Monday, January 11, 2010


a print by CAT VIBERT (CLICK)

This print by blogger-artist Catherine Vibert  (catvibe) reminded me of the farm where I grew up. (I've been asked as recently as today, "When are you gonna grow up?"--NO grin!) Cat lives in Ashville, North Carolina. In June 2009, PG and I stopped by to have coffee with Cat, and spent an enjoyable two hours, while a power-outing storm raged outside. And we got to know another Peep.

I am honored to be the owner of the print pictured above titled "Three Graces Snowy Field". My print is #1 of 500. This is the first time ever I have received #1 of anything. I love it! She sent some extra stuff also, addressed to "steveroni". Visit her galleries for a treat if you have a moment.

Tonight (Sunday) I had a happy happening: a meeting in the TSR chat room with a lovely blogger friend in Michigan. We used the topic GRATITUDE...and for about 15 minutes of the hour, we DID talk about gratitude --grin!

Blogging came along just in time to grant me another 20 or more years of happy, sober, and yes, JOYFUL living...in peace. However...and there's always a "however"...if this frigid weather--sans snow--continues much longer, I'll have to hibernate right here in front of the computer. Some say I already DO that--grin!

I mean, this coldness is hard on old bones, I'm just not used to it. This afternoon I saw in the bed of my pickup a lot of broken glass, like chards. I picked up a nice big pane...it slipped out of my gloved hand--ICE, friends! First time I've seen ice in Naples outside from refrigeration doings.

It is SO cold I stopped riding my scooter a week ago, first time I have not ridden at least once a day in nearly two years. And I miss it! By morning it is predicted to "feel like" 18F  (-8C) and that's Waaay too cold for having fun scooter riding.

I should not be ranting here about 18F temperatures, when for some that will be their HIGH for the day. So far, this blog seems like it's going nowhere, maybe time to set it out to fly...maybe a short joke to finish this blog--maybe finish ME--grin! This is the joke I told to about 175 Peeps at the cookie meeting last Thursday. (I'm the official joke-teller, an elected position, of course!)

OK. Judy and Sherry, two VERY old (90's), short, and extremely obese ladies, both never married, neither having ever experienced the "knowledge" of man--were shuffling arm-in-arm, waddling downtown, and decided to go into the cinema which had a movie showing with XXX markings.

Seated happily with their HUGE popcorn and soda combos, they were sitting in quiet  peacefulness, when Judy whispered to Sherry "Psssst, Sherry..oh my, Sherry, Oh my God, this man sitting next to me is , he's, how do I dare say it--he is PLAYING with himself!"

Sherry immediately decides aloud, "Dear, dear Judy, we shall simply have to move to another seat...", when Judy breaks in with, "Oh, but we can't, because well--Um-- he's...he's using my hands!"

Peeps, I hope nobody was offended...by my humor--or lack of it. But I DO wish everyone here for today to:

Be happy
Be hopeful
Be Grateful
Be sober
Be loving
Be at PEACE within...
I love you all!


catvibe said...

Oh my dear STeveroni! Thank you for your generous praise, I am very honored. My blog is like the sahara right now with the fiction contest going on. :-)

Thank you for being my very first customer of the year. That must mean I'll have very good luck this year, since you are about the sweetest soul on the planet. I wish you and PG that happiest of new years, and new decades STeve!

Anonymous said...

That joke warmed me up one degree, Thanks, Steve!

Shadow said...

bikes and winter aren't ideal companions...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

oh my...

beautiful contemplative art and a silly joke to start the day...

Good day in sobriety!

Nevine said...

Steveroni, first off, I love anything Cat creates... artwork, poetry, prose. That chick is talented!!! So enjoy that fine piece of art you have.

And secondly, what a wonderful way to start the morning... what a joke!!! I hope you have a great day!


Brian Miller said...

thanks for the chuckle this morning. chilly here as well. stay warm.

Dulce said...

Chilly Florida.. hard to imagine... Everywhere in the western world seems to be suffering this cold wage- except in the canaries-of course...
Good joke Steve :)lol

Akannie said...


Hate to tell you this (**giggle, snork**) but it is TWENTY NINE DEGREES HERE ALREADY THIS MORNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you know, we have been having zero and below zero temps for weeks...we must have sent it your way.


Love and kisses, Annie

Kim A. said...

::snicker, snicker:: My son calls from Tallahassee this week whining about the cold, and the wind, and wah, wah, wah. I am in NC and my water if frozen, it is 20 degrees at noon, and even our roosters are wearing snugglies. This is the same kid last year, at this time, who called and bragged that he was heading to the beach about an hour away to go skim boarding cause it was to nice to go to class. Yeah, sympathy..ummmm..not an ounce.

