Saturday, May 29, 2010


a PARIS, 1856

Before the Civil War. 
Before Lincoln was President. 
Before steveroni was born! 
So you KNOW it is not a 
SEARS "Weekend Special"...

In September twenty years ago, I had been to Cincinnati visiting with my mother and  loads of relatives. Return-to-Naples Flight was uneventful. My violin which I bought in 1951 for $850 was valued in 1990 upward of $35,000, and it lay comfortably under my seat on the plane.

An attractive woman sat next to me on the 2-hour flight.  We did not speak--can you believe that?--grin! For hidden reasons, the captain announced we would be circling Fort Myers for about 20 minutes. The light-skinned, dark-haired Peep next me began the conversation:

Lady:  "Well, I guess we'll arrive late at the gate?"

ME:    "Yep!

"What is in that case on the floor?"

"A violin."

Do you play it?

"Yes, I do."

"My Great Grandfather made violins."

"Oh? What is his name?", I asked.

The next moment in the 20-minute lifespan totality of our "relationship" my heart jumped around, I felt feint, my knees became week.

I asked again, "WHAT did you say?"

"Georges Chanot."


She, the non-believer: "You are not being truthful!"

So I bent down and gently pulled out my violin case, opened it, displayed her Great Grandfather's signature inside the violin with the date. She was dumbfounded! AND, so was I!

And, yes, I did take the violin out, and played a little for her and the passengers, just as we were being told by the pilot, "We are going in!"

Something spiritual--we had not a clue--had happened. Possibly it was a moment we each needed to know God a bit better, and that He IS everywhere. Maybe it was our angels simply having a bit of fun! 

I have no idea of the odds of that brief meeting and connecting, but it had to be in the "millions-to-one" area. Oddly I did not get her name, nor she mine, and so our paths have not, and never will cross...on the other hand, who knows?  REALLY! Remember my slogan (also the name of my other blog) "YA NEVER KNOW".....

The story you have just read is true. No names were used so that none must be changed!  Sober that day--OH! Holy Crap!  I almost forgot!!! Lady is one of "US"...an alcoholic in recovery in AA--from Cincinnati, Ohio. "Ya Never Know!" That day in September was a"Miracle Day" for me.

It was 1990
This is 2010
Yes, I am still sober.
Hope the Lady is also.
Love all you Peeps! ♥


Ces said...





I believe it's true.

The angels plan events like this for special people who will remember it and honor.

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! See? You are a Gemini true and through.

As for your comment, thank you, that was very nice.

...but, does God steal?



Ces said...


"One of us"

You are not a martian, are you?


Christy said...

I have chills. You always awe me! Been awhile since I've stopped by, but you are not forgotten. :)

Andrew said...

Steve, you remain one of the most interesting people I have ever met.

Brian Miller said...

dude, that is awesome...love those little divine moments...and yes he is so big...hope you both are having a great weekend. how did the anniversary go?

Syd said...

Interesting story and it must not be a coincidence.

marie said...

awesome story! Thanks for sharing it.

Linda Pendleton said...

What a great story! I believe there are no accidents...that event was meaningful for each of you, and even for those of us who have read it. Can't you hear the angels laughing....with joy.

michelle said...

I love stories like this. They help to keep me moving forward


Ces said...

No, I am not painting today because I have the "Tears" series to finish.

I don't think they sell violins at Walmart, otherwise I would have seen them there. The sell Vivaldi's Four Seasons there though, on CD.

Dulce said...

You are a big man
a young boy
a sweet heart
a unique soul

otin said...

That is an amazing tale! You really do never know in life!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love and live for moments like these in life...these coincidences that for me are not but are the manner with which my higher power gets and keeps my attention reminded me of the joy and freedom we all have...thank you for this beautiful post. love ya

Angeles said...

What a beautiful story and how beautiful your violin.
Life is made up of small miracles some are obvious others go unnoticed.

Manon Doyle said...

Omg..... I love that story!! Fate my friend! You were fated to meet her!! Oh.... and it was perfect that you played it on the plane.....awe!!

Hey Steve.... I've been laughing at all your comments on my blog!! They put a big smile on my face this week!!

Ces said...

Steve, it just occurred to me. Why is that violin teetering on the edge of the furniture? Are you a daredevil of some sort?

Prayer Girl said...

I'm sure you have told me this story in the past, but I read it as though I had never heard it before.

What a beautiful "God experience". Zane calls them "God shots".


Jingle said...

What A Divine Story,
Your Wife is moved 2,

Glad that you still cherish it after 20 years...Sweet memories,
Happy moments!
U Deserve it!

Jingle said...

My Son plays Cello,
Plus Viola,
Glad that music is part of your life.
Magical and Memorable Life!

Ces said...

So much better! Now that is a precious violin! Thank you.

Carol said...

Amazing! Hey thanks for your praise and kind comments.


Calli said...

Steve this story is so amazing! I so love when these *sublime moments* occur. How wonderful for you and for her.

They're totally sacred and meant to be.