Saturday, April 24, 2010



"Love? You can't be serious. I am a happy man. Love is not for people who are happy"

Aha, she thought, just the right sport. Charm, seduce, lead, discard.

Ah, he thought, milady is baited. Now all I need is to keep her intrigued and on her toes.

Love followed them everyday for 50 more years...

Note: steveroni did not write this, and does not recall who did. Sorry

Picture from Deviant Art:  carnaval_de_Veneza_by_Snow1992


Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Well done, wishing you MANY MORE 50 YEARS!
Mine is here

Prayer Girl said...

Very clever my love.

We would have to live to a veeeeery old age to hit that 50 mark. I promise not to discard in the meantime. :)


The Turning Point said...

I believe he's got it!
At 48 years I write, blog, meetings, living,etc. cause I just got to keep on, keeping on. It's a continual (daily) struggle to keep my balance.
Great to have you back.


Syd said...

You're back! Fini may really be ad infinitum. Love is happy if it's the right kind.

Shadow said...


Ces said...

Love can't save you from a tsunami. remember that tsunami in Thailand? The drawback lasted for hours and people explored the exposed sea bed and some even picked up the jumping fish. They all perished.

steveroni said...

Ces, You may be right (My favorite 4 words LOL!) However, I mean it would be far more exciting to die watching, and then IN the Tsu, than to fall over w heart attack running away (for my life).

I never wish to be enveloped in a Tsunami, even the ones I create.

Ces said...

No! You do not want to die from drowning. Besides watching a tsunami is a foolish thing to do.

Sam Liu said...

What a charming read this was, very enjoyable :) And perhaps he is right, maybe love does not necessarily mean happiness.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

very nice.

Dulce said...

very nice...
good bye
see you later
BUT... I've noticed this is a 55.. ha ha
and I've noticed a so *lindo* new template and header... oh Steveroni... I love it!

And you still keep one of my awrds...You are so sweet!

You know? My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary last June... + 13 years of relationship... WOW... i could not imagine my life with anyone for more than 12 (that's my record..)

And i don't think i have time to overcome that now... But am so pleased about it.. Others have tried FOUR times!... so what the heck! LOL

Nice post, my dear friend!

Thanks 4 your comments
;) xoxxo

Ces said...

Hello Steveroni. Did you go to Manon's blog?

What is happening here?

Is there a party here?

steveroni said...

Ces: A PARTY? Did I hear the words P A R T Y ???

Where...WHERE, tell me W H E R E ??
I've lost Manon' address, and after all we're talkin' Brother Gemini here, ya know?

(You DO know I don't drink booze since 1974...right?)...but that only means that NOW I REMEMBER the party the next day--or at least my part in it. Sometimes "your" part also? Whoever "your" is-grin!

Ces said...

Steve, no apologies necessary. Here's the thing...the reason they are called disasters is because people are involved. Everyday volcanoes erupt, there are earthquakes, etc. They are called natural hazards. It is a characteristic trait of the ever evolving earth. We are just getting in the way and no one can stop its course. My mission? Doodling is a mission? No. I am just having fun. If you call that a mission, that's okay by me.

Katherine said...

My husband& I are almost to 25 years & if it's god intention, I pray we make it to 50 together!!
I love him so, so much! He is like my best friend!!