Wednesday, June 23, 2010




Tuesday I had another Laser session on my eyes. It brought to mind several years ago when I had cataracts removed, and lenses implanted at the same time.  What fun!  What a beautiful escape from reality, the anesthesia. To be knocked out, wake up 45 minutes later, with no hangover, not one single ill effect.

Although I was not allowed to drive home (because of the anesthetic), it was "instant vision"...I could SEE!!!  Forms, design, outline, street signs, red from green, house numbers, all were visible and clear from the beginning.  Miracle?  Who knows?  I believe my mere existence is a miracle. So there!

I liken this newly acquired, instantly new and wonderful personal vision to a sometime revelation or inspiration coming straight from you bloggers, and which I happened to read.  I might (and DO often) receive INSTANT internal vision to a spiritual claim, or moral issue, of which I had been hitherto blinded. This is simply something which I had once known, but later held in complete denial, being so immersed in self-centeredness. Is it not interesting, that with minimum training I know how to obviate truth.  To me it is scary that I--or anyone--has the capability to see my world and my self in a light devoid of light, in a darkness which could last forever. What misguided power!  What encumbered freedom!

Hopefully this post is not too far off-the-trail to be published in our small setting. However, it is my feeling, thinking, of this moment.  There is nobody to say to me, "Come"--and I cometh, or--"GO" and I goeth!!!  Thank God, there is still freedom, and always shall be, in the individual soul, which can NEVER be taken away by outside entity.

The world might pull out my fingernails, cut off my ear, freeze me or burn. The world can shred my heart into tiny pieces, bring me to a tearful, seeming hopeless place. But the world cannot, CAN NOT touch my soul without my willingness, my permission, my consent. No Matter What!

Even should nobody read this, at least I got to write it, and it seems these days, that writing is the only venue in which I can think.  Is that what age does?  Whatever!!!  I have in front of me an EXCITING summer of travel, meeting and greeting friends, actually, in many places. This portends plenty of blogging ahead.

Drawing from private collection.


clean and crazy said...

it has been a while and a blessing to stop by again my friend. sorry you are having trouble with your eyes. i hope all goes well with that.
but the gratitude is always a treat. thanks for this.

Kelly said...

instant and profound perspective often pops into my world, and I wonder if I've just been blind to it all along or if it just coming along in its own time. probably a combination of both. if you can't see the colors, you can't see the colors.

thanks for the great share.

Brian Miller said...

it goes to show the great responsibility that comes with our words...if we use them carelessly....it could be disasterous...

Kim A. said...

I feel the same way about my soon-to-be hearing aids. To be able to see and hear with our souls is a gift that we share with others each time we reach out. I love your post today, Stevie..


Nevine said...

I am excited for you, Steve. And for your summer ahead. And I look forward to reading your many posts where you will share with us all of the excitement of your travels and experiences. For me, that is always a vicarious experience, and one I truly enjoy.

Have yourself a bright and beautiful day, Steveroni!


Sam Liu said...

Beautiful and wise words, Steveroni. And oh so true, we are forever learning throughout life and we should always be striving to open our eyes to new insights. I'm so happy for you that you have a fun-filled summer ahead, and I sincerely wish you all the best :)

Syd said...

Glad that your vision is clearer now. I think that seeing clearly is important in so many things.

Dulce said...

Happy summer Peep
Take care ♥

Ces said...

Oh Steveroni, I came here to have a smile with you but you are so serious. I am afraid of anesthesia. I also do not like it because I can't remember a thing. Have a great weekend, Steve.

I am glad everything went well with you.

Akannie said...

Mornin', O'Roni !!!

I have had THAT anesthesia. It is bliss! lol Love love love the no side effects part.

Greta post, and I could see that little boy trudging up the hill.

Wish I could afford the MediFast, seems like a good thing. Alas. I am doomed to be short and fat, I fear.

Have a great summer of travels. Where are you heading??