Sunday, May 9, 2010



A lady at one meeting today claimed she had been "drink-free" for 8 years, but her life was in chaos, she has daily thought about being drunk--"anesthetized"--for all those years.  How cruel we are to ourselves!

Well, it was her very first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, and every single day she is "Restless, Irritable, and Discontent" (AA words, not hers) which we refer to as RID. As in "When not drinking, we are Restless, Irritable, and Discontent."

Well, she says she wants to get better, she realizes that she is sick--that's a good First Step.


We live in a lovely neighborhood which is predominantly Spanish-speaking. About two years ago, I knew one word in Spanish--"Gracias"...and so I signed up at our public library for a free on-line course in Spanish--everyday speaking.  Two years later, the extent of my Spanish is..."Gracias". My point is that in order to learn something--or to change something about myself--I need more than an on-line computer course. I need to be accountable to someone. I need to make a learning environment one of my daily habits.


Well, an old-timer said to the lady that "Recovery from alcoholism is not like an on-line course, where you can read a book, follow instructions, and become a new person. NO! You gotta be in the classroom. You need the interpersonal relationships with others who have the same illness. Ya gotta learn from the mistakes and experiences of others and your own."


"First-Day" Lady kept bobbing her head in seeming understanding. Ya never know.


linda said...

for some reason ,the one i realize i know, i feel very sorry for this woman, perhaps it is her last stop? or her first step? anyway, this is life isn't it, one step at a time, one day at a time, and hope we make it without screwing up...without online courses, what would life be, as i have never taken one but rarely get out of here to take any others either, i wonder how connected i am to life 'out there' and then again, maybe that's just how i want it....blessings to you and the woman in the meeting ... may she be there tomorrow.

Heather's Mom said...

I hope she does come back. Every time a new person comes to a meeting, I am so hopeful for them. Some come back, the ones that don't I wonder, and feel bad that they are missing out. But I know that every person comes and stays when the time is right for them and I have to believe God is in charge.
Buenas noche :)

Gillian said...

Living with an addiction is not easy. Every day is a struggle

Katherine said...

Hola Steve como estas? I feel for this lady..I certainly hope she comes back.

Syd said...

I hope that she does understand and be willing to learn a new language of recovery.

Dulce said...

NO me lo puedo creer. Llevas viviendo media vida rodeado de españoles ¿y sólo sabes decir 'gracias'?---;)

You are but a bit lazy... as we all are, and that's the reason we sometimes find it so hard to get rid of those bad habits; she'll find the right time to concentrate in class and learn the lessson she neeeds to be taught by herself-with the help of sweet peeps like YOU!!!!

izzy said...

Good reminder about R.I.D. I had forgotten that one! very true...
I remember being willing as only the dying can be- but so full of all
the insanity, 'isms' it was hard to do more than just show up, shut up and listen- then later on I got the second wind of desperation- hearing
more about get a sponsor, work the
steps. I was lucky my first sponsor was a toughie with a wicked sense of humor. She shook, rattled and rolled me until I was
doing all the basics ! so glad of it!

Kristin H. said...

We all can relate to the power of the Fellowship. I'm thinking she'll be back :)

drybottomgirl said...

Yes, even me with three months invested knows the person you are talking about. At our AA club there's a woman who is a cronic relapser and she continually complains that she is so angry that she can't drink anymore. Her face is tortured and at times painful to look at her. I feel sadness because she makes the program even more difficult than it has to be. But I am glad she keeps coming back because maybe one of these times it will work for her.

Jingle said...

a sad story beautifully told!
thank you for the inspirations!

Sam Liu said...

So true, and so wise, Steveroni! Relationships are needed in life, if one is truly to progress.

Angeles said...

Hi Steve your Spanish is very good! with the help of a translator we can communicate. I studied English for about 10 years or so, but I was not good in speaking, writing was easier for me.
I appreciate your comments, I like having you around here.
Paz y amor
Now you have more words.jeje

I hope you can help this woman, God will enlighten you to do.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God bless first day lady!

chitowngreg said...

I believe that drinking is but a symptom of alcoholism. You can still have a lot of "ism" without the alcohol!

JESSON and REY ANN said...

nice post keep blogging

Bananii said...

Hey! sorry ! busy week-end :)

By the way I dont mind if you correct me! I appreciate it a lot! it will make me better in my writing.

Jingle said...


awards for u.
Happy Tuesday!