Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What A GREAT RIDE on a Saturday morning, 
returning Monday, late afternoon. My scooter
and I get along SO good--No jealousies, no
"furiosities", no shouting, just--well?--LOVE!


Last weekend I rode to a city 3 hours north from Naples to visit my daughter, 'K. What a grand two days and nights we enjoyed, lots of laughing, some serious stuff, and a bit of crying. It became an opportunity for which we each had hoped. I called it NINTH STEP weekend.

Both of us got to re-live one final time many memories of our lives, and our relationship with each other, and with my former wife, her mother, who recently, gratefully...gracefully and mercifully died. It was a  "Double-Amends" Saturday and Sunday. Our mutual forgivenesses included mainly SO many misunderstandings, unbeliefs.

'K spent her first eight years of life with a completely unpredictable, undependable drunken father (me). However, in review, we each realized that the MOST difficult times occurred later, in early sobriety--the first fifteen years.

At this moment--never too late--'K and I have reconciled our differences, said our sorrows. Years of self-centered, prideful hurt were washed away in tearful acceptance of each other just as we are. (Hugs and Kisses! Thank You, God!)

On this topic, two thoughts remain: Forever so grateful I am to Alcoholics Anonymous, which has gifted me with away of life, producing good health, plus (a touch of!) tolerance toward (most!) others; second, I am compelled to let others know what happens when I trust fully in God and His Power, to take care of things over which I have no control. "Let Go And Let God"!

And that bottom line is, was, and always will be.......LOVE.
I am sober today, friends!
I love you Peeps!
And...a feeling of peace is in the air as I write this 9PM Tuesday. 


linda said...

this is so wonderful, steve, and such a blessing to find this forgiveness with each other...thank you for blessing us with your story and a tiny bit of the miracle that is your sweet daughter.

Brian Miller said...

congratulations! this is awesome and reason to celebrate...love it when people come back togther...hope your week continues on this amazing trend...

Carol said...

That's great

willow said...

Lovely. Daughters are the best. I would be lost without mine.

Vicki Lane said...

I am so happy for you and your daughter! Many thanks for your visit!

Syd said...

It's nice that you were able to talk to your daughter and work to set things right between you.

Jingle said...

Glad to see you in my place...
We live in a community, it is hard not to manipulate...there are rules...if nobody follow the rules in my poets Rally, then we lose fun...
when we blog, unspeakable rules...we return favors, otherwise, no balance...I would not want you to think of me annoying or disturbing with a dozen comments, but getting no responses...right?

I try to stay in the middle...
I agree with your humor and fun ways of think of it.

Nice to see you shine!

steveroni said...

SYD: It was almost as if you were there telling us what to say--NO grin

VICKI: Thanks, you are very nice peep!

WILLOW: It is nice to have you visit here, makes me feel a part OF!

CAROL: I knew if you read this post, you'd like it. Thanks for your support, and "reminders"!!!


Caroline said...

This is so nice to read right now. I am over coming an addiction of sorts... I just wrote about it on my blog. Your posts give me strenght and courage. Thank you :)

Em said...

I smiled through this whole post :) and I'm glad you're back

The Turning Point said...

Know what you mean!!!!
My daughter ditto first eight years with DD.
Down side--living w/us now, lost everything in California.
Up side---I'm dad,she's my first daughter, priceless.
God is good.

Scott said...

ahhhh the miracle of AA and the Steps continues to patch lives back together and bring peace...

I feel so at peace after reading your post this morning :-)

I'm glad you're feeling peaceful as well

drybottomgirl said...

Sweet! Life is good, and happy it is smiling down on you and giving you peace.....

izzy said...

" A Touch of-" can be so much!
and multiply- pin prick to goose bumps- waves - you know, and yet we don't...
" Don't quit before the miracle happens" (plural for sure!)

Dulce said...

Dearest Peep,
Of them all you, the sweetest one
(hey- no need to go on with all this 'flattering stuff-hum?...anyway...)Again:

Hey Veroni
This is great
I am so happy you've got back- or let be born for maybe a real FIRST time- all that love with your K daughter.
Your smile must be huge and charmingly silly for sure.
It's never too late you see? Just the right moment...
Fortunately, I've always had a perfect relationship of sympathy and joy with my Dad, even though there was a time that joy grew bigger with a couple of whiskies...LOL- that was never a problem to me or anyone... well maybe mum-, though.
HE is there, and I feel so lucky for having him always and yet!
I'm happy K has at long last had the chanceto get to know and share and be aware of the GREAT father she has...Oh my!


