It was fun blogging with you. Good luck. Goodbye!

Enchanted Oak said...

You, in all of your unique Steveroni wonderfulness, have blessed and will keep on blessing lots of peeps. So here's a prayer for you and Anna: May God bless and keep you, now and forever more.
Love, Chris

Shadow said...

it's been an honour to know you and to explore the world through your mind... happy travels! you'll be missed!!

Ces said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! See!? You post you last post and some filthy website spams your blog!

Beej said...

Well, oh crap! I just stumble on to this outstanding blog only to find out you have gone 'static!' I hope you choose to return so that I might get to know you better.
Take care.

Ces said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am so happy to see you again. How did you get this back?

Anonymous said...

...oh, Steveroni
you're gone forever? what a pity ...

Thank you for your good style here ... thanks be open to all people here... thanks for all the poems, all the words ...
God bless you and watch over you.

Ces said...

Hey! I know you were over there. I saw what you wrote. I removed the moderation. I am glad you are free and honest. Please remain that way. Okay, have a happy thanksgovong celebration this week, promise me!

willow said...

Hey, your blog reappeared! I'm so glad, so I at least can say "bye" and that the bloggyhood won't be the same without you. Hope all is well. Blessings and peace, my friend. xx

signed...bkm said...

Miss you...hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving...lol in all you do...bkm

linda said...

just coming by this night before Thanksgiving to say I am thankful i had the opportunity to meet and get to know you, steve....i hope someday you return to this strange blogging friendship circle we all share...it isn't much and yet it is huge, something to be cherished and that I do...have a wonderful and blessed holiday.

Crown of Beauty said...

Sooner or later I hope you will realize that you are loved and you are missed, as you can see from all these comments here...

Have a meaningful Thanksgiving weekend...I know you have many things to be thankful for.

Wherever you are now, please know that someone is lifting you up before God's throne of grace. May you always find strength and courage to go on. Never give up hope.


Verenda Harrt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Verenda Harrt said...

you seem kind of "mean", I can't explain the words. But I just saw the comments you said on someone's blog. If you didn't mean to go that way, I understand.

DJ said...

Goodbye for now, Friend.
We will be here for you if you decide to return.
until then,
Love & Laughter

Verenda Harrt said...

well steve, it.s weird, since your profile pic it makes me think your an oold man like around the 50.s, but your really in the mid-30.s, wow. and sometimes i forget and i image a 50 yr old man saying 'peeps' and 'peace' :DDDDDDDDDDD LoL.

Verenda Harrt said...

some ppl get tired of commenting on blogs they read then they react anyway, then they just leave. Well that.s for a few ppl. Thts wht my blogger friend told me. And in my case they have weird names, like Ajsfsklkdjg or something like that, for real though it gets kinda creepy, well not that creepy, but just annoying. Well i really cant.t explain it.

Eli said...

Great poem, Steve. I'm glad you stopped by my blog. I've considered calling it quits lately, but I think I still have more to say.

Don't be a stranger.

Linda S. Socha said...

No need to go....Need to stay may not always be easily seen but look at how many are connected to the ideas you share.....Need to stay
Linda at Psyche Connections

L.L. Barkat said...

Here's to the continuing transformation. And peace.

Bruce said...

Why are you stopping???

carlo said...

It would been nice to know you, I think.

I will follow, just in case you return.

Maddalena said...

I will be waiting.

Dulce said...

Sweet peep- how happy to read your comment in my blog today.Thank you!

I really miss you lots!

Heather's Mom said...

Hope you are doing well :) Came back to my blog after a break to see "Final Post" on yours :(
You are missed, but I keep you and your wife in my prayers.
God bless.

covnitkepr1 said...

I'm sticking around till you return.

hot girl said...

beautiful .