Saturday, January 16, 2010


My Peeps I LOVE you
My Peeps I leave you

This time I'll not be back
It's time to try a new tack

Finally I've learned my lesson
Just cannot keep this obsession

Of the blogs to run my life
Of the blogs, to ruin my life

Yes, today I'm really trying
And yes, today I'm crying

No elation, only deflation
900 miles from Naples, a nation

Is suffering, in vain?
In suffering and pain

And (sigh)
They die

And the stenches
In those trenches

Remind me of my own death
That moment of final breath

My body into the ground to give
True motive that my soul might live

For ever and evermore in harmony
Forever and ever---Eternity

Join me please, for today

There is NO way I can ever let you know my gratitude for letting me into the lives of some of you, my Lovely Peeps. I could live my LIFE at this computer, in this blogosphere. So thank you, thank you for so much spiritual guidance, enlightenment, and FUN--We are not a glum lot, right?

steveroni 1/16/10


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God be with you my friend. God be always with you! :)

My love stays with you, and all those who have been touched by your work and your beautiful music.

The Spirit lives on and on anon.

Nevine said...

Steve, you must be kidding. What do you mean you're leaving us. I only just got to know you... that's not fair... to me. I know, I'm being selfish. Again. I just can't imagine blogging without seeing your little violin, and reading your very inspiring posts. Can't imagine it... Stay well, and happy, and sober...



Fireblossom said...

Wut????? You're leaving???


I'm like Nevine, I was just starting to have the joy of getting to know you.

Of course, you must doi what is best for you, and what you feel called to do. But I'm sad!


Just Playin' said...

Hey Steve, I kinda, sorta believe you really mean it...that you are not coming back. Wish it weren't so but I get it. Life's too short. Don't sub one addiction for another. You may have gathered we work on that a little at my house too and YOU have been a true, real inspiration. I love you and I appreciate you and way respect you. Keep driving that cycle! And if you really aren't leaving, then you just got a big complement anyway. Take care, my friend.

Just Playin' said...

Just one more thought as I reread you post. Naples, not far from Haiti. We all feel their pain. We do what we can. That is different for all of us. We do gain an appreciation of life though don't we. Live yours to the fullest and may it be long and healthy...and of course joyful

Syd said...

I hope that you enjoy all your other activities Steve. Whatever you do, I'm sure you will do it with zest. It has been a good run.

Dulce said...

HEy my peep so sweet!
But If you leave what will I do?
I mean... who's gonna read me and make those beautiful reviews::!
Hey no no no! etc
I've got a new poem, it's just come out of this.You can't miss it!

Sorry- It's my way to tell you I love you Steveroni and will miss you lots!
I hope you are and will be well-
...until you decide to come back- who knows? maybe some day?

Mike Golch said...

oh well all things do come to and end,don't they? I will miss you dearly.i know I have not been the best at commenting on your posting.It does not mean that I have note read all of them.Hail and Fairwell.most of us will still be here if and when you return.Mike G. said That(it's an A.A. thing)

AirmanMom said...

steve...I learned of your blog from mike g. wanted to stop in and wish you well. I'll make a point of reading your older posts, from what I am reading in your comments you have been a wonderful inspiration to many.
Best wishes.

Carol said...

Hope that you re-think and keep writing to us.

Kristin H. said...

You and Anna hold a special place in my heart. You both know how to reach out when you need an ear.

Take care, dear friend.

linda said...

saddened, i bid you be well...i will miss you and hope to someday see you ride into my world again.

be well♥

Audrinna said...

I wish you wouldnt leave . when i about to be free soon

Akannie said...

Ok, well...you got the address and phone number, right?


Ed G. said...

Steve - thanx for all your support and efforts in the time I've been here.

Best of blessings in all your future endeavors.

...and, aloha...

Shadow said...

thank you for everything you have shared. i'm saddened you are leaving this circle of friends. but i understand too. love and hugs!

Secretia said...

I don't believe it. That's it.
But if you go, Please know that we all welcome you back in the instant you choose to return!

I offer my willingness to listen to any of your peeps who want to talk about things.

Steve, you know how to email me if you want to.

Blogging can be overwhelming, but it can also be moderate in scope.

Nice poem also, Steve!

God bless everyone in Haiti, living and dead. All God's children!

Secretia, bigsecretnow@gmail.com

Andrew said...

You will be missed my friend.

All the best to you Steve.



Calli said...

Dearest Steve~ My first day back after a long absence and you are leaving? Oh that's so sad. Give yourself time to heal from whatever ails you. I did and still even today, find myself needing more time even tho' I am deeply warmed by reading my very missed friends.

Knowing I/We all need to take time away from blogging here and there.

Be well. Be happy. Be healthy.
You're loved Steve, can't you tell? :)

Calli xo

Mike Golch said...

Steve,I hope that you will leave your blog up.it has so many great messages on it.That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Margie said...

You will be missed very much, Steve!
I wish you wonderful days ahead of you filled with love, peace and much joy!

May you be blessed!
God be with you!


The Turning Point said...

Hey young man, Maybe you could hand in there, to inspire and help me find balance in my life. Enough to pursue all the things left on my bucket list. I really felt a kinship with you, what with: our age; the fire in your belly; to be involved in life and your refusal to allow your candle to be extinguished.
If not I honor your decision, but would love to continue hearing from you, maybe through email.


Realliveman said...

Very cool blog. I will be back for more!

VICKI IN AZ said...

I know that God will continue to bless you.
Until we meet..
Be Well.

Anonymous said...

