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SYD (who, by the way, is F.I.N.E.) and I are writing in tandem, exercises on the Twelve Traditions. Please visit, if you have not yet, his blog for an Alanon view of Tr Eight.. I admire his talents on so many levels.


But first...a flashback to Tradition TWO:
Our traditions are not asking me to develop a belief in a Higher Power which I call God. The Traditions are saying there IS one--Period! When all is said and done, he is calling the shots--no one else: no matter how important I or you think we are. (I read that, or heard it somewhere...)

Tradition Eight states, "Alcoholics Anonymous should remain forever nonprofessional, but our service centers may employ special workers."

Almost entirely unorganized, and completely nonprofessional, a mighty spiritual current flows from alcoholics who are well, to those who are sick. One alcoholic talking to another--that's all. No money, no commercial services are exchanged. Only happening is the wisdom of experience shared, strength passed on, and hope embedded.

I am NOT an expert on alcoholism, recovery, medicine, sociology (romances or finances), psychology or spiritual matters. I am NOT even an expert on A.A., and certainly not an expert on HUMILITY!!! All I've got is experience in staying sober, on day at a time....and that's the truth!

Only in our Big book are guidelines, actually instructions, on how any one of us will handle a Twelfth Step call (where we go to meet with another who asks for help). In fact, any A.A. would just not allow anyone to tell him exactly how to present our program to a prospect. The one-on-one thing is very private, and is likely blest by God...if He is invited.

I am aware that there was a time when Alcoholics Anonymous members ran homes, or farms for alcoholics. And the membership was up in arms, declaring that this was a "selling" of our Step Twelve activity. A.A. reacted out of fear (anybody recall that word? -grin!), fear that I, or you would next be running an A.A. business out of our homes, competing with other members for 12th Step work. Imagine! The implications are enormous.

Experience has shown that an alcoholic will not listen to a "paid" 12th Stepper. It is, however, really impressive to a new person to realize that, "Hey! These guys want to help me--for FREE. They won't even allow me to buy breakfast." That is the first thing I learned here.

The whole concept of one helping another, of God's gift of sobriety having come to me through A.A. people, has been well noted. This gift, freely given and then freely accepted by me, must be freely given away--in order for me to keep it. Sobriety' gifts, the results of staying sober, are metaphorically like the water in a pipeline, they keep flowing, until everyone is satisfied, or happy. And, unlike the water in the pipeline, the supply is never-ending.

Imagine one of us charging a surtax because a Twelfth-Step call came in after 1 AM.

Now, enter the professionals! Our clubs do need caretakers, we do sometimes need secretaries and maybe other staff, who must be paid. So what? I personally do not know more than two here in Naples area who get paid for working in the A.A. settings. I know a few more who should receive remuneration (big damn word!), but I leave that to the 'trusted servants' to deal with. Hey I'm ONE of them! Ha! Who would EVER have guessed that I might be called 'trusted' one day?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you guys and girls. Let's stay sober now, and be (or act) HAPPY!

Peace, from
Steve E.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Be happy, I definitely want to BE happy, and I am!

I wish you could come up and be a speaker for the workshop I volunteered to coordinate in March. We're doing it on sponsorship, and I can see a lot of wisdom in you that I would love to spread around a little more...

Pray for me to find someone here with that much wisdom to share! :)

I also have a 10th step presentation to do at a new meeting tonight (first time going to the meeting and I'm already chairing and sharing on the 10th and the experience I've had with it in my life)... :) YAY God!

Prayer Girl said...

Excellent, Mr. Steveroni!


Syd said...

Good stuff Steve. I think that God is right there with people for those 12 step calls. I echo what Jess has to say. You'd be a great speaker for some of the meetings up here. Want to come visit?

Ann said...

Hi! I am interested in your blog as too am a recovering alkie...My name is Ann and I am sober 12 years. I look forward to following your blog. Great stuff posted!!!

Banana Girl said...

Heard in a meeting: The steps are there to keep me from killing myself; the traditions are there to keep us from killing each other. I think your preface underscores this and I love this series. You are teaching me so much. Grasshopper

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is great! I read the post on meditation and love too..thank you Steve! You are always an amazing friend and blogger...thank you!


Zanejabbers said...

Thanks Steveroni. And thanx for the "needle" in the eye info. That has hellped enormously.

steveroni said...

That "needle in the eye..." came from my latest book title, "Needle in th' Eyestack"! -grin

I sure hope you can make it to Annie K
home in IL June 12-14. We'll BE there!

I'm gonna 'logroll ya, OK?

Syd, you ARE too kind...really. Are the tickets on the way? -grin


I DO believe you have found the secret of happiness, that it does NEVER come to us from an outside source...person, place, or thing, e.g. But rather from within, where we can be at peace, while all about us is the raging storm.

Banana (J)

OK grasshopper! Thanks. But YOU know I'm not teaching--just doing what we all do, sharing my/our experiences...it's just that--being older--I have more experiences to share. Right?

Love t'all
Steve E.