Monday, May 4, 2009

TUESDAY: Yesterday's Yard Work


Monday, and it is finally time to just sit on the pot and do it. Mow grass, that is. As with any undertaking of this magnitude, preparation takes longer than the actual job. So I have been pulling weeds, doing engine maintenance, writing some comments, pulling weeds, doing laundry, deciding whether to attend meeting #3 this afternoon. No meeting...gonna stick with the yard, pull some weeds, and finish it up...maybe even mow the grass?

Several peeps mentioned something about the satisfaction which comes as A result of working in the dirt. I concur. I can even hang yard work on Step Twelve, as if 'work' and 'yard work' is one of our principles. Well, isn't it? I would consider working, taking care of God's world, keeping it as pretty as possible, part of God's Will for me.

Thank God also that we sprang--several years ago--for sprinklers and a well, dug and set with a pump 65 feet below the weed line. And watering the lawns is what I call "Easy Does It", since it is being implemented while I sit here and type-o. I have heard neighbors complain that their pumps make so much noise, they have trouble sleeping. Our pump sits so far below and is very quiet. I cannot hear it, and forget the water is "raining" all night, so that my problem is verrry soggy ground the next morning. I don't use the "auto" function except during water emergency.

One might perceive that today's topic is "Watering, and Mowing Your yard". However, I had another in mind, "Watering the Garden of my Program". NOTE: NOT "watering DOWN"...just watering.

Several happenings in my life were for me, the essence of growing, staying, and living sober. One I'll mention here was when Prayer Girl married me (May 27 will be 18 yrs). For these past twenty years I have marveled at how wonderful, rather "how GOOD it IS" to live with a fellow alcoholic. The Steps, Traditions, and continuing, continual discussion of recovery has become the center of our home, our universe. We have NEVER found ourselves without a "topic", so to speak! I have learned much from her, we share frequently with each other.

However, I've found that I do not learn by 'talking'. I learn by 'doing'. I learn from you "How to do it, but experience is the only real teacher here. Drinking used to be my teacher, my guru, my every waking thought, my God. (Yesss, Peeps, I did some drugggggs too, since ya just gotta know. OK?). And I became so good at being drunk, that you would never know. Experience did that for me. I found I could hide it from anyone, even myself. That is something nobody could 'teach' another.

Another "happening" which is why I am here today, is that, with my cooperation, God has kept me sober, and kept me alive--both for very long times. And I am SO grateful!

(Actually, working the Twelve Steps keeps me sober. They came from God, through you peeps and people like you--to me!)

In LOVE and Service,
I remain yours,
Steve E

One thing even GOD cannot do:
that is, please everybody!


Ed G. said...

Steve - I'm grateful that you got to enjoy a day in the dirt...

I presume your hand is well from the accident?

Lou said...

I hope you are planning something special for your anniversary, because you are a blessed man!

Steve E. said...

Lou, our anniversary present is a trip to Annie's house in IL. (June 12-14) Ain't that neat?

Shadow said...

i love the 'learn by doing not by talking'. i concur completely!!!!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I know exactly what you mean by living with someone else in recovery... my household is all the more loving and wonderful because we are both committed to the same program and the same purpose!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

I love working the yard, too. I am off to do just that!

Oh, that means you will be Il. during Founders Day.(June 12-14) Thought maybe I would run into you there, maybe next year?

Gin said...

Happy to have you back safe and sound. 18 years! Wow! Congrats!

Prayer Girl said...

Today, our yard is singing its thanks to Mr. Steveroni. It loves the wash and haircut you gave it.

I appreciate - more than you know - the efforts you put into it.


Syd said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed your yard work. It's really rewarding to see how things grow. Have a good day!

Indigo said...

My first year of sobriety, I had a glorious garden. Whenever things would become too much, I would bury my hands in the soil and work out the tension.

I think this is a good year for another garden season, one of celebration. (Hugs)Indigo

Mary Christine said...

I say - Just do it!

Anonymous said...

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