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For tonight's blog I had in mind two topics but could not become enthusiastic about either. Then I read a blog from a really classy daily contributor to our little group of AA, Alanon (and "other") recoverers. Mary Louise (Mary LA) began her May 16 blog describing herself as "dance, dance, dancing" in the cold, pelting, late autumn South African rain. Click HERE. The remainder of Mary's blog is devoted to her alcoholic friend who is living in a "danger zone" (my words).

For some reason, my mind whirled back to a time when I was "in lust" with a ballerina, who also "liked" me, the alcoholic violinist. The ballerina chose (wisely so -grin!) to further her dancing career instead of her potentially chaotic life with me.

Some few years before, Nat King Cole recorded--and sold a gazzilion copies of--the song "Dance, Ballerina, Dance", in which the lyrics (below) portray a situation of a ballerina whose career choice overruled her heart choice, resulting in a lost love.

For a musical change, click on the sad words of this song out of yester-year. In less than four minutes you will learn a bit about popular music during the early alcoholic life of Steve E:



Dance, ballerina, dance
And do your pirouette in rhythm with your aching heart.
Dance, ballerina, dance
You mustn't once forget a dancer has to dance the part.

Whirl, ballerina, whirl
And just ignore the chair that's empty in the second row.
This is your moment, girl,
Although he's not out there applauding as you steal the show.

Once you said his love must wait its turn
You wanted fame instead.
I guess that's your concern,
We live and learn.

And love is gone, ballerina, gone
So on with your career, you can't afford a backward glance.
Dance on and on and on
A thousand people here have come to see the show
As 'round and 'round you go
So ballerina, dance
Dance, dance!


Thank you for being with me this Sunday in May. You--ALL of you bloggers are in my prayers and in my heart.

Peace and Love,
Steve E


Ed G. said...


Anonymous said...

This is such a good sequel to what I wrote!

Mary LA

Findon said...

Nat Kin Cole. One of my favourites. And yes I can see you back there. A lovely post.

Shadow said...

classic beauty, those lyrics...

Just Be Real said...

I liked Nat King Cole. Very nice Stevie....

Joops said...

Ambitious ballerina eh.. She did not realize that choosing you is the wise decision she could have ever made..

Bout your comment on the post on my blog, that was one of my wife's frank on me hehehe.. I wasnt aware that it was there till Iread your comment lol..

Thanks for dropping by man! Oh I added your blog on my list already.

ryliej said...

Ouch, too bad she did not choose you.. She lost a loving guy with a great heart...

Steve E. said...

ryliej and "Daddy" Joops(!) it is obvious neither of you 'know' me, or the life of pure hell which is usually suffered by the wife/partner of a real alcoholic (of which I am one!)

Ballerina most likely glanced at the approaching storm (alcoholism) and said to herself something like, "I'm outta here!" in 1952.

Bless you guys for your comments, though. They are appreciated.

Hope in my attempt to (Ugh!) show you a bit about me, that you aren't bored...

Villager said...

God Bless You! Remarkable writing...

I invite your blog readers to recall the inspiration of our Black Mommas...

peace, Villager

Gin said...

Happy Sunday Steve.

Mary Christine said...

I never realized that song was sad. I guess I never listened to the words.

Prayer Girl said...

I love the blog, the song, and the title: Inspiration.

Oh - and you,

Prayer Girl

vicariousrising said...

I used to be a ballet dancer, not professionally, but I was in a troupe. It was a very difficult way of life. But I loved to dance.

I love story-telling more.

Great post, fiddler.