Monday, February 23, 2009



CLEAN and CRAZY sent me this award for --well I don't know FOR WHAT! Except that I am an exceptionally talented, hardworking,Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent kind of guy. You all know this quite well, because I have been telling you this since last July!

I would like to present this AWARD to any recovery bloggers who wish to present us with ten "honest-type" secrets, which you would not normally tell. OK? Please jump in, it's fun--for me, anyway.


1. I love my cat, Bert. He loves me, too. He is the only cat I ever had who showed the loyalty of a dog. Twelve years ago I rescued him from under a pile of wood--in the 'hood--and it was one of those cold, rainy, seldom-experienced days in Naples. I believe he never forgot. He was about five inches long. Meeeow!

2. Tonight I went into a chat area on The Second Road (TSR) with a woman named Alix. The participants were very friendly towards me, a "newbie". First time ever in a 'chat room', and I really, REALLY enjoyed it! I'll be Bach!

3. I like taking chances--no, not like raffle tickets! One recent morning before sunup, I rode for several miles in a 45 mph zone, doing 95 mph. Exhilarating! That bike is fabulous. I hope PrayerGirl does not read this particular blog.

4. At a concert in Elmira, NY many years ago (I was a newbie violinist in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra), my bow flew out of my hand. It went sailing like a rocket over the musicians, landed on the tympany with a 'thud'. During a section of music marked 'pianissimo' (means: do NOT sneeze -grin!). The guys handed my bow to the first trombone player, he to the clarinetist, he to the piccolo player, he to the oboist, he to the last of the violinists, who passed it up the line to MOI!
Yes...I WAS drunk, ya just HAD to ask, didn't ya?

5. At age 12, I was driving a two-horse team, pulling a heavily-laden, fully loaded hay wagon, from the "Back Forty" to the barn. Horses came across a nest of snakes, and went crazy, running in a gallop, and I thought I would die that afternoon. Lost the load, wagon was busted a bit. Later, when I met my father, the owner of the farm, I almost wished that I HAD died that afternoon.

6. My father was deaf and blind. He sired (little 'farm' talk there -grin!) four children, me the oldest, the dumbest, the "most sensitive" (know what I mean???), the alcoholic.

7. I'm still the oldest, dumbest, and "most sensitive"...but BY GOD, I DO NOT DRINK (hic!). And yes, it IS "by God"...and Alcoholics Anonymous!

8. Hope Linda S. Socha gets here to read this. She encouraged me to "DO it" in a blog comment. So I sent her a photo of steveroni on his Big Bike (with Big Book in the trunk). And, since my Emailing a "strange woman" my picture at midnight is a bit unusual for me, I might could label this happening as one of the "secrets", number EIGHT.

9. THREE men who I sponsor called me today--all THREE! If that cannot be one of my favorite, treasured, worthwhile "secrets" I dunno what....Also son and daughter connections happened today. a RED-LETTER one, for sure!

10. It is no secret that I really, truly LOVE all you bloggers (don't worry Prayer Girl, you HEAD THE LIST, Babe!). But HERE is the secret part. A "late-in-life" wish is to meet, greet, and eat with as many of you as possible sometime in next couple years.

It was looking like the 75th AA convention in July 2010 was going to be the first possible chance to do some of that. Then I received an invitation to join Annie's annual cookout somewhere in IL near St Louis...for THIS June 12-14, 2009. Ain't that just GREAT? I'm going to take my violin (well that goes everywhere I go), and my smiles, and my happiness, and my PEACE with me--hope PG drives -grin!--although I LOVE to fly, but in those Piper Cub-types or some of those by-planes.

10(a). Well, I stayed up so late, so now it's time to eat again. That terribly unhealthy American Cheese made in Wisconsin--of course! This is my last secret...I'm a secret "Food-a-holic" Binger. But just NOT ready to give it up and get sensible. Don't know if it'll EVER happen.

So that's my BLONG of a list, hope it wasn't TOO boring, and that a little bit of 'recovery' showed through, because that's what I am about any more--helping others who WANT help.

And when we all stay in the day in a sober kind of way--I am happy!

Steve E.


clean and crazy said...

Very cool stuff, I especially enjoyed giggling about number 8, boy what a gratitude check to not be playing drunk anymore, and what a great story. Thanks so much for everything you do.

cw2smom said...

Good stuff there! Loved the story about your bow flying across the room while you were drunk violining!? Silly, funny story!! Ahhhh memories, huh! Blessings, Lisa

Shadow said...

boring??? it was great! and i'd love to one day hear you play...

Mary Christine said...

Good stuff.

See you in San Antonio?

Indigo said...

Awesome and well deserved award dear one!

As for deleting any comments you may leave on my blog - never. I had a link to TSR I do believe you might of commented over there on same story. As well as commenting on the post in my blog thinking you didn't comment (smiles, hope that clears things up). In any event I don't delete comments unless they are insulting and against principles. YOU I don't see following in either of those categories dear one. (Hugs)Indigo

Kristin H. said...

I love this one Steve-O. And in keeping with the lists:

1. If you drive to Illisnois, then you must cut through West Virginia and meet up with me & Gabi.

2. Late night photo swap with the chicas? STEVE!

3. 95 in a 45? STEVE!

4. I will have to share your flying fiddle bow story with my viola playing Charleston Symphony friend. She would love it!

Big love to you m'dear.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is a great BLONG indeed, so much here, the speeding, the awesome and amazing Steve-O-Rama speeding through...wowza!

I love the Bert story too!


Lou said...

I had to check out this list! How amazing your dad ran a farm while deaf & blind. I'll bet he did a hell of a job at it.
If you keep driving north you will arive in Motor City..oopps..not that anymore..Murder City...no, not that anymore either..well Detroit, and I'll take you for a Shirley Temple in exchange for a bike ride.

Cat said...

Steveroni - your list gave me the giggles - you are so fun - and I cannot wait to meet you in June as well!!!

Zanejabbers said...

2010 Eh. 95 in a 45. I got a ticket once for doing 85 in a 30 in a Metropolitan. That little car would go. The cop did not say a thing about the fact I was Drunk.
Timpany eh. Wildy laughing as I sign off.

vicariousrising said...

I know a cellist (now in AA) who used to play for one of the big city orchestras who told of lots of drunken musicians performing. She said there was one flutist prone to breaking into impromptu solos. Naturally, everyone thought they were brilliant when they were improvising ... when they were still drunk.

Akannie said...

Hello-o-roni !!

Bert is one lucky guy! And so are you. 10 secrets...hmmmm....

We are out in the corn country about 16 miles north of Edwardsville (that's where our Southern Illinois University is). We have this weekend every year for a while now, and it's a great time, lots of sober fools having a ball. Anyone interested can email me at akanniekelley@gmail.com....The only requirement for attendance is a desire to have some sober fun!

Sobriety ROCKS !

Syd said...

I enjoyed these things about you. Your number 4 made me grin. And number 5, well...I wasn't driving a wagon but riding a horse when it scared up some ground bees. I did an emergency dismount as the horse dropped to the ground and rolled and squealed. Busted the girth and the saddle came off. Interesting experience.

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

You are an inspiration. You should be very proud of yourself. Your loved ones are truly blessed :)