Sunday, February 22, 2009




Couple things:

1. CLEAN AND CRAZY presented me with this "HONEST SCRAP AWARD", and truthfully, I don't know what it means. But it's gotta be GOOD, because it came from a neat-o gal, who obviously does not know me--since the award has the word "HONEST" in it's title -grin!

Seriously, I did not used to think much of these blogger award things. But I have come to realize--with a touch of humility--that who ever gives these awards has sincerely considered, and thought enough of another person to remember them in a very pleasant way. And I sincerely (honestly!) appreciate that, and thank you, C & C for being so nice to me. Nuff said...before my eyes get wet.

2. I just HAD to take myself off of FaceBook--it overwhelmed me--or maybe I overwhelmed me, but in either case, something had to go. And here I find myself all signed up on TSR, and have absolutely no idea how to begin on that one either. I'm supposed to put a blog up there, but cannot figure out where or when (title of a song!), so maybe some more research, and I'll figure it all out.

3. Riding my scooter is just SO much fun, I simply cannot explain it. I look for places to go each day, just for excuses to ride. It is rather large for a scooter, a Suzuki, Bergman 650 Executive, will do 120 mph, has terrific pickup. It is just like piloting one of those old pre-1940 airplanes. They used to call it "flying by the seat of your pants". And that's just the feel of maneuvering this bike around the town or on the X-way. Just a slight movement of the hips, and this machine will respond immediately, left or right, rolling there, stopping here. Crossing the streets in a flash, zero to sixty in 4 seconds, it is a wonderful, beautiful way to go. I strap my violin on the rear seat, fill the trunk with music, stand, light, tuxedo jacket, Big Book, 12X12, As Bill Sees It, Daily Reflections, and away we go!

NO, TUXEDO does not mean it's fashioned from a TUXEDO feed sack, folks! I just wanted you to know. However, I sure remember how my sisters had to wear dresses made from fancy-looking feed sacks. And they hated it, because that labeled us as "farmers", as opposed to 'refined' city folks. Well, we WERE farmers, dairy farmers, and I may blog about that this week...it's another one of those "stories", maybe even a BLONG! Whenever the city folks wanted to picnic, or pick berries, or swim in the ponds, or fish in the streams, guess where they ended up? Yep, the FARM! Our farm!

I sure am wandering tonight, and have not mentioned a thing about recovery. Guess that's because I AM one of those millions of men and women who have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body. I keep reminding myself on the blog that March 18th, I will celebrate the 35th anniversary of my last drink...just so I don't screw up with a slip between now and then -grin! Ya wonder how I can grin about that? Well, I can, because the odds are pretty well in my favor--I just have that feeling!

And no, I do NOT "take it for granted". I continue to attend at least two meetings every single day, and am a participating member of a home group. And I have the best sponsor God could have given me. While on that subject...what a wonderful thing--sponsorship! It relieves me of many of the "hard" decisions. I simply say, "Don, what should I do about this (or that)? What should I say, etc." And he tells me, and I DO it. What could be more trouble-free than that?

Hey, it's time to hit the sack, or I'll NEVER make those two meetings in the morning.....Love to all of us, from all of us. God is smiling on all of us this day, and we shall stay sober--I just KNOW it!

Steve E.


Linda S. Socha said...

Congratulations AGAIN on your second Honest Scrap Award ! This must be a strength you you...honestly??:>) Seriously you deserve them! I look forward to hearing your new 10 honest things about you for this award.
Wishing you faith and fun

Shadow said...

35 years?!?!?!?!?! you are something else, i salute you dear steveroni!!!

and now i have a vision in my mind of you, on your scooter, in a tuxedo with a violin slung over your back, a-la-guitar style....

Mary Christine said...

Have fun at your meetings.

Syd said...

You are something Steve and everyone knows it. Enjoy the award and hope that you get signed on to blog at TSR. It's a good group.

Scott said...

hey Stevearoni! its been awhile since I've been by.. congrats on your honesty! Your honesty just might have something to do with the upcoming 35 years sober... :-)

Fireblossom said...

I love the little yellow airplane! Once I was walking on a saturday afternoon and a biplane went overhead. I stopped and looked up at it, cos i thought it was cool. Maybe Snoopy was flying it! The pilot flew a circle and waggled the wings at me. How cool is that?

Linda S. Socha said...

P.S. Love the Airplane!

steveroni said...

OK Linda SS, 10 things coming tonight--right now I cannot think of ONE!

Shadow, Anna will snap a photo of me to send you, just as you describe--I'll "E" it to ya. Take a couple days, I don't dress up just for "show"!!! Not any more.

MC, I LOVE meetings, my othetr "family", and FUN and comfort...

Syd, you've lately been just too good to me. Thanks

Scott, we gotta play "catch-up"!

Fireblossom (Shay) Great to see you here sober-girl! and yes, that was a 'cool' moment when that pilot "wagged his airplane's tail" at you
Steve E.

Linda S. Socha said...

Wow a dress up playing the violin photo???HMMMMMM