Monday, January 11, 2010

goodbye christmas goodbye defects


Yes, it is time, the day has arrived--Christmas tree has completed it's tour of duty for this season at our house. I came home from a meeting, and the great room where my computers live, is now again a room with loads of space. What a change has taken place!

It reminds me how I felt such a great change after taking the 4th and 5th Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. My thinking was, "Well, the hard part is over now." Oh YEAH??? Little did I realize that the steps 4 and 5 were merely defining for me the sources of my problems, and bringing them out where God, I, and a witness could see all the dirty laundry. I figured the remainder of the steps was just formality, learning how to "teach" others. WRONG!

The next two steps were to ask God to take away from me everything which stood between Him and me. Then 8 and 9 were for me to remove what stood between YOU and me, and ALL people. Finally I found I had to climb out of my pit of isolation, and join you Peeps, in living a life without booze, aimed at a new happiness, freedom, and JOY.

Then I learned how to become friends with that Power, that Great Entity, whatever made sense to me (I call His name, God), how to talk with, work with, love, and just BE with this new-found God of my understanding. Finally, I learned through experience, and counsel with others, how to carry this message of sober living to others. They had to need it, of course, but the only real requirement, was a desire to stop drinking

Held by that slim thread of desire, a great door leading to a whole new life opened to me. That is now my life of freedom, happiness, and joy for which I am EVER so thankful, grateful. It has become a life of joyful, fulfilling service to whoever asks, whoever is put in front of me wanting help. I now can show them where the help is which they seek, and how to acquire the gift, given me so freely, the gift of SOBER LIVING!

IN NO WAY did I begin this post with a dissertation on the Steps in my mind...it just seemed to flow out, so here it is. like it or not.

As the Christmas tree which had blocked my view of the rest of the house is now gone, so with my own view-blocking stuff. Much of it is gone, so I can see more clearly God's will for me.  That may not be what I or anyone might think...but when I am shown, I will be ME for HE!

Peeps, we have another day here...to

LIVE happily

LOVE tenderly

LET go

LINK to one another
LOOK for who wants our help
LISTEN to the "voice" within.....

I love you all--


clean and crazy said...

i like what you said about 8 and 9. i am at 8 now. i say at because i have not started. for some reason when i finish a step i try, on purpose to take time to reflect and i don't know make sure i really understand what i just did in the previous step.

i don't like the idea of being in a pit of isolation, but you are right and it is time to move one and get started on 8. i don't think there is anything i am afraid of in working this step, i think that maybe procrastination really got the better of me in between steps. that is one annoying character defect that is deeply rooted in me.

i have pulled at it like a loose tooth and a bit of it still hangs around just out of reach for me to get!!
i am glad i stopped by i really needed to read this!!

Secretia said...

Getting the tree out really is highly symbolic. It's work, and little traces(pine needles)serve as reminders, but we pick them up and discard them, piece by piece.
We know we're glad it's over...


Manon Doyle said...

Great post Steve!! I'm glad that you finally found happiness and freedom! I speak to my "higher power" or "spirit guides" on a daily basis and found that they also offer me love!!

catvibe said...

I like it Steve, I like it a lot.

Nevine said...

Steve, you are such an amazingly positive person. Coming here to visit is such a treat. You always have something good, and something nice to say. And the best thing is that you are ever grateful... how many people are like that? You're awesome!


Shadow said...

it's clear someone else directs us where we need to go...

Kristin H. said...

No, Steve, Step brush-up is necessary from time to time. Particularly if there are any newcomers lurking on the blogs.

I love reading how each writer approaches the Steps. You included.

Happy Tuesday, Scooter Man.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

This is a good contemplation today. I just finished the taking down of the tree this morning. All the ornaments were already safely stashed but the tree had to be disposed of.

Hmmm....keeping the blessings and ridding ourselves of dead wood...

Good analogy! :)

Inky said...

Hello Stevester, I see you are still making peeps SMILE inside and out, what a Blessing you R.

I think at times we all need to be directed in the right place or to the right person (s).

You speak of the gift of being SOBER. awesome. You were directed here to all your peeps, and you are a GIFT to ME and MANY

Syd said...

Steve, a brown tree blocking my view that is also a fire hazard would be a good reason for me to declare I was ready to make some changes. I'm glad that you made the changes in your life as well.

Susan Deborah said...

The post started and ended in a very nice manner. How very metaphorical and true. I am glad that you choose to share with us the different steps of your life. This sharing enables us to 'know' you inspite of not having seen you or talked to you.

Glad to come here and devour the posts.

Joy always,

indistinct said...

Funny how Christmas is so much nicer once it's past. :)

Just like when we clear away the debris of our past. Great analogy.

Ed G. said...

Nice metaphor. I might rip it off next year, ;-)

Blessings and aloha...

Dulce said...

A Xmas tree which represents such a celebration is put down for a new celebration. How is that???

We love you too Sweetest Peep-Steveroni man

Indigo said...

I'm in the process of taking down my tree. Like me nothing is easy and it's a bit complcated.

I do see how you would see the steps in this process. Life is a constant work in progress as are we humans. If you want to keep the serenity you have to work toward that goal - Always. (Hugs) Indigo

P.S. No need to worry about the comments you leave about your dad. I throughly enjoy getting those glimpses into his life. And yes, someday you should write those stories down. (Hugs)Indigo

Enchanted Oak said...

Loved the dissertation on steps. Also loved the live gently, love tenderly part. If only my Christmas ornaments would go into the boxes by themselves. The tree is gone, but the defects remain.

Just Playin' said...

I like that part: I will be me for He. Good stuff...all of it. Hubby drinks a little much and is "working on it" on his own. Prayers, yes? Thanks.

Fireblossom said...

Suh weet! I am not sure how you started out going on about clearing out the christmas tree and ended up putting such a smile on my face, but you did.



Curried said...

Thank you for this. I'm on step 6 right now and I'm finding it more exhausting than 4 and 5. 6 and 7 are about removing what's between my higher power and myself - and to do it willingly.I just wrote a post about just "being" - and how hard it is sometimes. But I see now that in working the steps, a path will reveal itself to where I can just "be" with my higher power, and be at peace.

Kim A. said...

I, too, never knew the true meaning of Joy until I connected with the God of my understanding. My tree left last weekend and I am glad to be able to see thing clearly now!


emilyism.com said...

I love this post! The 11th step is hard for me, so I blog my nightly prayers in order not to forget to say them. Hope you are doing WONDERFULLY! Em