Thursday, January 7, 2010


This story I posted on my other blog in August 2008
Here is Part IIof III 


Guess this could be called a DROG, my word for "DRunk-Log"

The BEETLES sang it best:

...all my troubles seemed so far away,
...as I returned from comatose;
...and I began to breathe a-gain."

As I slept the sleep known only by the drugged, my tent was blowing around--and there I lay, fairly oblivious to nature's godlike powerful forces all about. I was awakened from this deep, deep drunken stupor--into which I had poured myself--by terribly frightening (to me) noises of growling, crying, and hissing sounds VERY close by. 

When my eyes began to focus, I saw this MONSTER, this horribly ugly head, about the size of a football, mouth wide open, snorting, snarling, and...and, what? of all things...CRYING! I was lying there on the tent floor, looking into the gaping mouth of a--seemingly--giant sea turtle, a real live nesting-straining-and-egg-laying Loggerhead!

Ten days later I was told that she likely did her nesting every YEAR on the very spot I had carefully (Ha!) chosen to erect (Ha!) my tent.. (Sorry for the "Ha's", they express better than ever I could what went on out there). 

So, I did what ANY normal, sane human would do in this scary situation--reach beside me for my bottle of Early Times 86 proof! What else? After a few swigs from my bottle, I might better deal with these events. The turtle kept on huffing and puffing, as if I was not there. Finally, she left, dragging her hefty body over the few feet of remaining sandy beach, to water's edge.

That turtle must have been thinking..."I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky...." --SEA FEVER, by John Masefield

Again safe, hurting bad (in real pain, bottoms of my feet shredded and bloody, infections beginning), weary mentally and physically--called 'bone tired'--I "made a decision" to put some calories into my body, and so I opened a couple beers, and chased down each swallow of the Golden Brew with my favorite 'wonder drug' of the moment, vodka.

Please note that my answer to ANY question, ANY situation, ANY happening, ANY prayer event...was to become annihilated with my drug, alcohol. It was my answer for anything and everything. Alcohol had become my GOD. Drinking had become my way of life, the only life I would know--for eight more years.

This ten-day period of my life needs ONE MORE Blog to complete.--it just became much too lengthy to finish today. Hope you will be back Thursday, for the finale! Its Title:  


and it's not too lengthy -grin-


Let's Be Nice to ALL today.
Lets BE HAPPY (or act happy) today.

Let's STAY SOBER today.
Spread PEACE...


Secretia said...

Of course we will return for the story. And for your daily words, words which heal, words which inspire.

That is some adventure in the tent, it gives a view into the smallness of the world into which a person can crawl.



JStar said...

You just love to keep us hanging on...OMG I woulda shi my pants if I woke up to that dang turtle hissing at me...lol...Guess thats why I dont do the nature thing ha ha...I can relate to the drinking...My brother, father, auntie, uncle, step father and ex husband were/are alcoholics...Hince my poem titled "Wasted" Glad that you recovered...Very inspriational...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I can't seem to stop returning to your blog, must be an attraction thing...


Much love to you!

Audrinna said...


Tall Kay said...

I'll bet the turtle is still talking about that day too! LOL

It's good to remember where we came from. You have come a very long way from where you were. Looking forward to the ending...even tho it sounds like it's gonna be sad.

The Second Road said...

Star Date 2010
Data: Small chance that when sleeping in tent one will encounter a turtle
Random Generator: Coffee is percolating somewhere on Earth at this very instant.
Action: Spread Peace
Will return. =)

Kim A. said...

I half-expected you to say you shared your vodka with the turtle. My brain needs some of the coffee that is percolating somewhere on this earth. Your sharing is helping me to understand my son's disease. I'll be back tomorrow.


Nevine said...

Steve, Steve, Steve, you beautiful person, you! It's wonderful that you are able to write about this and still say those positive last few lines...

Let's Be Nice to ALL today.

We so often forget to do those things. May I suggest that it is because you experienced this difficult time in your life that you can now be so kind to others? And may I send you a cyber hug from one who just feels every word you say because it is all real down to the very bone? Hugs to you, Steve. And I'll be waiting to read Part 3. I hope you have a beautiful remainder to your day! :-)


Syd said...

Awesome to be there for the turtle crawl. That is so cool, even if you weren't in the frame of mind or body to appreciate it.

Dulce said...

Oh! My Hermit Steve, sweetest of Peeps and all the rest of things...

#1 You made an ecological disaster!
#2 You were damn crazy but lovingly drunk (oh My! Vodka...)
#3 I wish I could have been there sharing the fire- put out by the winds...BTW What about the winds?
#4 You are still alive after all that-can't believe it.
#5 You owe me/us a photo of that time- no matter how drunk... go investigate and see what you find out there...

#6 Love ya!

Sylvia said...

Dear friend, I know what you mean. I used to see monsters and ghosts when I was a little girl. I learned how to cast them away when I started talking to them. Until then, it was a true terror. Please face it and resist it. My prayers with you.

Fireblossom said...

Hmmf! All my sympathies are with poor displaced Ms. Turtle!

Seriously, dear Steve, even though I know, in broad strokes, how we all arrived at the fellowship, I still find it hard to envision my cherished SOBER friends in "the bad old days." Peace to you!

Carol said...

I've got to start acting happy with my mom, fake it 'til you make it.