Monday, June 7, 2010


If JINGLE installs me in her WEEKLY 
poet blog (21st or 22nd week? I do not know!) 
it could get to be a habit for me--because I DO 
enjoy writing out innermost thoughts 
in a lightly shrouded manner. 
Is that  F E A R  again?
Or possibly PRUDENCE!--grin!

Nevermore. Evermore......

Is it become so clear, that
Single bar to loving is fear
I must believe God above
Will reveal to me the Ever, Never
Of love. True. Forever.

Oh how I am missing you
Who might with a single word
Heal my soul...is it so true
That the voice I had heard
Was real, or was it not?

Oh yes, how I miss. Miss the bliss
Of daily greetings--meetings--in parks.
What I really miss most, is this:
Mixtured songs of canaries and larks
Blended, teleported so beautifully!

Angels, you who flew so low
As to finally reach my plateau--
Did you choose to come to this
Place--before I minded to go
Jump from limb of tall tree--

Manilla strap't tight round me
Where head joins this body?
Oh yes, how I miss--miss the kiss
Of rejuvenation. Elation. I wish
Only that time might have stopped!

For what are such things
As minutes, hours and days?
Time is but a belief, which stays
On and on until the ring
Of a clock at morning's light

Wakens us and the day
Full of promise-sounds which say
"Bring together once more
Those two souls, whose love before
Knew no bounds." Day and night

Were as one and same. Each
became space for love.
Love, loveliness! Loneliness
Or forever



Brian Miller said...

i choose forever...learning to love and be loved is a never ending journey...though a river i love to swim in daily...nicely done poet....

Andrew said...

Now you is a fiddle playing poet! :)

steviewren said...

Thanks Steveroni for the nice comments you made on my blog. I appreciate them.

I especially like this lines from your poem, "Oh yes, how I miss--miss the kiss...Of rejuvenation." I could use a big hunk of that right now! I've been outside mowing and I'm pooped. How I miss the easiness of youth.

drybottomgirl said...

You hit on what we need the most: love, and what a tangled web that is! You are a hopless romantic aren't you.....

willow said...

I love the "kiss of rejuvenation".

steveroni said...

BRIAN: Forever and ever!

ANDREW: And you is an English teacher--grin!

STEVIE: Gosh, thanks for coming by. I like yours so much I even B'rolled you! As if I needed a whole lot more Peeps on my sidebar! But YOU are there, OK?

DRYBOTTOM: Not only hopeless...but helpless too!

WILLOW: SO DO I!!! (love the kiss of rejuvenation).

Jingle said...

lovely writing!
u r more than welcome to join our weekly Rally.

I will have u in mind.

Sam Liu said...

Beautifully written, Steveroni. I loved the synergy and passion that was suffused in the words, continue to write - your poetry is wonderful.

Carol said...

Are you playing with fire??

Katherine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katherine said...

"Loving can cost a lot but not loving always costs more, and those who fear to love often find that want of love is an emptiness that robs the joy from life" A quote by Merle Shan.
I don't know to whom this is written but if there is even the slightest of chances that she holds a flame for you still (even a small spark) then it's worth a try! Thats my opinion.
Time stands still for no one!
I myself would aim for forever!
A beautiful heartfelt poem!

Ces said...

Hello Steveroni, just wanted to tell you that I will be gone for a while, that may mean a day, week, month, months or two hours.

Prayer Girl said...

Now we could write poetry duets in our home - if the spirit struck us.

Beautifully written honey.


Anonymous said...

Great creative writing. Your poem makes me think of Tennessee Williams'"Sweet Bird of Paradise".
Paraphrased here but one of the charater lines goes, "There are only two kinds people in the world; not between the winners and losers; not between rich and the poor; but between those who have love and those who don't, those that look on with envy."

Thanks for visiting my blog. I want you to come along on the trip to Sorbie Castle in England... this would be a dream come true.. I can only wish. But please do bring your violin. I wish I could play; I have my dad's violin hanging on my wall. He passed away in 2007.

I'll be back..... Have a great day, Mr. Steve! :) The Bach

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Nice...I like the way you let the poem rock.

Linda S. Socha said...

Amen on the kiss of rejuvenation! Where can I finid one of those...Nice post Steve.

steveroni said...

KATHERINE: Well then, "Forever" it IS!

JINGLE: Hey I'm "in" the game! Thanks, it is ALWAYS more fun on the field, than sitting in the stands.

