Thursday, February 26, 2009


"Hey Steve, what about "B" for BANANAS???"

OK: One more "B" Word: BANANA.

I love bananas, especially when concocted into something called Banana Split! My gosh, how could I forget? In each of the past 20 years I have consumed 200 pounds of bananas. Total 4,000 pounds, TWO TON! Wow! I feel heavier than a moment ago--before the math problem was solved. One of the benefits of eating bananas:

po·tas·si·um (p?-tas?e-?m)

n. Symbol K
A soft, silver-white, highly or explosively reactive metallic element that occurs in nature only in compounds. It is obtained by electrolysis of its common hydroxide and found in, or converted to, a wide variety of salts used especially in fertilizers and soaps. Atomic number 19; atomic weight 39

Well, maybe I'll stop eating bananas? That Atomic number scares me -grin!


The Naples Group, which I recently joined (again) had their 55th anniversary dinner-speaker-meeting Thursday night. It is the group (I'm repeating...duh) where a man pulled me in the door almost 35 years ago. That year was their 20th anniversary, but I was unaware of such doings.

At a recent business meeting, I was asked to give the invocation at Thursday's celebration. This is an "honor-unique" for me. The "honor" is in being asked to do what heretofore priests or rabbis have done. The "unique" is that I said, "Okay!" without even giving it a thought. That's what we learn to do in AA--is say "Yes!"

Here is our Invocation--I needed to print it out, "stage-fright", ya know? Can you believe I wrote this?

"May the God Who is in this room, the God Who has a special love for us, that God Who brought us all together here tonight, may that same God protect us from all unnecessary anxiety, and may He BLESS US, and all those we love--now, and from now on."

The dinner was wonderful, and after that, the meeting. The dinner was limited to 160 people. Tradition here is, that after dinner about 100 more people come in for the speaker meeting. At the meeting, the librarian (Me, who else? -BIG GRIN!) did an "outstanding job" -grin! In keeping with the statement "We are not a glum lot"--BB page 132--I got to tell a funny joke (also a group custom) that a few had not heard previously. I may post that tomorrow night...hmmmmm. Yep, maybe so.

The seven of us group 'members' arrived at 3:30 to set up tables, and all the accouterments for the celebration. I find it is still FUN to work with other alkies on a project--in service. The spirit is always there when two or more get together!!!

Lots of long-timers were in attendance, one with 51 years sobriety. Countdown, etc., went well, newest person was 6 days sober(?). Catered food was Zee Best!

Anyway, time for bed, so "Steve, POST this darn thing before it grows into a real LONG BLONG...!"

Peace and Love to y'all, still and Evermore,

Steve E


vicariousrising said...

I love bananas. If you are what you eat, I guess it's good I love them.

Glad your celebration went well. I bet it was really something for those newcomers to be a part of.

Linda S. Socha said...

Love the idea of the celebration...so glad it was not
Yes we have no bananas:>) Ok...I am going to do something productive soon!!

Banana Girl said...

Bananas have a special place at my home group. I will share that another time. Congrats on your presentation...love the prayer. J.

Shadow said...

and now i know a new word. invocation. and i love me my bananas too!!! have a good weekend!

Prayer Girl said...

The celebration last night was wonderful. The speaker said some things I heard for the first time.

The highlights of the evening were:
The Invocation(by you-know-who)
The wonderful dinner
The wonderful Joke (told by you-know-who)
The speaker
The friends


Syd said...

Wonderful invocation. Very good words to say. Glad that you wrote them and spoke them.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Banannas are great! I love them, they are about the most perfect food one could eat!

Sounds like you had a great time and thanks for sharing!

mile191 said...

this is nice. miss you. how are you doing? I don't eat bananas, but everyone in the house does. i like the smell and color, but can eat them. yuk.

Fireblossom said...

Yes, you had no bananas...you had no bananas til today!

Christina said...

Steve, I am bananas about Bananas! Smoothies are my favorite. Throw them in the blender, ice, yogurt cup...yummmmm! its a good, heathly snack.

PS....I love your postings, they are, in a word...GRIN-TASTIC!:)