Wednesday, October 20, 2010



This day I met an old man sitting on a huge rock
Higher up than the lower mountains.
With clouds below us so beautifully formed,
I asked him if he might take my photo.
He agreed, and I held out my camera.
So I was thinking
...better not do this.

As he was ready to focus,
His arms from all up to his shoulders
Began to shake in a near-violent manner.
I reached for my camera,
But the look on his face
Told me to continue.
Allow him to snap a picture.

He did.

He smiled.

I smiled.

We both looked into other's eyes
A few tears fell upon high land.
We each then smiled, shook hands,
Whispered our "goodbye".
He was happy, and so was I.

And tonight I ask myself
"Have you been friendly today...
to  anyone who needed a friend?"
And I wonder about the man.
He was so far from any sign of human life,
On top a very high mountain.
The air in its thinness was sweet-smelling.
Like jasmine.
I had rested long enough.

 I am sorry
I climbed so high
...Or AM I ?



willow said...

Ah. I smell the sweet smell of jasmine in here! Hey, where have you been? I've missed you!

Brian Miller said...

have you been a friend to someone that needed one...a great question to ask...and to live...nice pic too...very cool!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Love the pic. Love the Post!

Sylvia K said...

Terrific picture and, yes, a great question to ask and to live...
Hope your week is going well!


Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love this, it's important to always be friendly to those we may not but may get to know...

Thank you and beautiful post and reminder!

Syd said...

This is a touching post. I hope to be that friend today.

Ces said...

Ooooh! I love this Steveroni. I can see you in this poem. I love the last stanza. How have you been? I have been working and drawing. Take care.

Manon Doyle said...

Oooh!! I love this poem, Steveroni. When you need a friend you know who to email....: )
That pic is amazing....btw.
Hey.... thank for all your wonderful comments. Each one makes me smile....BIG!!

Andrew said...

Sometimes it's just a shook up world I see. If I'm shaking so is the world around me.

Perception is like that I feel.

Good to read you again my friend.

Metta thoughts to you and Anna.

Sarah said...

Just great! I love it.

Shadow said...

you made me stop and think... and aware, that yes, maybe it's time to slow down a bit, and see and feel a little more as i hurry through this day...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Dulce said...

Amazing words, moment and experience.... and picture.

Smitty said...

Love the pic, the journey and the question!

Kim A. said...

When I go to the mountains in NC, I always see the old man peering from Grandfather Mountain. He is as old as the seasons and as solid as his gaze. I know how it feels.


linda said...

this made me weep, steve...very beautiful and deeply meaningful. thank you for sharing.

Kristen Haskell said...

Steveroni -

I read your words and I am so touched by them. Extending a loving hand to a stranger and caring about someone is just beautiful. I consider your writing/story about "an act of world peace."

Also, I noticed how long you have been sober. That is so inspirational. Whenever I read or hear something like that, I get goosebumps because I can just imagine how hard it is and your level of discipline and determination. I lived with an alcoholic for eight years and it was truly heartbreaking. You have my highest respect.

I wanted to mention that, if I did not in an earlier comment, I plan to keep Framescape going until it ends and it is a very long way away from doing that. I would be honored if you follow and give me feedback. I hope you will consider that.

Warmest wishes,