Sunday, January 3, 2010


BIG BLUE DEC 31, 2009

ADDENDUM:  There will be tonight (Sunday) at 8 PM an open chat (members, that is--easy to sign on, go HERE!) and tonight the topic will (maybe) be "The New Year: Resolutions, goals, thoughts, anything new happening, and possibly a bit of frivolity. Please join us, there's usually only a few. At THE SECOND ROAD (TSR)...this IS a recovery-related chat room! You WILL be made to feel welcome!


Meeting topic this morning: HONESTY! First guy to share said he thought he "was pretty honest". I guessed that meant he is pretty dishonest also, or maybe he just thought he was pretty--grin!

Our Big book Alcoholics Anonymous tells us that I lied when even the truth would have sufficed. I immediately translated that to mean, "When the truth does not suffice...LIE!  And so I did. I continued to lie in many ways. If someone asked "How are you today?" I always answered, "FINE!" ...LIE! Nobody is in great spirits hour after hour, day after day (except me, of course --grin!).

Several of the steps (IF one works them!) are geared to the "cleaning up the wreckage of my past"...well, I've done that so much, I  now do that step more which is "clean up the wreckage of my PRESENT! because that is where all my problems occur today...that IS today! Now! 

(Room for more stuff)



Blogger Linda Socha (Click HERE) asked me earlier today to list my five most important words for 2010. Talk about "Say Wha'?"...I had to really ponder this one, for about thirty seconds...maybe fewer?  The FIVE words, for me:


Linda is putting together a word collage--whatever that might be, of words important  to her friends in blogland. Thank you for including me in your survey, Linda!

Peeps, thank you ALL for being here, and those who comment (I LOVE you...),
and let us please stay sober today,
and be at Peace today
and LOVE today.


That Gal Kiki said...

That's a great photo and I love the question! I love the words you chose, too.

Just Be Real said...

Important five words! Growth caught my eye especially. Love the Blue Moon.... Blessings and hugs dear one!

Robin said...

And what a beautiful moon it was.

I like your word choices, they really accentuate the positive.

Anonymous said...

Today is the only day for me. I've already forgotten a big part of yesterday, and those other yesterdays. Thanks for your words, Steve!


Madison said...

Not a down word in the five. I hope that's how your day goes.

Carol said...

Good words.

The words on honesty made me smile. Before my alcoholic I had never been around people who lied, especially lying about things that they didn't need to.

My alcoholic left, telling me I could never cope with the puppie and the child. Funny thing, the puppy was perfect, all you needed to do was let him out!!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

It was a very cool moon, very cool!

Good words.

I think mine would be


Shadow said...

you've got a good 5 words selection for this new year, steve!

Kim A. said...

I love the pic. I soooo wanted to be able to welcome the new year by looking up at the blue moon (it's the pagan in me). The clouds had a different opinion but your pic is the next best thing. My favorite of your words is Enthusiasm. Joy in motion.


Nevine said...

I love your five words, Steve. Every one of them is optimistic. Way to go!!! :-)


Fireblossom said...

Open the doors wide, Steve, and put on extra coffee. Here comes the annual post-holiday AA "membership drive." lol.

Anonymous said...

That is a fine list, Steve. It has prompted me to think of my own.

Much love to you!

Anonymous said...

Love your selection of words. This is a great idea and provokes my thoughts. Thanks for the post!

May you experience all of them, Steve! God bless you :)

Dulce said...

Me too!

Enchanted Oak said...

I loved your five words, Steve, especially enthusiasm, which pretty much describes you. My five words for 2010 would be:

Syd said...

Great choice of words Steve.
I think that my five will be:

Sylvia said...

I agree, my friend. Do it NOW! As I studied, one of the powers we have to build our own happiness is to say NO to the things that kill us slowly, I mean, that destroy our ability to believe in life and in happiness. I'm going to do it now - refuse all that is destroying me and that is threatening my family. Break the walls of my prison. Well, I'll havethe possibility of healing and rebuilding afterwards... Nothing cannot be beaten except death... And sometimes... Love from Sylvia. Rock your cage, my friend, make it disappear!

Rhonda said...

Glorious picture!
Love the words you shared here...
keep it up!

catvibe said...

Gorgeous picture Steve E. And lovely sentiments too. Come by and visit Steve, I've missed you lately! :-) Hugs!

Linda S. Socha said...

Hello Steve
Much thanks for the participation...Love your words.
Mine are
Maintain an attitude of gratitude
Live intentionally
Joy Love and FUN
I know. I cheated!

Kay said...

Thank you for stopping by and the kind words. Happy New Year to you and may your five words, be true. :)

Annie said...

Hi, I'm not an alcoholic (I'm a chocoholic) but my husband is. He doesn't drink much but he drinks every day. I just found this blog.

I bought my husband a book called "7 tools to beat addiction" by Stanton Peele. Peele criticizes AA, he says it's just another addiction. I thought the book was interesting but my husband never read it. He doesn't think he has a problem... Well, sometimes he does, most times not.

garden-variety drunk said...

thanks for your post about honesty. i kid you not, it has been the topic of every meeting or speaker I've seen while i've been in town. it's also been the principle more sorely lacking in all of my affairs. thus comes the amends process...