Saturday, April 24, 2010


One week ago I created another blog, and tried it for four days. 
It did not work, because It was (click) NOT ME. This post is stolen 
from that blog, from myself.  Wonder if that is legal? 
Maybe I can sue myself and buy a new HARLEY!


We met to break fast
In shaded sunlight
Of a coastal morning.
It would not be our last
Together time.

Long years passed since
The beginning friendship
From our first "Hello".
Our first "Yes!"

Then it happened
An immediate smile
As her laughing eyes
Searched my own.

Now, our pair of two peepers
Peered one into the other
In a manner of seeking, learning.
Happy-faced others were leering,
Their knowing brows all arching.

On a wire high over,
Tweeting birds were marching
In orderly fashion
To the rumbling beat
Of distant rolling drum.

Thunder of an approaching

Wonderfully pleasant, that view!
The birdsong, coffee and cake
All our enjoyment. We saw
Ducks, swan, fish and lake,
And beyond that the deep sea...
So colorfully covering all its treasure.
This not the time to measure pleasure.

We shared love which told
One to one, oh! so bold
What our minds thought
What our souls desired.

As rain began gently dropping
Onto the deck, the place beneath,
We spoke on and on
--Smiling, loving,
Until all of time wrapped itself
Into this single, blissful moment

And we allowed all who found
Us--we, who found a happiness,
A joy in our meeting,
To make their assumptions,
Live their own lives.

As if they really cared.
As if we care.
We care!


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve. Just stopping by...

Heather's Mom said...

Glad to see you here :) Hope your day was beautiful!
God bless.

Ces said...

Good grief! You are like a tsunami or cyclone. I turn around and you have a new post. No wonder you are tired.

Are you in love or something?

Okay, it's a nice poem. Poems are very personal. I love the view. Where is this?

Wait. Did I take a position about saving the world? I don't think so. I just said what I said. I would like to have a flush toilet though.

It's late for you.

Ces said...

Oh BTW, I have Harley boots! I also was in South Dakota the week before that huge motorcycle rally, I was in Hill City and we past by was that Sturges? Something like that.

Ces said...

I mean passed not past.

Nevine said...

You wicked man! I knew it I knew it I knew that was you, Steveroni! You're probably going to think I'm full of it, but I knew that was you! I could smell you across the ether. I knew there was something fishy there. That was not a girl's blog. That was Steveroni. I know your voice. I knew you loved blogging too much. Oh, what can I say? Okay, I forgive you. That was funny, though. If we ever meet, Steveroni, I will bring my husband along so he can testify. Just this morning I was telling him about my "French" follower that I knew was somebody else, and how I thought that was ingenious! Hey, why the heck not?

Have yourself a glorious Sunday, dear Steveroni! ;-)


Heather's Mom said...

Steve - had to pop back to tell you - I'm linking all over the place in my comments! lol Thanks again!

Ces said...

Yes! yes you are right. Don't put me in Al Gore's camp. Yech! Sleep tight. No grave digging.

Nevine said...

Forgot to mention the important stuff. You do know I loved this, right? I mean, it was supposedly by someone else but in my heart I knew it was you... the words, the thoughts, the VOICE. It had Steveroni written all over it. And I loved it entirely!


Ces said...

Crap! I have 45 minutes left to closing time then I can't blog anymore for a week!

Steve, I believe that is what the hedonists want me to believe.

Ces said...

Hhahaha. 12 minutes left. God is not a hedonist. I am sure of it. He turned Sodom and Gomorrah to stone.

Linda S. Socha said...

Welcome back from the new blog journey....Isn't it great to bring our alter egos out to play?

Several years ago I traveled a lot and did several shor plane trips a year. I would be some one "different" on each one. I felt a bit like an actress

Nice post

Dulce said...

ha ha ha ha!!! steve eroni...

YEs I must say- sorry- you are mad, crazy... ha ha ha...
You did your work well!
I had no idea that was you (so sexy, the French girl-LOL)

But of course,,, four days of being someone elese must be really hard... Oh I understand so much now... hummmmmmmmmm

And for the poem... WOW I love it,
I did not comment before so...
That breakfast I'd love to share with you there some day! I had a dream...


Dulce said...

Hey! that Queen Nevine is really smart... you thought you were not going to be discovered? she is great!

And, furthermore,There seem to be a few many spies everywhere here in *Blogingland*...
So let me tell you I only want to have breakfast with you in that beautiful place, because the place is soooo beautiful,and that breakfast looks delicious!
And I am sure it'd be great fun to talk and listen to you and your stories.

Just Be Real said...

Stevie, you never cease to amaze me. Great new blog. Blessings.

Sherry said...

Love your new blog look and your lovey dovey poem!!

Andrew said...

Thanks Steve. Lovely poem and I like the new format.

Anonymous said...


steveroni said...

OFF topic: Nev, I KNEW you knew--grin! How WELL many of us--well, a few of us--"know" one another with nothing between us but some written words in space. I consider it a gift of major proportion. You are "something else" girl.

Keep writing and I'll for sure keep reading. (Now you also know I simply wanted to "make an amend" to you for the deception attempt!! OK?)

Nevine said...

I left you a reply on my blog, but wanted to make sure you know... just in case you didn't pop over. You are amazing and you owe me no amends. We're totally cool. I loved the adventure, Steveroni. It's always an exciting ride with you!


aguacateyfresas said...

Beautiful your blog !

steveroni said...

You were the first to reach my four-day blog and I think I must apologize for deceiving you…

it is not fair to deceive one whom I esteem so highly. Please will you understand?
Love ya girl

Sam Liu said...

I loved reading this, two lovers taking breakfast - magical :D

Syd said...

Good form for blog and poem.

Ces said...

Hey, how are you this Sunday. Have a great week.

Ces said...

Ah midlife sucks and having a spunky male teenager is dragging me down. Other than that, I am breathing.

Sakkarah said...

Un precioso amor, por lo que leo...

Me ha gustado mucho.

Un beso.

Ann said...

Lovely poem and picture - nice to hear you again!!!

Carolynn said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for stopping by my place to leave a note. It's always nice to see a new face!

Love the photo...is that really your view...your breakfast? Very nice!

Congratulations on your sobriety!


Superfluous Brunette said...

okay, now I am confused...of course this is your post, it has your name on it. I think I missed something :)

Love the poem, does sound as though you are in love :)

Happy to see you back on here.

Angeles said...

A wonderful moment, breakfast with love and smiles, a great pleasure!!

My blog is an expression of my soul through the writings of other person that's why I share it.
That's my intention.

Thanks for all Steve!

Clueless said...

glad you are back...with a twist. I'm happy that you figured out quickly that the other blog was not the way to go.

Katherine said...

Now that is how breakfast is meant to be eaten!!! Absolutely beautiful Steve!

Jingle said...

perfect breakfast for many reasons.
Happy Saturday!