Saturday, June 19, 2010


 DIE-ETTE...Just to show you Peeps what it IS:
Medifast is the powder which makes me (if I close
my eyes!) A (melted) HERSHEY BAR. I drink 5 of 
those 100 calorie thingies each day--mixed with water.

ONE banana each day, and lots of water/coffee, 
yessss, COFFEE!! completes steveroni's "Daily Bread"

Saturday June 19, 2010

This is second in my weight-loss series, and I weigh-in today at 225 Lb or 102 kg, a total loss of only 10 Lb or 4 kg in 17 days.  This is a bit disappointing, but I HAVE been cheating. Last night I ate half-bag of Tostitos--whatever that is. I was so hungry that it would have tasted like a gourmet appetiser, even had the bag been marked "DRIED RAT SHIT". So today, back on Medifast/water...

Ya know, Peeps, I can justify anything or everything. Example:  When I write of a  10-Lb loss, translated into "steveroni" lingo, should read FIFTEEN POUNDS! My reasoning IS--that had I kept eating the way I was two weeks ago, I would have gained 5 Lb. And so, I add that...Y'all understand, RIGHT?

And THAT is what keeps me going--playing with the numbers! Just as in my old drinking daze, I would add water to top off the bottles which were each just a couple shots short of full. That way, I'd wake up in the morning and (really) believe I had all full bottles to see me through a weekend, or week-middle, or whatever!

Well, I shall "carry on, Shargant!" and report to all you Peeps about a week or two, with another UPDATE ON THE DIE-ETTE!

Copied from blog of June 3, 2010--
Wednesday June 2, 2010, steveroni began a fasting diet. I cheated. At the Thursday night "Cookie Meeting" (AA) I had 3 of Polly's homemade chocolate chip cookies...and I ate them  S L O W L Y...relishing each tiny morsel.

But the bottom (Ha! So true!) line is, I began one week ago at 235 lb or 106 kg and this morning, seven days later the scales reads 227 lb or 103 kg. (About 3-4 lb of that loss is water.)

I must mention that I can again wear my favorite trousers--a bit tight, but at least they already are functional. ( And no, the tightness does NOT show my ASSociated bottom!)


steveroni said...

Stranger, can ya give a starving guy a HERSHEY BAR???

moondustwriter said...

Best to you on the Diet - don't beat yourself up (tho). Ya gotta be in it for the long haul
keep us posted - we are rooting 4 ya

Syd said...

A modest weight loss over the long term is better than shedding too many pounds too fast. From what I've read, the weight comes back and one is heavier than ever after being starved. The body compensates. Read Body for Life and it will give you a good idea of what to do to lose sensibly.

Findon said...

Why, Oh Why, did I ever read this post. You put me to shame Steveroni and now IIIII have to start knuclking down and shedding the weight. I am ( calculator out) 217Lbs and have a wardrobe full of levely clothes I cannot ware. You have shamed me with your intentions I will join you now but no contest.

Findon said...

Why, Oh Why, did I ever read this post. You put me to shame Steveroni and now IIIII have to start knuclking down and shedding the weight. I am ( calculator out) 217Lbs and have a wardrobe full of levely clothes I cannot ware. You have shamed me with your intentions I will join you now but no contest.

Dulce said...

Oh greedy sweetie PEEP

102 + 68 (kilos) on a scooter!
No way! LOL :)

This is great you are trying to cut down on food what only has calories... but there are also these things called vegetables and fruit which keep away hunger and are So healthy... Have you tried that?



Susan Deborah said...

Stevie, why bother with all this at this age. You must be nice like a cushion!!! As Dulce remarked, poor scooter!

Will-power does it all dear Stevie. YOU CAN DO IT.

Joy and courage always,

Heather's Mom said...

10 (15!) pounds in 17 days really IS great! When you think of it, most people can only lose 1-2 pounds a week... so you're 5x's ahead!!!
Great going :)
What you're doing kinda reminds me of when I did the "Master Cleanse" (aka "Lemonade Diet") it's torture being limited like that - so I know how hard you are working - sooooo hard!!!!!!
A little slip like last night just shakes up the metabolism and kicks it into high gear - that's what I think! ha!
God bless.

Wanda's Wings said...

Sounds like you are really losing.

Sam Liu said...

I love your dieting technique of playing with numbers, the pounds should just drop of that way :D Wishing you well for the dieting days ahead, I don't think I could withstand such a regime for too long :)

Hope said...

There is a great food program developed by someone with long term sobriety for recovering alcoholics that balances and addresses the underlying biochemistry of the body's allergy to alcohol (aka liquid sugar). You can find it at radiantrecovery.com

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Steveroni! And if you can pinch an inch....!

And thank you so much for the amazing comment on my blog! Whatever I write, comments like yours make all the late nights worth while...thank you so very much.

Jingle said...

good luck on diet!

Maha said...

I guess it's cool to go on a diet and actually 'kinda' follow it. It's also great to have your own "Steveroni's Math" Goodluck with that!
I just really wanna thank you for your sweet comments and for taking time to read my stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Die-its are very hard to stay on, where as, the extra pounds are easy to keep around. I have extra weight around my middle so if I ever get in the water I will float without and inner tube. lol!

I was at the store yesterday and a bag of potato chips followed me home. My weight gain problem is sugar. I love the stuff! It loves me too! It loves me so much it never wants to leave after I eat it. Comfort food…

Great post! Have a wonderful stress free day!

Jingle said...

Happy Father's Day 2 U.

marie said...

no offense but Syd's meals look so much yummier than yours - (smiles!)

willow said...

Wow, I admire your will power!! You're good! I always call them my "true test of skinniness jeans". Um, let's just say they're in the drawer.

Kathy Lynne said...

for me the trick has been changing my diet not being ON a diet...I changed my eating habits and follow the South Beach Diet..just like our program its a way of life..whole grains, good carbs, low fat, lean protein...don't even deal with quantity just quality..and it works...43 lbs since September and counting...and I don't even want that other stuff but a taste or two doesn't hurt....xo

Kathy Lynne said...

oh yeah...NO SUGAR!

Dutch donut girl said...

Hey, Dutch chocolate... :)

Don't get too skinny!