Monday, May 24, 2010



Nothing will fit
There just are no words
For "Good-by"

Write here I must again
For I never know when
It will be all taken away
--As it will some blackened day
The moment of "Good-by"

God, oh why did You not see?
Why did You do this to me?
Why did You let me stay
When told so often "Go away"
--But not "Good-by"?

It was--you know--"My will be done"
As it would be still today
Because--you know--I am the one
Who refused to simply say

Inventor of new math:  "one equals six"
And even later, "five equals ten.
Honored to've been one of your picks
First choice--out of all the men
I will never say it ("Good-By") again

 Even years from now I
 May look back and cry
 And then, ensconced above
 I will yet watch over you...
 With love.

So long.......


steveroni said...

Did I write that?

marie said...

I like reading your poems. They inspire me to share some of mine, but fear is currently stronger than your inspiration...

Jingle said...

hello, how r u?
Hope that you day goes well.
I was busy and could not keep up commenting, forgive me if I overlooked you.

I feel like in a poetry blog when I first jumped here, you have done an amazing job writing a love poem.
I feel the emotions and the regret, the pain and the lasting passion.

hang in there,
you deserve happiness!

marie said...

not so much fear from the comments or lack of - we'll see. Thanks for the encouragement.

Katherine said...

Hello Steveroni...Hope you had a great weekend! This poem has a real melancholy feel about it but it is also very beautiful!
You have a beautiful heart there Steve!
Saying goodbye can be very hard but sometimes saying goodbye can also be a release! It all depends!!
Have a wonderful day :)

linda said...

darling, if you are saying, quite literally, goodbye, well, guess i will have to come down there and chain you to your computer to make you keep on keepin' on because you cannot leave, i depend on seeing your words and hope mine offer you at least, some beauty and solace therein, to help you in the stressful places that you seem to tread so often with those who do not always appreciate the precipice you too walk....remember, my dear, that you do not walk alone and of all people to say this, you know it should not be me but you saying it to us....because you know what? i am listening to YOU, darling man that i started out not thinking was so darling and now that i do, well, you just can't go anywhere unless you have no choice and it is He who takes you...that i can see, understand, get but not that you will walk away from me with a backward glance and a wave of the hand...no, it won't happen, and now i will go to bed and dream you into a happy place again and tomorrow you will post and we will all feel better because of you. ♥ to Y O U, just to you.Just because...love is all there is.

Susan Deborah said...

Quite a poet, aren't you.

Nice to read it over and over.

Joy always,

Kim A. said...

I don't like "good-byes" either. The last thing I tell the people that I love, when parting, is that I love them. Much better, imho. Lovely poem...you are outside the box today!


Syd said...

A hidden meaning here is what this poem speaks of.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

so very deep and touching!

Prayer Girl said...

This leaves me with more questions than answers. I believe that is how poems should be, IMHO. Always great for a meditation.

Now I am asking who, what, when, where, and how?

I will say, "Hello, I love you".


Sam Liu said...

The melancholic longing of this poem is truly moving, your writing allows me to connect and be consumed by the passion and desperation of the author. This is a wonderful love poem, Steveroni, the emotions encapsulated are really very poignant.

Brian Miller said...

nice. i like teh break away from the rhythm in the middle there...we never know our time or what His will might bring...only that it will be good...