Monday, February 9, 2009




Today was/is the best day of my life, and I'll tell you why. But first, do you know what was the best day in my life yesterday? It was........yesterday! Not surprised? Well, I am. But I have come to a conclusion (at least, for today!) that each and every day--since I got sober--has been/IS the best day of my life, each one better than the day before. The result must be such, so long as I am working our program.

Even when things seem to be in that old familiar chaotic mode, or disaster strikes, there is usually a "God-reason" of which I'm not aware. A growth day. Why are so many of my days "growth days"? Why cannot I have just a couple days OFF, as in "off from living life on life's terms"?

True, I do have a few of them now and then...and you know what? THEN I begin to feel guilty, for having such a peaceful life, such a (temporarily, anyway) trouble-free existence. Funny, I have to "be busy" to justify my happiness.

The answer could lie in meditation. I don't mean the "working" kind of meditation, where I (Ugh!) clear my brain, stop all engines, close down the throttle, cut off the air. I do not talk here about the meditation in which I picture scenes from the lives of Old-or-New Testament folks, so as to ponder the conjured mental pictorials.

I seek--and sometimes nearly arrive at--the point at which my mind and my heart just want to LOVE my God, just wish to BE with Him. As loving friends on earth might sit with one another in silent contemplation of their past connections. Thoughts could include their personal history, their longing to be with each other, their willingness to wish the other nothing but goodness, happiness, and serenity, their absolute trust, their true knowledge that the other is 'for real' (faith?), and not the least--in fact, more the MOST--the true LOVE which binds them together for eternity.

Such is meditation unto which I strive, yearn, and for which I pray.

And for that kind of love, I will stay sober another day.

And you, too, I love.....and the God within you!

Steve E.


Linda S. Socha said...

What a wonderful little creature..and my favorite colors. What more could I want from a photo

vicariousrising said...

Gee, and I thought I was an optimist.

steveroni said...

Gosh, Linda, next time I'll leave the picture out, and maybe you'll read the blog...just joking, Linda! Just Joking!!! HONEST! -grin

Judith, ask anybody who (thinks they) know me here, and they'll likely tell you that "Steve will not be outdone in optimism." But what do they know?
Loads of defects, but pessimism is not one of them!

Hope said...

" I seek--and sometimes nearly arrive at--the point at which my mind and my heart just want to LOVE my God, just wish to BE with Him."

This spoke to me. I've had a day of peace which has been wonderful.
Sobriety has taught me gratitude and gratitude has taugh me optimism. And grace weaves it all together.

TraceyBaby said...

Thank you, Steve

steveroni said...

Hope, my day of peace has also been wonderful...inexplicably wonderful, know what I mean?
thank you.

Shadow said...

great wisdoms here today, just what i needed to hear...

Selchie said...

I know what you mean about wanting more peaceful days, for me that was called pregnancy he he, a bubble of bliss.)

Lovely relaxing post. I feel better just reading it, chasing my winter snuffles away.

Glad to see you're sticking to the straight and narra (narrow) (said in cockney accent.)

Happy day Mr.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Syd said...

I like that little meditative guy in stone and the one that's in the flesh (you) as well. You sound really happy, joyous and free today. Just like you seem to do each day. The day is what we make it, right?

in time out said...

steveroni - it's me, hope, coming by to say hello from this realm of my writings. thanks for your support of my blogging adventures and for the kind words you always have for me. I enjoy you and prayer girl in my life, and love the rhetorical kindness you extend to me. THANKS. Love this thought. I need to be more optimistic. thanks...hope

TraceyBaby said...

Steve, I'm trying to find Gabrielle Moonlight. What's the name of her blog, do you know? I thought I had her on my page but I don't recognize the name if it's there.