:-D Hoping you get scooter weather soon.


clean and crazy said...

we're in a heat wave 20 plus and going up to 30!! shorts and tank tops here we come!!

Steve E said...

CLEAN/CRAZY: How about tanks and short-tops! Anyway, it IS 60F here now 12 noon. Thank You, God! (Or did Clean and Crazy send the warmer? g.

KIM A: Thanks for the scooter thought...otherwise, "go wax your eyebrows and get your hair cut!" (I loved that comment of yours!)

AKANNIE: Miss you young lady, and your Marine, AND your cats, cats, cats!

DULCE: Sweeter than a bottle of rose wine...you ALWAYS enjoy what I write, even those "off-color"
jokes. Thanks, and love you, too!

Steve E said...

CATVIBE: You are so deserving of anything nice somebody might write of you. SO talented you are--I did not realize this when we met briefly.

I'm glad you're selling your work on the blogs, that way you're sure to stay around. (Sigh!)

SECRETIA: One degree? Yesss, I'm sure you've heard them all. But "one degree" in the right direction, can be good, yes? You are GoooD!

SHADOW: A couple days--well, next week, we will be back in our usual beach-swimming weather. Some people are out there today! (Visitors)

Bikes are fine in winter, as long as they are in the garage--grin!

JESSIE: My joke? SILLY? How can you SAY that?--BIG grin! Good sober day to you also, Dear One.

BRIAN: I am AWED by your blog posts, next Sunday I'm trying the ??? 160? I'll look it up!

NEVINE: I'm SO glad to know you are a "cat-lover" also! Seems like somehow we are ALL connected, like a web. World-Wide Web, now why didn't I...

Syd said...

We actually made it to the 40's today. It was a high of 32 here yesterday. Way too cold for me to go sailing. I guess you could say that I wimped out.

The Turning Point said...

You're like my brother over in the Ocala Villages. He had his three great grandchildren all under ten the past two weeks. They're from Washington and didn't bring any winter clothes. Never left the house. He was a babbling idiot when I talked to him.

Prize night at the movies.


Monkey Man said...

Steve - Thanks for stopping by to visit and leave the comment on my "clean up" post. The beauty of parties for me now is, like you, I don't have to recover....just clean up the dishes afterwards. I'm a relative newcomer - 20 years.

As for your post, I may not have your joke telling skills, but I actually wrote a blog with the same title. Read my Brrrr here.

Steve E said...

MONKEY MAN: I like your stuff so much, I became a bonah feedah follower. How's THAT grab ya?

Read your Brrrr. You have many skills, Sir. MY only real skill is playing the violin.

I told my father I wanted to be a violin player when I grow up. He said, "Son, you can't do BOTH!"

TURNING POINT: mhfufamnl;t3qhtuqgh rtuoj jigduhegnxcjnl;dj;lbkl;dfmkllmk.

SYD: It will all be over...soon. I don't recall a single day of NOT taking the boat out, except for hurricanes, but I was age 32-40 then, not winding down the last 15 minutes of the game--grin!

Fireblossom said...

Wow, Steve, that's a beautiful painting! And #1, my gosh!

That Michigan blogger enjoyed the happy happening, too. I really needed some fellowship and found it, thanks to you. :-)

Gawd, that joke. Ha!

Steve E said...

FIREBLOSSOM: Sorry about the joke...but I was hoping you would comment. I just like knowing your spirit is lurking somewhere near.

Susan Deborah said...

We love you back Steve and the joke made me laugh as well.

I cannot imagine the chill for I have never been in that kind of a weather. It seems that summer has already showed up here in Chennai, India.

Take good care and joy always,

Carol said...

I've thought about you and PG in this cold snap, poor babies! Not that you're babies because you're not.

Ily said...

The painting is beautiful and will be even more beautiful when the temps get a little higher, dont'cha think? :)

As for your joke, it warmed me up a bit...lol

Steve E said...

SUSAN DEBORAH: So far, and yet so near...half world away, and we communicate like we live right next door to you! What is there NOT to love about that? JOY? YESSSSSS!

CAROL: YOU feel sorry for US?? Girl, YOU are the one, in the real winter. Wonder why early settlers didn't just keep looking until they found Florida--or Puerto Rico?

Ily: Yes, now I have a towel wrapped around under the print, to catch the wet! Thanks for the reminder.