SAM LIU: Guess I'm here to stay! Thank for your kind words. I mean that.

Ces: If two hours, I'll remember you. If it is "months", let me have 3 guesses as to who you are--grin!


PRAYER GIRL: You mean...like,
DIALOGUE? I don't know abou.. well, ummmmmmmm!, Gosh! On occasions like this my mother used to say "We'll See"! which we ALL knew meant "NO!"

THE BACH: YOU are quite welcome here. Also, maybe the "Haves and have-nots" means those who have LOVE...and thos who have NOT!

Hey it's 1:30 AM...too late to figure it out now. See you!

EMMANUEL: And I thought YOU were what was "rocking" here. Thanks for dropping in to steveroni's...

LINDA: My FRIEND! I've go an idea where you could find one of those (me, too!) but I ain't gonna publish it here! SO glad to see you here!!!

Dulce said...

My sweetest Peep
My sweetest poet
My Old boy
My soul, my eyes is filled with tears
Guess why-
You should not write these beautiful pieces, which fly as a canary as far as where your Canary-Peep, and in an instant, get into my heart and soul and all the strength I am trying to gain
vanishes away.

You should win that jingle stuff...

Love ya, Steveroni

Shadow said...

i'm a romantic and a dreamer. give me love and give me forever.

Syd said...

I would rather love than not. Nicely written. It captures the complexity of loving, both the happiness and the sadness.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog. So nice of you. You are definitely good with words, not being so much of a writer I try to capture my expressions with the camera.

Rebecca said...

Rejuvenation is always good for the soul. I like the ending. Never... or forever. Hmmm... Makes you think! Sorry it has taken me so long to get over here to visit you. Thank you for always visiting my blog and reading my poetry. I hope you have a wonderful day.


Rebecca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bananii said...

I love love love love it!

It made me smile at the time I was reading it and now that Im writting my opinion.

:) It is great.

Good poet are you... keep surprising me!

Jingle said...

yesterday, i have trouble commenting in the morning, when I tried on yours, it popped up properly, thank God. this is a divine place to be.
your poem is very profound,
when one reads it,
one feels full emotions and gets in with you...
Happy Tuesday!
Thank you for the talent on poetry.

Caroline said...

WOW...Steveroni ;) Beautiful...just beautiful!

steveroni said...

BANANII: You keep sneaking in here! I have trouble imagining why someone with YOUR talents can find worth in mine. Really!

JINGLE: For 70 years poetry and prose has spoken well to me, and recently I found a joy in that. And you, dear Peep, have enabled me to write it out, fear it less, and know that "Who cares, as long as you're having FUN!"

CAROLINE: WOW ;) Thank you--grin!

DULCE: YOU, Sweet Poet, by far are my favorite Peep. We have never met, probably never shall, yet there is a spot in my heart which will always be yours.

You write so kindly to me--and everyone, and your heart is one of giving and loving. Please, NEVER change!

REBECCA: HA! At my age, ya begin to think of things like that--rejuvenation! I am glad to be
blog-friends with you....and your superb photo shoots. Amazing!

SYD: Yes, even with the seeming bad in the world, there are endless numbers of creatures and creations to admire--and LOVE!

SHADOW: You are last, because you were FIRST to comment on my blog nearly two years ago. I felt honored then, and still do today, you romantic dreamer, you.

You shall have love, and it shall be forever--steveroni said that!

˙·٠•●❤Sh@KiR@ ❤●•٠·˙ said...

just from the title..you are such a poet...
again, you are such a prolific writer..
mine is here
Have you a rocking week!

I love forever more...and more than ever..evermore? LOL

Jingle said...

to fulfill the requirement for week 22,
please visit and comment for 18 poets in my list who are participants...

thank you.

steveroni said...

SHAKIRA: YOU are kind! Thanks SO much for your visit and comments--evermore!

JINGLE: Hey, girl I have spent wayyyy too much time trying to FIND a list on which 18 poets can be commented. BUT I did think I was there at one time few weeks ago.

So, since I have backed away for now, I just must pass. And yet, you HAVE been SO helpful--it is my density. My grey matter has turned to white-cloudy dust, I'm afraid.

I'll look around some more for the "18 new Peeps", but I still feel shy in a "contest". It was always like that when auditioning for symphony orchestra positions also, I can tell you THAT!

Jingle, you perform a real service here, where do YOU find the time--you have a crew working the "Help Desk"?--grin!

Jingle said...


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you may find some of them worthy your two cents...

Happy Saturday!