Dulce said...

Forgot to ask...
What about your diet quitting there? hee hee

Anonymous said...

This is too wonderful... I'm so happy for YOU and your daughter!
Bless both of your hearts!
With forgiveness comes a endless fountain of peace!
:) The Bach

steveroni said...

DULCE: You are so fortunate to have had a lifelong loving relationship with your father. It was not so with me (and my parents) as you know.

Dear Dulce, I value highly your support, your kind words, and your love, and enjoy to return those things to YOU. Take care!

DULCE: Well YESSS, I went OFF my diet, backslid one-and-half pounds over the weekend. It was 'K's BLACKBERRY PIE ala MODE that finally did me in, to say nothing of PIZZA, and Angel-hair spaghetti w meat sauce. QUIET!! I am getting hungry!

IZZY: A GOOD message from you. A "touch of" can be sometimes "enough" for a wonderful beginning...on ANYTHING!

And yes, there is a miracle waiting to happen for EVERYBODY--right around the next corner. LOVE it!

DRY-BOTTOM-GIRL: Yep, I do believe of course, that LOVE is at the "bottom"(!) of all, and emanating directly from that is a
"Peace Beyond Understanding"!

SCOTT: Sorry Friend--my response to your comment is right above. See "Drybottomgirl". I am so glad you come by, and comment.

TURNING POINT: Jim, it pleases me to witness these same things which occur in my life happening in others. It means that maybe somehow we ARE on the right track.

EM: ...and I smiled when noticing that you have been here and left a comment. I respect highly your Program. God IS with us!

CAROLINE: Congratulations on deleting your FLIKR account! When some thing or some ONE takes over my life, it is high time to STOP, take stock, and take action. It might also help to seek advice of a friend. I am SO glad you come here and comment.

We ALL have a need for each other's output...and INPUT. Else we would not be blogging! OK?

JINGLE: I DO promise to read the Poet-Peeps...and comment. You do amazing work here and elsewhere. I SO want to be one of those who help to "keep you busy"--grin!

BRIAN: You wrote: "love it when people come back together...hope your week continues this amazing trend."

Me too, Brian, LOVE to see God working through this program! And answering your post--Yes it continues, and it's already the middle of the week. What NEXT? What more IS there? Excited!!!

LINDA: You are a wonderful creature, to keep up with the bloggers like you do, under much less-than-perfect conditions. Thank you VERY much for following here, and commenting. I also check on your blog--DAILY!

steveroni said...

BACH: From names of the sacrament, like "Penance", "Confession"...I now understand what it really means. And so it's very name has been changed to reflect the nature of "Forgiveness": RECONCILIATION. How I love that word, which can rectify EVERYTHING to a level of conformity.
Thanks for dropping by!

Sam Liu said...

Great post, Steveroni! I'm glad you're having a good time, and it is wonderful that after all these years, you and your daughter were able to reconcile your differences. I'm really happy for you. Wishing you all the best :D

Heather's Mom said...

Oh my gosh, this was so touching! I am so happy for the mending you and 'K did and the time you shared. What a beautiful time :) I have goose-bumps after reading this post!
Thanks for sharing this special moment(s).
God bless.

drollgirl said...

congrats to you, and i am so glad you guys patched things up.

life, love, families...what a roller coaster. but it really is fab when things connect properly and amends are made. :)

steveroni said...

SAM LIU: Yep, life IS good. Just gotta let it be. A bit of patience and tolerance helps also--but you know all this. Thank you for reading and commenting, Peep!

HEATHER'S MOM: So much sharing I read on these blogs, it is fun to be sometimes a sharer, instead of the always "sharee".

DROLLGIRL: Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting. Things are not always Perphekt, so when they do work out, it IS a real thrill.

Kathy Lynne said...

That's nice...gives me something to hope for...

Enchanted Oak said...

Dear Steve, my heart overflows with joy for you in the reconciliation with your daughter. Amen and amen! What a miraculous testimony to the power of the 12 steps in reuniting people and creating love.