Friday, April 9, 2010



Would you believe that less than one week after PG cleaned up the sidewalk leading from our front door, less than one week after the hatching of nine ducklings, less than one week after I had placed all the stones and rocks to their original state--yep, another Daisy Duck is digging her nest? One rock at a time (like one-day-at-a-time?) she is constructing her place deep in the coolness of the stones right at the front door of our house.

It almost seems like we should feel honored that these creatures have chosen OUR place out of a couple dozen neighbors--to use as their birthing ward, time after time.

We may have another seven or so weeks of exclusively using the garage door.


At the age of 42 I visited a farm outside of Kirksville Missouri. There was a huge dog there, and as we pulled up, the children jumped out of the car to play with (I shall name him "Killer"!) him, but I was afraid...those teeth, WOW!

Farmer said not to worry, dog loves Peeps and children, gentle as a lamb. And so I climbed out of our 4-W drive, and all I could see was the foaming from his mouth, the look of Satan in his eye, and the afore-mentioned shark teeth. With a flying leap, the monster attacked me, and bit a chunk out of my neck. My unmitigated fear of canine, either tiny or humongous, remained for 34 years after.

And then one day, daughter "C" (5 months sober and clean!) moved in with us, and brought her best friend, who shares her bed. Best friend is big as a big dog, walks on four legs with paws, and is named Lucky.  He and I have become close--I almost know what he is thinking, and it seems at times that we are holding conversations.
And I love him...and Lucky loves me.

I am by nature a "cat" person, savior of cats, lover of cats, cat owner (is that an oxymoron?), yet animals and birds in general use up more of my love and admiration, than in the past. That realization the we are ALL a part of the whole, all a part of Mother earth, Mother nature, well, I could not have that feeling were it not for staying sober today. And for wishing you all as well, a sober day...TODAY


Anonymous said...

I love the updates on the ducks. Its kind of like an annual thing now, you know?

Congratulations to the daughter on her accumulated sobriety. Great stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Your place must be the Capistrano for ducks! It's probably in all the duck travelogues!! Have a great weekend!!!

Angeles said...

I remember that in a house where I lived cats were coming to have the babys, my brother who wanted to remain with one was throwing perfume in order that the mother was not recognizing them, but it was not giving result.
I had a similar impression with the dogs although it's my sign in the Chinese horoscope I prefer the cats.

The Turning Point said...

Ducks and cats, didn't know they got along together.
Have a good weekend.

Heather's Mom said...

When we sold our house in South Florida 2 "love doves" took up residence above the front door. Probably not as bad as duck mess, but I can relate... to the honor :)
Glad you're giving canines another chance. Dogs really are wonderful :)
Since you like cats and (now) dogs (well, Lucky) you might appreciate these comics:


I don't know how to make the link work so you'll probably have to copy & paste. I think they are hysterical, they are advertisements in a magazine I read, and I realized they had them on their website.
God bless.

lash505 said...

Hey Brother taking a break from working.. Whats up with the Ducks? lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, how that dog in the picture looks like one of my neighbors!!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) YAY Dog and duck!

Ed G. said...

Now, if you could just get the dog and ducks to pay the mortgage...

Blessings and aloha...

susan said...

Ducks are wonderful aren't they? I can close my eyes and picture them.

I didn't know you were a cat purrson. Wow. A nice guy, sober, loves his family and loves cats. There is no kinder compliment I can pay to a man..... none.

Prayer Girl said...

Dogs, cats, ducks......love them all.

Love you too.


Shadow said...

animals have good instincts. they go to those who are good and kind. you've been chosen by them...

Dulce said...

I was talking to a friend yesterday who told me she has two stray dogs and a couple of cats and that she would not mind having a hundred dogs... she just adores them... I said I prefer cats and she told ' yes you look more like a cat lover'..

Ha ha
Must be In my face that I love them... I've always had cats and they love me so well too.

Your place is such a nice scenario for animals.... (i don't mean you are one!... LOL)

Lovely post... Steveroni!

Garnet said...

What a moving post. I need healing today and I feel it when I read this. Thanks.

Shadow said...

Steve my one son had two champion Rhodisian Ridgebacks. They are good with kids. But do not leave any food on the counter or its gone
Your OLD Friend and drinkin buddy Larry

Syd said...

You will need to put up a sign that says "birthing ward". How cool that there are more little ducks on the way.

Glad that you now like dogs. I have been a lifetime lover of dogs and cats.

dusty said...

If beeg lolo share bed with daughter who vet has not turned baby factory into playground by removing factory and daughter is close enough breed, may end up hapai.

just saying