Saturday, February 21, 2009


Are You there, God? Is it You calling me?


In a few minutes I'll be doing my vocals, and then I'll be singing. Please do not become excited, all you music lovers. I'm just going to be taking a shower! So this (NO WAY, Steve--grin!) may be a 'short' blog.


The following has to be a "God thing". About seven weeks ago, an older guy from my daily morning (7 AM) meeting did not show up. For some days, I wondered what happened, knowing (somehow, ya just know?) that he had not "gone out". I learned he had a colostomy. After a few weeks he was back in his familiar spot, in the same chair (colored 'green') and contributing in a feeble voice. Everyone, of course happy to see him in recovery mode.

Few weeks passed by again, and he was again missing from his green chair (this, in a room with about 90 people). The occasion this time was a repair of his open wound. A mutual friend informed me there was great chance--and hope--for full recovery. Well, the guy (Darth?) was at home again, being nursed by his wife and himself.

The mutual friend (my sponsor) and I were talking Thursday morning, and he told me that Darth would be returning to the meetings in about a week.

I said I would call 'Darth' that night, except that Darth hardly knew me (my defect). Darth has lots of friends there, old-timers (not simple "long-timers" like me -grin!!). My sponsor said to call Darth anyway - he would like that. I called, 7 PM, no answer, so I left a message. Darth is evidently an early-to-bed guy, he just got home from the hospital, after all.

Friday morning, who walks slowly and painfully into the room? He was holding his thumb and pinky up like a telephone in his ear. He was looking straight at me, and walked right up to my seat. I got up to hug him, and he would not let go. I detected a couple tears (both of us). He whispered to me this:

"My wife said to me 'why are you getting dressed? You just got home from the hospital last night!', and I told her I'm going to a meeting. She said 'no you're not', and I just left anyway, and came on over here to where I KNEW I was supposed to be. Steve, your call--which I could not answer--your call, and the message you left, was God talking to me, saying that I *belonged* here with my AA family this morning, and so thank you, and bless you, friend."

While I'm writing this short story, those "bumps of geese" -grin! are rising on my arms, back, and chest. Is God not working in our lives even when we are NOT? I really had hesitated to 'make that call' to Darth--first, because I just didn't know him that well. Second reason for (not) calling would have been my thinking: "Well, he's probably already in bed by now. F*ck it." So, again those two words which, when placed together form a sometimes difficult four-letter word--"DO-IT"-- were spoken almost out loud to me by You-Know-Who--I'll just abbreviate the name...HP!!!

Darth is loved by all, and he shared beautifully on our topic, Step Nine. Thank You, God!

God loves you all--and so do I! Have a SOBER weekend!
Steve E.


Hope said...

Very, very cool.
I love God stories.

Findon said...

Its listening to that "still small voice" that leads to the most miraculous results. Well done Steve. You stepped up to the plate, as you gents say over in our colony.!!!!

Shadow said...

wow... have a good weekend too dear steveroni!

dAAve said...

we never know

Syd said...

Great story of how you reached out to another and God had reached out to you. Thanks for sharing this.

Syd said...

Great story. You reached out to another and God reached out to you. Thanks for sharing Steve. Have a great Saturday.

Prayer Girl said...

God is good. We just never know exactly what is going on - what He is busy doing.

IMHO, God does his best work when we are 'unaware'.

Thanks for the "God post". Hey who am I kidding? They are all "God posts". :)


Banana Girl said...

See comment on your blog entry for Friday! flocks of bumps on this one for me. Thanks for sharing. J.

Zanejabbers said...

I LOVE "God Shot" stories. Thanks for sharing this one. Yeah I got those Goose Bumps also.

Ann H. said...

With everyone I talk to in AA I know there's a message for me that God is looking to get across so I pay close attention. Very seldom do I recognize it when I'm the messenger, but I love it when I can see it... It makes me feel so awesome when He uses me to help someone else, like he's starting to trust me a little bit... after all I did. I don't get it but I'm grateful for it.

Queenneenee said...

Hey Steve-I like to call em God Shots. That way I still get to do shots! hehe. I have had quite a few in sobriety-life is good.

Indigo said...

You never know who your going to touch. I'm so glad things turned out the way they did. (Hugs)Indigo

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What and amazing story...and it's so true that God works this way all the time, not just sometimes, but it's up to our awarness to get to that point. Thank ou for the reminder...i love you too, as we all do!

clean and crazy said...

It is so great to reach out. I left an award on my blog for you.

Laura said...

Awesome story. We don't even know God uses us at times....it's so great!