Tuesday, March 2, 2010



I drive an old truck--1999 Mazda.  It runs perfectly with a low mileage due to the fact that I LOVE riding my bike.

Last week, after 60,000 miles on original dry-rotted tires, slightly sluggish braking, and a "whirring" alternator...I took my truck to the emergency room.   $1,200 later, my truck is young again, and dependable as well.

I live in an old body--1933 male.  The body purrs along quite well, considering very high mileage due to 25-year heavy alcohol and drug misuse--abuse, really.  Also, I consider now-in-remission prostate cancer of 4 years ago, frivolous life-style of many of my 76 years, two heart attacks before age 35 (none since), various other physical problems along the way, factors which should have made me dead long ago--I almost was.

After 76,000 miles on original feet, sluggish braking system, and that "whirring" alternator, I am taking stock of what has happened to fix the problems.  Of course some doctoring, tests galore, surgeries, medication, meditation and radiation, helped to keep this engine running.  But to get it purring took an outside force, powerful help from the Spiritually Highest Power transmitted through Peeps called "we" in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Outside of a frequent daily nap, I feel younger, more alive, and happier than at any time in my entire life.

Each year during the month of March I reflect on the place where my life used to be, where it is today,  the successes and the failings.  Also what happened, and how.  (I know "why"--grin!) This month I will celebrate my 36th anniversary of being sober.  March 18th, 1974, a few minutes before midnight I had my last drink of alcohol.  The next evening I was driven to my first AA meeting.  About two weeks from now, after ruminating what to reveal and what to withhold, I shall write some more.

For now, I want to explain how I got to be age 76 and sober for 36 years.  It's  simple.  I did not drink...and I did not die.

Love and Peace to you all, Peeps!


Steve E said...

"You betchum, Red Ryder"

Madison said...

Powerful post. It sounds so simple - which is what makes it powerful.

Anonymous said...

The simple answer is the best one. You did not drink, and that helped you fix all else!


Clueless said...

It is amazing that you are still here what a message you have after your 76 miles...you youngster. Congratulations on 36 years of being sober...I know no chip, but I give you one virtually. I would love to sit down and talk with you about the wisdom that you have attained in 76 years. Too bad that we as a society disregard our older adults...they have so much to tell that is so valuable.

Oh, by the way my husband beats your Mazda...he has a working (until last year, his only vehicle) 1973 Chevy truck!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your anniversary! w00t w00t!

I'm very impressed, sir. You're very inspirational to me. Perhaps I can learn from you and be able to achieve the same...

Kay said...

sometimes it's the simple things, huh? haha if only it were always simple, but then what kind of journey would that be?

Kudos and Congratulations to you!

Susan Deborah said...

New style of writing the first comment, Steve! Nice.

Simple as everyone mentioned.

I am glad that you are sober and smart. Have you ever been sober in love?

Joy and peace,

Steve E said...

SUSAN DEB: I write the first comment, so I may check the little square which will send all comments to my Email--then I do not have to keep visiting my own blog throughout the day (night?)...You are SO NICE with your commenting--but "sober" does not mean "smart"!!!

As for sober in love--that would take a blog, no...a BOOK!

MADISON: In the final...I believe ALL is simplicity, because everything boils down to...simple LOVE. I hope I am not wrong here. Thank you for dropping by!!!

SECRETIA: You DO see on your own blog, how we are ALL so much alike.
Isn't all so complex just to us humans? Nature does not seem to worry, have problems. I never saw a bi-polar tree, or a wife-beating ant. (I knew ants well, they used to crawl all over me as I lay asleep on the sidewalk--grin!)

CLUELESS: I am still clueless, but I like to pretend that is not so sometimes!

SWEET BRITCHES: Let me know if you are an Alkie, please. Otherwise thank you for reading AND commenting!

KAY: Missed you Monday, gotta go there, you are always a GOOD read, and I like your graphics. BTW, your "About Me" BEGINS with simplicity..."Just a simple girl..." AHA!

Syd said...

I like the analogy with the old truck. A grease job and oil change can work wonders. Thankfully I haven't had a bad alternator yet.

Ed G. said...

Happy you're paying attention to maintenance of truck, body, mind and, soul. I think all will serve you well.

Blessings and aloha...

