Saturday, May 2, 2009



My gosh, beginning at 7AM, and ending now 11 PM, I have not been to so many meetings in one day since wife number three and I had too many years of "irreconcilable differences", and I moved (well, ahhh, I WAS moved) out.

Six meetings and an AA dinner, a
nd I'm wiped out...but checking in anyway. Why? Because we love you, Musketeers!

I got to have dinner Friday
night with several women, one of whom I never thought much of. Amazing how, in one hour, a complete reversal of perception of the life of another happens. Just a bit of understanding, sprinkled with a dash of love, and what change is wrought--and only God could make that happen!

This weekend has been one of greatest fun, also many learning experiences. Maybe some out there are familiar with Lee's Tapes? Lee records many of the conferences in the east and Midwest, and other places. He took on the responsibility of this conference, and did wonderful work in putting together a marvelous time for all!

Back home tomorrow night (Sunday). We may be home in time for a little ride tomorrow night? Got two new bike tires, boy are those babies expensive! It's second mortgage time. But it IS nice to have some good rubber under ya, agree?
Seems like bike tires should last more than 10,000 miles, they have so much tread to start. Guess it depends on how they are driven. Guess 'safe and sane' is the way to ride. I do not like safe and sane. All my life they've been touting 'safe-and-sane' and all that has done for me is to completely RUIN every Fourth of July.

Now, they wanna ruin my biking pleasure. Not gonna happen! Here we go--VVVRROOOOOOM! So, ya see what I really miss? OK! Tell me I'm bad, see if I care...well, fact is, I DO care for all you blogger guys and grrls too, and with love, I'm signing off for tonight.


Just Be Real said...

My goodness Stevie, you are having one busy weekend. Are you allowed to stay out so late these days? Isn't it past your bed time?
Nah, glad you are enjoying yourself and learning!!
The bike ride later on sounds awesome with the new tires. You behave! Did I actuallly say that? Ha!

Shadow said...

nite nite, vroooooom

dAAve said...

Good morning Steve.
Drive safely, in all your travels.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

What a day! :)

Ed G. said...

My wish for you is safe and fun journeys always...

vicariousrising said...

Unsafe and insane-aroni. Wouldn't change a thing about you. Mmm. Except I kind of like you in one piece.

Mary Christine said...

glad you have safe tires...