Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Since becoming a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I have some favorite SIX-WORD quotes, many more than are listed here.  These are from our "Big Book" with corresponding page numbers.  They sort of represent my own path in sobriety, with the exception of a few deviant deviations:

"...men and women who have recovered..." (xiii)
" ...hopeless state of mind and body." (xiii)

"When I discovered alcohol, everything changed" (320)

"...will control and enjoy his drinking..." (30)
"...great obsession of every abnormal drinker." (30)
"...persistence of this illusion is astonishing." (30)

"...alcoholics of our type are in  (30)
the grip of a progressive illness." (30)

"...could not manage our own lives." (60)

"But we aren't a glum lot." (132)

"We absolutely insist on enjoying life." (132)

"We stood at the turning point." (59)

"...willing to grow along spiritual lines" (60

"God, I offer myself to You..." (63)

"Here are the steps we took..." (59)
"...suggested as a program of recovery." (59)

"Sought through prayer and meditation to improve..." (59)

"...I found I had come home..." (206)

Do YOU have a favorite Big-Book Six-word quote?


steveroni said...


mile191 said...

i will keep hoping to heal!

i will never give up hope!

i will submit to my trials!

i will accept them as strengths!

i will remember whose i am!

probably not in the book....but in my heart. hugs, mile 191

Sam Liu said...

Very interesting post, it truly is a fascinating topic to read about and there are some wonderful maxims in there as well, my favourite from your list would be ""...I found I had come home...". It's very moving and very poignant.

Adoption of Jane said...

great post!

Katherine said...

Wonderful Steveroni - love your quotes especially the one about coming home & the one about the insistence of enjoying life!!! Great affirmations!!

Jingle said...

awesome collections of six words quotes.
thoughtful post!

izzy said...

"We are not saints" p.60
I used to have a bumper sticker
that read " I ain't no saint "
I am contemplating printing another
one !

Syd said...

It's not from the BB (Will Shakespeare instead) but related to AA because it is on the medallions--"To thine own self be true." One of my all time favorites.

drybottomgirl said...

"Progress not perfection"....this is one I use every day and people at work have heard me say this and I hear them saying it too! You don't have to be a member of AA to appreciate the wisdom of these three words! Love your "fav" list :)

marie said...

- people who normally would not mix.
- come to believe it an illness.
- hopeless condition of mind and body.
- have lost the power of choice.
- once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.
- 100% hopeless apart from divine help.
- our liquor was but a symptom.
- get down to causes and conditions.
- resentment is the number one offender.
- thy will (not mine) be done.
- have ceased fighting anyone or anything.
- trudge the Road of Happy Destiny

Thanks, Steve, this was fun!

Nevine said...

I will pick this from your list, Steveroni: We absolutely insist on enjoying life!

No matter the circumstances, life is beautiful. Even when it is ugly, life is beautiful. We find ourselves in the ugliness and the darkness, and we dig ourselves out of this mud and plunge into the beauty. And then, yes, we enjoy life as it should be enjoyed... unadulterated by anything artificial. Nice quotes, all of them, though!


Manon Doyle said...

Loved your post!!
Hey... you must have a birthday coming up soon!! Mine's in June!! Are you a June baby?

Dulce said...

May Baby (lol)
I agree with Nevine about that insistance of yours on being happy.I really do love that.
I am on my way into that path too... Hoping to find just the everyday life obstacles which do not bother me much...So will you my dear FL peep.


steveroni said...

DULCE: Ya know, I "like" happy. It is not always a reality for me. But JOY I can experience, even while suffering adversity in my life. I believe, anyway! Thanks,Peep for your comment!

MANON: When you visit here I smile happily! May 25, 1933, I remember it well--grin!

NEVINE: I believe you really have got what I'm saying, that word "enjoy" contains the word "JOY"...beautiful even when ugly!

MARIE: I absolutely LOVE your choices. Thank you for sharing those. I am SO grateful, for SO many things tonight!

DRYBOTTOMGIRL: You are so right...all these words are NOT the "property" of AA, they are universal bon mots....

SYD: True! Only I know me. I heard a preacher say one time that God is so good, HE will not condemn me...I will condemn myself, because I will know my truth at that time.

IZZY: I just KNEW "You ain't no saint"--grin! Hey any chance on acquiring one of those bumper stickers...Scooter sized?

JINGLE: How fortunate am I (and many others) to "know" you, your blog is of the best! Thanks for coming by.

KATHERINE: Glad you picked my "real" favorites "Coming Home" and "Enjoying Life". Thanks!

SAM LIU: You are a faithful blogger and follower to so many, and are always welcome everywhere. How do you do it? Are there TWO of you?

ADOPTION OF JANE: Thanks for dropping by and leaving your mark--I'll visit your blog later tonight!

MILE 191: The best is last, right.
Because these things do NOT have to be sifted through a printing press. They come originally right from the very HEART of someone...in this case YOU! My dear, you have done well, your choices are worthy of a separate blog--which I've almost accomplished in this response--grin!!!

Ces said...

I am definitely a June baby!

See, that's a six-word sentence.

And so is the second one.

As well as the third sentence.

I can't stop writing these sentences!

izzy said...

I wrote a fifty-five- come by-

Guinevere said...

"We must, or it kills us!" is one I like. It might sound negative but to me it provides necessary motivation.

I also like "Fear ought to be classed with stealing." (7 words!) "It seems to cause more trouble."

Thanks for the quotations! --G

Brian Miller said...

thats some great stuff...i think the find alcohol and everything changing smacks of understanding, while the last of coming home fills me with hope...

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