Genial post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

Inky said...

oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! NOT YOU steve.. DANG I am shocked.. Please say you will email me once in awhile just to let us know all is well with you both.

I truly love you much, wishing you great health and hope all is well with you always.

Stay safe and THANKS THANKS so much for BEING YOU and always making my days filled with laughter and sunshine..

Dulce left you a GREAT POEM..

LOVE U HUGS see U again

Inky said...

oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! NOT YOU steve.. DANG I am shocked.. Please say you will email me once in awhile just to let us know all is well with you both.

I truly love you much, wishing you great health and hope all is well with you always.

Stay safe and THANKS THANKS so much for BEING YOU and always making my days filled with laughter and sunshine..

Dulce left you a GREAT POEM..

LOVE U HUGS see U again

Ann said...

You will be missed - I LOVE your posts and experience/strength/hope!!!

Kim A. said...

Dearest Steve,

I have walked this path too long to question another's spiritual guidance, path and decisions. I will be honest and selfish, though, and tell you I hope your path leads you to renewel, rest, and eventually, back here. If God asks my opinion, I'm gonna tell him just that! :-D


Gabriella Moonlight said...

You will be missed greatly by so many, I have the honor of meeting your spirit and I hope that someday you may return, but you know how to stay in touch as you need too and want too! You will be so missed and please know you are loved!!!!!

Pete Hoge said...

sunny days to you.


Susan Deborah said...

Joy always in whatever you do.


Cindy said...

I'll SO miss you. Your blog will be missed, it was such a warm place to go!

Roxy said...

I just want to say God bless you...you have shared so much of yourself with others here! Thanks over and over, Steve! You will be missed greatly, but I do wish you well in your new journeys... hugs!!!

Dulce said...


Selchie said...

Is it really true...? You're going to be missed A LOT Mr I'll be Bach...xx

Banana girl said...

I am simply stunned. Thank you for your guidance and support. This 12th step work you do here is important too. Perhaps a moderation of time. I will send a timer if you need one . Banana Girl

Anonymous said...

My daughter asked me why are you crying?
And guess why?
We'll miss a lot Steve.
Hoping you change your mind.


Gaia said...

Yes, what do you mean you are leaving, where are you going? hope it's a short break though. Please come back. Bless you dear man. Do take care.

kerrycharacters said...

Please don't do that to us Steve! This is a healthy kind of addiction - you have encouraged me so much and I would certainly miss you as would a lot of other people I am sure.

Hap Joy Free said...

Steve...are you coming back to us?

This has be very concerned....


Superfluous Brunette said...

oh this blog life, although beautiful and supportive can become an obsession, all consuming, perhaps another addiction if you let it. The computer screen can be soul sucking. Sometimes it's good to leave for a while, gain perspective, live life.
I so enjoyed reading your posts and thank you for allowing us into your life and sharing your love and inspiration!

Cat said...

Oh Steve, Just when i got back around to greet you.

I wish you the very best that life has to offer you.

Much love


Mike said...

Thanks for the post!
LOL...no we are NOT a glum lot!!!

All the best to you!

Secretia said...

I still appreciate you and all you've done!


Scott said...

vaya con dios, my brother in sobriety and music! I hope our paths cross again, I've enjoyed getting to know you sir!

God Bless you and keep you!

Angeles said...

Steve, I remember you today because a Dulce's post, and I notice that you are not here. I hope you are well.
My English is not good to express all what I feel.
I love you.

Dios te bendiga Amigo.

Elizabeth Fry said...

Well, I can't believe I found your blog just as you are leaving it. Ah, but such is life. Enjoy your journey

Carol said...

Aha! You're lurking.

Just Be Real said...


emilyism.com said...

:( Maybe you just need a break, I hope to see you back up and blogging soon! Emily

Just Playin' said...

Just checkin'. Thought you might have changed yo mind!

Jessie said...

my apologies for not visiting again sooner. i wish you well (in case you check back on this), my prayers and support for you are always there in thought and spirit.

take care

warm smiles,

Hap Joy Free said...

I miss you Steve. I feel as if I've lost a parent all over again. My al-anon-ism doesnt like people I love leave me....

I hope you are well and happy..


Anonymous said...

Well I to but I contemplate the post should have more info then it has.

Queenneenee said...

Just like AA, the door is always open if ya wanna come back! Big hugs Steve.

clean and crazy said...

well you know it takes a lot of time to blog every day, i try to keep up but i am grateful for those who follow and give me advise, you have always been such a wonderful read, i know i haven't commented in a while obviously, not much time to blog and comment...

i will keep looking to see if you decide to drop a line sometime. take care of you!!

Hap Joy Free said...

Steve, I wanted to let you know that Jackson and I are going to Tampa on Feb 22 for him to audition for the USF school of music. He will play his tuba for all its worth and try to get in. I will think of you as we fly thru Naples, hoping to hear you play your violin.

Missing you!!


DD said...

Oh C'mon up... that break's taken too long... Steeeve steeeve steeeve

I love you

Manon Doyle said...

Steve!! I came to wish you a *happy heart day* and I see that your leaving? I think you may just need a *blogger break* ..... time to regroup! I used to blog everyday and now just twice a week. That helps!!

Good luck, my friend!!

Audrinna said...

I hope you had wonderful valentine ,miss you

Nevine said...

Hey... just stopping in to say thank you for your visits. I so cherish them, Steve. And I reply to your comments but don't know if you come back to read them. I hope you're doing well, and I'm always happy to "see" you over at my place. I miss you lots. You don't have to publish this comment if you don't want to. I just want you to read it and know I think of you... often. Miss you...