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post and great analogy, I always love to read your blog and to know that it does take our reliance on a power greater than ourselves to have us find health and serenity. Thank you Steve...
love you dearly

Dulce said...

Mi Steve lindo!
I love the simile you make here... your thruck and your body, your life... Hun, how good you are still alive- again- so that I've been able to meet the beautiful person that is IN you..

Take care
And hope you live... say... other 36 sober years!!!! and We can celebrate it together!!!
With the best espresso

Anonymous said...

My husband has 19 months sobriety. He is now working on his physical condition which surprisingly hasn't been affect a whole lot. Your post brought tears to my eyes. It gave me so much hope.

Congratulations on your sobriety through your Higher Power.

The Turning Point said...

Congratulations young man.
Been there done that with the cancer, mine was 8 years ago Feb 28. Seems the little devil may be popping up again so says the doc.
The comment from all the docs are, you're in great physical shape but the parts are wearing out.

Lets keep on living,learning and staying sober in spite of ourselves

Love ya


Nevine said...

No, you didn't die, Steve. And what a blessing your presence is! I look forward to reading more, though I will respect your desire to withhold some of it... I mean, we have to be comfortable with what we share. And I'm glad to know you're happy and feeling great! Your joy spreads like wildfire, Steve... Truly!


Margie said...

You have much to celebrate, Steve!
36 years being sober, that is wonderful!
Congrats to you!

Margie :)

Steve E said...

SYD: Some alternators NEVER wear out because they were made well. And they were not abused too much. PEACE! I'm looking forward to your retirememnt, meaning we get more pictures, more good word daily from you!

ED: Thank you for commenting, guess we all have to do some maintenance now and then--whether we like it or not?

GABI: I look forward to reading you DAILY, hirl, and I can picture you as you write! Keep doing it, you are helping SO many. Thank you. PEACE!

DULCE: You are TOO kind, what can I say? We have a connection for some long time now, friend. And yes, Espresso it IS, then.
PEACE! And Take care, yourself...

CARMEN: I am ecstatic when God allows someone to receive hope through words He has given me to write. Please come back, and comment. I have not been to your place yet. Does your husband blog?

TURNING POINT: Sounds like we may have some things in common BESIDES our healthy issues. I've been to your blog, and will go back there later tonight. Glad you are here with us! PEACE!

NEVEEEEN! Yep, I like being happy. And YOU are one of the most playful, joyful...yet serious Peeps I know. Please do not change
You touch so many in ways that inspire them to "betterness" and I am one of those. Yessss!

MARGIE: Thank you for being one of those who is HERE with your laid-back philosophies and your life of Joy also, which you share. YOU WILL NEVER grow old, girl. PEACE!

Enchanted Oak said...

I have a March anniversary myself. I'll have two years of sobriety, without alcohol OR drugs, on the 23rd. This is also my 20th year in AA, and I am somewhat mournful that I drank again after 15 years and am not able to celebrate all the years I've spent in this life-saving program of recovery from a darn-near hopeless state of mind and body. It has taken me almost five years to put together these two. I'll tell my story in three weeks. It's enough to say these have been the best two years of my life. You're inspiring to a lot of people with your sobriety and humor. I'm glad I found you.
Cheers from Chris

Clueless said...

Steve, what are you clueless about?

mile191 said...

Ahhh, Steve. SO refreshing. Congrats on the anniversary. Big safe HUGS.

I have missed our writing one another. I have missed reading everyone and catching up. I guess I have been off the blog wagon. Hmmmm. Something to ponder.

Thanks for being there for me yesterday, ...and always.

Much appreciation.


catvibe said...

So what you're saying is your last drink was on St. Patrick's day. Sounds like the leprechaun got you good, and I'm so glad for you my dear.

The problem you were having commenting on my blog may be fixed now. I changed a few things because a number of people had complained.

Harvey K said...

What an amazing achievement. Congratulations! I've been sober for 63 days so far. You make it sound easy.

Anonymous said...

You are one of the most youthful individuals I have ever met. Tond of energy you have, as well!

I hope to be one of the first to wish you a happy AA birthday.

Kim A. said...

It's the 50,000 mile checkup at the doc that keeps me humble :-D I fancy myself a 1976 Datsun 280Z (a car my ex bought me and I will own again one day). I zipped along without taking care of the basics. God is my AAA--I just had to make the call. zoom--zoom--zoom