Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Folks, ah'm jus' sittin' here. tryin' to figure out somethin' ta blog....when the phone rings: True story! I just this minute ended the conversation.


Steve: Hello
Voice: Hey Steve, this is Don.
Steve: Don? Which Don?
Voice: C'mon, Steve you know ME!
Steve: Well, give me a clue.
Voice: We met a year ago at an AA meeting. I'm in New York.
The reason for all the noise is I'm hangin' out here
in a train station
Steve: (OMG) LOL, And you think I rememb.....
Voice: Steve, you TOLD me to call you.
Steve: (sigh!) Oh, and have you been sober since then?
Voice: Oh yeah. Few days now and then. A week here,
a week there...YOU know how it is...
Steve: What do I know? I know one thing. I stopped drinking
more than 18,000 times, one or two times every day
for more than 25 years
Voice: How's that again?
Steve: Every time I passed out, I stopped drinking! I never
"got drunk--from 'drunk'". I always "got drunk
from 'sober'"!!! So, once sober, just STAY that way.
Voice: I'll have to think that over...heh, heh.
Steve: Tell me again. Who are you?
Don: Don Cnhrewyzce (sounded like) from New York!
Steve (Having NO idea, no clue) Oh, THAT Don!
Don: I'm going into a 'spensive rehab, run by Friars in upstate NY.
Medicaid is paying the bill. 90 days $100,000. Whaduya
think of that?
Steve: (Thinking of THAT!) Ummmmmmm. Tell ya what. Call me
when you get out of that monastery or whatever...
Don: I could call you tomorrow. That's when my booze will run out.
Steve: Ninety DAYS, call me in ninety days! OK?
Don: OK. Goodbye, my good friend.
Steve: (What????) Yeah, goodbye, Don! Thanks for calling! You made my day, man!

And he really did make my day.

Imagine, out of millions of people-choices, he called ME! What could be more of an honor? Thank You, God. He will call me August 24th...ya know what day THAT is? (I just looked it up!)

We are leaving Wednesday morning early for an overnight visit with my daughter MsFirefighterPants, be back Thursday evening...Did I tell ya, our new car has an electric circuit for 120v equipment, such as--you KNOW it--a COMPUTER! I can blog while we're traveling!

Prayer Girl is probably saying, "Over my divorced body!" Guess I should not read and comment on blogs while visiting my daughter--maybe she will take a shower, or take "Chief" (BIG dog) for a walk. Point is, I'll try to say "Hello" to you all, but if I cannot, please flog me gently. And let me "walk the plank" off a three-meter board into warm water.

I'll be back with a blog Thursday night, even if it's only the weekly joke from the Thursday-night "cookie" meeting. Thank you all SO much for comments, messages, and other stuff--support and helpful suggestions.

I love you bloggers...you must know that by now. You might be weary from hearing about it?

Peace, and Love,
Steve E


wolfie185 said...

Thanks Steve that was brilliant!! Enjoy your vacation

Akannie said...

Have a great trip and time with your baby girl!! xoxoxox

dAAve said...

I can't believe you didn't remember your old friend from NY.

And if you decide to blog while travelling, don't be drivin' too.

Prayer Girl said...

We'll have a wonderful trip - I just know it.


Mary Christine said...

What is August 24?

Ed G. said...

I've had a few similar phone conversations - always a hoot and I'm still sober.

I wish you safe journey and a happy visit...

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip and hug to daughter.

August 24 is the Feast of St Bartholomew -- and what else?

xxMary LA

Anonymous said...

Love you, too, Steve-O. And Medicaid is picking up the bill, huh? I hope he know how lucky he is.

Shadow said...

what a conversation... i think you impact people, whether you want to or not. you certainly have impacted me. have a happy trip!

Indigo said...

Hoping he takes advantage of the rehab and stays sober. Not everyone is so lucky to be able to get support like that. Unfortunately most who do, don't appreciate it.

I think it's awesome that your float he calls as a lifesaver. I hope he continues to call and finds the blessing of sobriety. Enjoy your trip dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Cat said...

Much love back atcha - be safe - drive safe (*wink*) and have fun!!

Gin said...

Have a wonderful trip! Great conversation. Love it!

Rainbow said...

Be safe on trip, Steve...we love you too

Syd said...

Aug. 24 is a special day for you. Maybe your sobriety date? The day that you met PG? The first day of the rest of your life?
Have a good safe trip, Mr. Steve.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

<3<3<3<3 <--- that's a bunch of sideways hearts for ya

Hope the visit is awesome! The phone call made me laugh, in my short short time, I've had 2 of those, and they really make my day, so I know what ya mean.


Lois said...

Lots of fun at your daughter's!
Please don't blog and drive at the same time!