Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some of this and that

It's no fun pumping up these tires on
a 31 degree morning in Naples, FL


For two mornings it has been too damn cold to ride the Suzuki 650 to my morning meetings. So I had to get out there in the dark night--4:30 AM--and pump up the "tawers on the dump truck" so's ah could git to mah meetin's. Kidding aside--it was 31 degrees at our house two mornings in a row.

My "New Dawn Group" A.A. friends decided they finally found a limit to my craziness...it's called "freezing".

Driving my '99 Mazda pickup to a meeting is not nearly as fun as careening through the 7-mile, 6-lane pathways from our house to the 24-Hour Club on the bike. Shame to write this--but if I had to drive a 4-wheeled "box" vehicle to meetings, I'd probably attend no more than one a day. (That is not a truthful statement!) But I sure L.O.V.E. my bike. -grin! Thank you, Prayer-Girl.

Speaking of cold temperatures, I DO realize that for some reading this, 31 F. would be considered a "beach day". But my ideal day runs 80-85 F. degrees, that's just how it is. When I was very young, and hell was described to me as a very hot place, I remember thinking to myself that it must not be a real bad place--at least it's warm there.

By the time I reached grade school (First grade is where I was aptly nicknamed "Alkie", which name is with me still) I had figured out--I knew it--that hell is a very VERY cold place. As far as I know, I'm the only one who ever 'knew' that fact.

And, fellow bloggers, I am just SO grateful, that:

...I am writing a gratitude list tonight instead of a SEVENTH TRADITION discussion

...I have a truck to drive, when it's too cold to ride

...I live where daily there are many excellent AA meetings

...NMW--our house is paid for

...I get to play a wedding Saturday, on the beach

...the wedding is for daughter of an AA member

...it is pleasure for me to participate in this wedding

...it WILL get warmer!--beginning Saturday

...winter is over--for us???

...For Prayer-Girl's Friday blog, Re: steve-a-roni

...a beautiful violin, which sounds better and better

...is my hearing getting worse? -grin

...a wonderful AA family who loves me--NMW

...wonderful bloggers, the same as above--NMW

...that I can still learn so much from so many

...mostly from you, my blog family (thank you ALL!)

...I could write a hundred gratitude items right now

...I will not!

That is enough for today. I am grateful to God for giving me you bloggers, recovering people, with your experiences, strengths, and hopes, of which you eloquently write.

I'm so inadequate with my computer and my simple thoughts and words. At the same time I feel a power surging through me, aware that God is now directing this show, of which I am but a small bit player. At this moment I am in such a state of LOVE for everything created, that my whole body is warm, even in this coolness of the night. (Have to check MY temperature? -grin!)

Back on Tuesday with Tradition SEVEN
And....let's stay sober together today. OK? NMW! (No Matter What!)


Zanejabbers said...

Hey Alkie, if I didn't know better it sounds like you are in menopause. (From your last statements)

steveroni said...

OK, OK, Zane, enough of that! When ya get my age, it always, you know, the "medications" -grin...got it?

Expecially the hormone shots, one every 84 days, costs $2,700 every three months...just to stay cancer free...and sometimes there is a bit of flashes, etc., whatever!

Nice to see you bloggin, and hope you see EVERYTHING CLEAR tomorrow.

Akannie said...

Inadequate??--We think not.


Bill said...

Life is good, even when it's cold, right? I'd rather face a windshield covered in frost than another hopeless day of active alcoholism.
But some mornings lately I've had to remind myself of that several times before it really sinks in.

Prayer Girl said...


That opening brings back fond memories of your stories of transporting developmentally disabled adults to their jobs everyday. Those stories and those individuals were delightful.

This blog is delightful too.
You're welcome for my "Tribute" blog. (God made me do it!)

clean and crazy said...

awe, you are so sweet, and i a little envious of your weather. i grew up in california though and the only thing i miss are the beaches, and as you know life in the big city is not always a beach. i am grateful for where i am today, even if i am landlocked!!

Cat said...

I like reading your gratitude lists, they always have this postive sparkle that I can take with me for the day!

Have a wonderful Saturday - you and PG!

Anonymous said...

Inadequate? No.

shineonsolar.net said...

I'm with you on that "too cold for comfort"....I grew up in CO and now live in sunny CA. I know what cold is, but can't rightly remember. For me those 40 degree mornings are just too chilly. In fact, the winter is the worst for me because at least in CO everyone cranks the heat to 72% in the house. Out here, my husband believes we need to keep the house at 64%. I think I am colder here in CA in the winter than I was in CO.

All complainin' aside, I love your post, for makin' the most....of all to be grateful for. Just a little note about the cold: without the cold snap, stone fruit does not produce. On the exceptionally warm winters, we are lacking in apricot, peach, and nectarine production. I guess I can endure a little briskness for that. :-)

RipGurl said...

Hey Steveroni,
Check out the TED talks. The 2009 winners include a violin player.


RipGurl said...

oops :( I posted about a musician from the TED talks whom I thought was a violinist. In fact, he is pianist. I automatically think violin player as it my daughter's instrument.

Also, I see I accidently posted using a site I had created for husband's business. Guess it's time to get off the computer. Tee hee.

Banana Girl said...

This N That....so much gratitude. I need to remember mine each day. It is the food that keeps me content. Thanks for the reminder. j.

Syd said...

I'm with you on just writing something about gratitude and enjoying the weekend. I think that you nickname of Alkie might have been that ominous warning that Bill W. wrote about in Bill's Story.

Linda S. Socha said...


I am not sure how to interpret this... or if to interpret this.. but when I feel a little down I come and read and reread your gratitude lists!!.

I have a brother who is an over the road semi driver. I love dearly and he is an inspriation kind of guy.. He was 72 in December. He looks and acts about 60 to 65....depending on the activity!. I aspire to grow up and be like him....with the exception of driving the truck...You remind me of him a bit! You have a similiar sense of humor...This is all a good thing

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love you and your blog Steve, you have no idea how great it is just to know you're a part of my recovery. Thank you!