Monday, May 25, 2009


"Super Comments Award" from blog-buddy Kristin (click).
One day Kristin will own and operate her first
coffee--and "other"--house...No, by "other"
I did NOT mean THAT!

UPDATE: Couple days ago I blogged about our new RAV4 with the GPS--and how it erroneously 'thought' we were going home, and told us to "turn around". And we could not even turn it off, nor program anything else. Today, five days later, on our way to Starbucks for my "B'day coffee" we were stopped at a red light. Suddenly I got the GPS to perform! Just as suddenly we both realized--and laughed about it for a Blong time--that you cannot program a GPS while moving, ya gotta STOP! Holy crap, that was not in the User Manual. Just wanted y'all to know how stupid are sober violin players -grin! "Yes Ma'am! You may be right, Ma'am"!

WOW!~ I am impressed at the scope of these blogs we're blest with. The number of people who sent me--in one form or other--happy birthday wishes was astounding! Well, to put an end to all that I've got to get out another blog--quickly.


To start--and this may or may not be the topic (topic...get that! Big Word, for "random thoughts!"). This morning I was sitting across the room from a newly sobered girl, "Judy". I'm familiar with her sponsor, and a couple of her friends. At this particular meeting, none of them were present. I had seen Judy walk slowly into the room, looking fearful, apprehensive, well, you know! Just out of treatment.

I had met Judy the day before, and now she was sitting directly across the room from me--where 70 occupied chairs were set in circular fashion--but she did not see me. She did know I was a long-timer, and her sponsor had informed her I was one of the "safe" males. (Boy, have I got HER fooled (old but not dead!)...maybe not?)

Judy is--by far--not a "looker"...suffers from anorexia, skinny as a nail, missing a few teeth, and is obviously sick, both inside and out. Well, I finally caught her eye, and gave her my best smile (shit, I'm always smiling in the morning--and afternoon--and evening!). She looked panicky, and thinly returned my smile. So I made an effort to acknowledge this waif across the AA room during the meeting. She smiled a bit more each time, however unenthusiastically. Hmmmmmm.

Later, Judy's sponsor and I were chatting. She told me Judy said to her that one of the nicest personal things to happen to her in thirty days (time in treatment) was "that old man" (me) giving her a welcoming and reassuring smile, "across a crowded room".

Note: I had a different topic in mind for this blog, but just cannot wrap my thoughts around much else--except the way God will use us, if we let him. It can be through a simple smile--a recognition, a nod. I do not have to use ten minutes of conversation, or three pages of blog material. I can do as little (as much?) as say with my eyes that I see you, I know you, I respect you, I hope you return, I love you.

And I can only convey that, if it is true! And it IS!

Peace, and LOVE,
Steve E


Mama Zen said...

It would never have occurred to me that I had to stop to program the GPS!

Linda S. Socha said...

Love to you Steve....I have a hard time picturing you as an OLD MAN ...but I can sure picture your smile being reassuring...AND I totally LOVE YOUR comments...and of course you too

vicariousrising said...

Awwww. Steve. I'm so glad you made another Judy comfortable in AA. :)

Eli said...

I remember little things like this meaning a lot to me when I started. Even though her sponsor told you about Judy's feelings, just think about all the times you didn't ever hear how you brightened someone's day!

Steve E. said...

Eli, someone once told me that periodically God will allow us to 'see' what he "hath wrought" thru our action. it's a gift!

Another sober Judy...fancy that! And thank You, God, for BOTH of them!

Linda Socha, did I write "old"? must be a misprint -grin! Love you, too, girl!

Mama Zen, you and me both--who would have guessed there's TWO of us? Thanks for dropping by.

Queenneenee said...

Its a scary time for a newcomer, so thanks so much for making her feel welcome~That is sooooo important. I hope she keeps coming back for more smiles~and all the other good stuff as well!

dAAve said...

A good "lesson" for me, for sure.

gmd said...

Does your faith - Catholic - conflict with AA?

JOE TODD said...

The easier softer way. Takes far fewer muscles to smile than frown or so I've been told. We often don't know what a smile will do for someone..

Banana Girl said...

Thanks for reminding me of the absolute necessity of ensuring the safety and comfort I found when I walked through the door the first time. It is so easy to forget it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. J.

Prayer Girl said...

Short, sweet, ringing with truth, love this blog.


Shadow said...

*sulk* i also left you the 'you don't say' award and you never fetched it.... but it's okay, i see you got another one! lotsa love!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Steve-O! Happy belated birthday to you my sober cyber chum! You are a gem, you know that, right?

I remember being that scared-to-pieces newcomer who could barely breathe correctly let alone speak a coherent word. I'm so glad you were there for her :)

Steve E. said...

Kristin, my hope is there will be someone there for every "walk-in".

Shadow, I'll make it up to ya tonight!.Oooops! I mean on my sidebar

Prayer Girl you are so sweet!

Banana Girl: J, thank you, thank God and thank AA. Gratefully, from me!

Joe T...I've come to believe the eyes and facial expression can say MORE than mere words ever could.

gmd aka Mickey, how in hell did YOU get on here? Hiding behind aliases again, I see! Just like Satan himself. "Out, out, damned spot."

dAAve, a lesson for me, too!

Queeneenee-girl! I LOVE "scary" newcomers! I need them. My sobriety FEEDS off them!

Ed G. said...

How nice that you could "be there" in the most important way...

Syd said...

I'm glad that you made Judy feel welcome. It's hard to make that step to come to a meeting. And you were there to give her a smile. Good for you Steve.

But OLD MAN...nah.