Wednesday, January 13, 2010


When God is in charge--WATCH OUT! At a 7 AM meeting recently I was sitting next to a guy who was obviously a visitor. He had a foreign accent as if he was from North carolina, or even worse...Georgia--grin!  We talked a little before the meeting, and got along fine.

As he shared on the topic, he let all 84 of us know that he couldn't find the 24-Hour club in the darkness of early morning. He said a bike sped past his car, sporting a one-word sign on the back fender. It spelled the word SOBER! He decided to follow, on the chance the biker would be going to a meeting.

The photo above is my Suzuki scooter's rear fender--I'm the guy he followed. And here we were, sitting NEXT to each other in a very crowded room of sober alcoholics at a meeting. He didn't even know it was me who he followed. And where else at 7 AM would you find a bunch of women and men discussing how great it is to wake up withour puking, and without a severe hangover headache...and laughing about it all?

To tie this brief piece up neatly, there is a punch line: the bumper sticker, SOBER, was mailed out about a year ago, free of charge to any who requested it, by a fellow blogger from Houston, Texas.  Peeps, ya just NEVER KNOW! Right? (It is the third time this has happened!)

Hey Peeps, I wish you all could pray with me/for me today, and for a special intention. Thanks, to whoever can do that! 

Love, and PEACE!


Steve E said...

Please come on in and say "Hi".

Shadow said...

you were placed on this earth to lead people to places of sobriety... i'm convinced!

Madison said...

Great reminder that God is leading when it seems like an ordinary day.

Dulce said...

Hey HI!
Just to let you know I've been here and I've read you and I've loved it
And I think you are such a great peep

More (sweet) hugs ;)

Just Be Real said...

Hi Stevie!

Thank you dear one as always! Blessings.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

YAY God!


I pray that every intention special and good be carried in God's will today that you experience miracles and blessings abundant and that you see signs of Great Joy!

Secretia said...

Your bumper sticker helps save lives. I do pray for/with you.


Kristin H. said...

I just put the AA triangle on my van. I'm stoked. There is a guy in my building that has one, too. He inspired me. He saw me putting it on my car and came over to talk to me and I could tell that he thought it was cool that we met on the street like that.

I love sober stickers.

Rock on Scooter Man.

Nevine said...

Steve, you are truly amazing. And I'll be thinking of you, today... I'm with you. :-)


indistinct said...

Hello Steve,

Like the proverbial lighthouse.

God's fingerprints are everywhere.

Thanks for sharing!

Sherry said...

Steve -

I prayed for your special intention!!

Audrinna said...

Hi my friend

Syd said...

That is great Steve. You and your scooter are lighting the way.

Ann said...

You and your "special" intention have my prayers!!! I love that story - that is a true "god thing" - they always make me get goosebumps!!! LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!

Kim A. said...

Another light that shined out and gave someone what they needed. God and you Rock!! Prayers said and candles lit. May the intentions lead to the highest good of all involved, as the Creator wills.


Kay said...

to say everything happens for a reason today, would just be too much of a cliche....so i'm praying for you instead :)

Nickswife said...

"Have faith in yourself and courage, and God will help you to your goal." - Albin Polasek, 1957

My prayers are with you always!

roopam said...

Great story, thanks for sharing!

Manon Doyle said...

Great story Steve!! : )

Judith Ellis said...

As God moves in the affairs of men, I am praying with you. Prayer changes things.

Enchanted Oak said...

You had a "divine appointment" ... those meetings that are not coincidence but are appointed by God to feed someone's soul. I love those!
I pray that you intend to be used by your Higher Power to minister to someone today.
Chris A

Inky said...

wow that is amazing Steve. Like you said one never knows and how someone or something pops in and out of our lives as they are put their for whatever reason.

As you are for all of us and many. GOd Bless you..

BTW thanks for your comments on my last post but it was not my son ( thank God) it was my hubby's nephew.

P.S. I will follow you anyday

Daisy said...

This is a fantastic story!!! You are so right - you just never know do you? The world works in mysterious ways doesn't it. And little things can touch and help people - it's a great reason to smile isn't it?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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