Thursday, June 10, 2010



Wednesday June 2, 2010, steveroni began a fasting diet. I cheated. At the Thursday night "Cookie Meeting" (AA) I had 3 of Polly's homemade chocolate chip cookies...and I ate them 

S L O W L Y...relishing each tiny morsel.

But the bottom (Ha! So true!) line is, I began one week ago at 235 lb or 106 kg and this morning, seven days later the scales reads 227 lb or 103 kg. (About 3-4 lb of that loss is water.)

I must mention that I can again wear my favorite trousers--a bit tight, but at least they already are functional. ( And no, the tightness does NOT show my ASSociated bottom!)


Anna and I are going to the International AA convention in San Antonio July 1-4. It would be a real bonus to meet some blogger-Peeps for a coffee.

First Announcement

Mid August, probably around the 15th I will be leaving for steveroni's SECOND ANNUAL Ride for Freedom.  I made it to sound like a charity event, but it is only "my" special 3 weeks plus/minus of freedom from everything except a computer, a DROID, a motor scooter and maybe a violin.

Last August-September I rode through Orlando, St Augustine, and up the east coast to Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. By the time I returned to Naples, nearly 3,000 miles had been covered in 3 weeks. I stated then, and still do declare, "I loved every mile!" It was almost like a solo retreat, I felt spiritual presences all along the road.

This year's ride from Naples Florida will take me to the Interstate near our home called I-75...then I have to make a decision--go north, or east. It will depend on traffic, the time of day, the weather report, and my whim-of-the-moment.

There is no plan yet--and I really do not need a plan. I have a desire to ride--solo--and visit AA meetings along the way, and do some spur-of-the-moment sight-seeing...sleep anywhere, even under the stars (weather permitting--grin!)

Self-centeredness? Self-aggrandizement? I do not believe so. Just living life.


I have just gotten crowded up with "stuff" and need a breather.  So I'll be back in a few days, may lurk and comment here and there a bit.

As a trio of musicians of which I was a member, used to sign off for intermission, a really corny sing-song tune which ended with: "...be back in a while, with a song and a smile, but right now (drum, drum)...we really got to goooooooooooo!"

Peeps, thanks for understanding! I Love you all!



Brian Miller said...

enjoy the break...and if your travels take you near lynchburg, va let me know...we'll hook you up with a meal...

Shadow said...

that's good going with your diet! good luck!!! and your travel plans sound great. just as long as we'll get a travel-log as we did last year. it was great to read about your adventure!

Em said...

I could never fast! but I'm proud of you :) and have a blast on your little vacation talk to you soon!

Kay said...

one ride I would surely loooooove! Enjoy.... and your weight? so thin! OMG

Syd said...

You must be tiny to weigh 135! I hope that you enjoy your break.

steveroni said...

SYD: Whatever I ate last night--I gained 100 lbs. (Thanks!)

KAY: Sorry about the weight thing, it was a mistake, now corrected! The ride? YESSSS. More than a vacation, it was (and may be again?) a great, wonderful, LIVING experience.

Em, thank you for being here with all of us, and me, too! You inspire me to keep trying to live better.

SHADOW, even if I would quit blogging altogether, I would still send you a synopsis of the FREEDOM RIDE! Even if--heaven forbid--YOU stop blogging....You are "Ms First Commenter" to me.

BRIAN: Last year I made Charlottesville and Richmond my turning point (sound familiar? --grin!) Lynchburg not too far away, we shall see. Thank you!

Emmanuel Ibok said...

See you when you get back...Hope you have fun...Cheers!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I just started one too (but no cookies yet-- although they are calling my name).

AA is 75 years old! Amazing.

Sounds like you have a nice holiday planned. Wishing you great weather and a wonderful time.


Heather's Mom said...

Enjoy the break! Get caught up, relax, enjoy!
Funny you ended with a song, when I saw the picture at the beginning, I immediately went back to grade-school camp, "Announceents, announcements, a-now-ounce- ments...." little song... :)
you've got a lot planned - all sounds great - and it's always a treat to have good stuff to look forward too!
Congrats on the weight loss - water or not - it's all good! I laughed at your honesty - homemade CC cookies - who wouldn't cheat???
Sending love :)
God bless.

steveroni said...

EMMANUEL IBOK: You said, "Have fun".
when I used to hear old guys saying things like, "Ah nevah had so much fun 'til ah was age 70 and abuve".

And I never believed them. NOW I do. It IS the best years of our lives, all things considered. Thanks for visiting!

JOANNA JENKINS: What's that? Those dammmmm cookies calling me again! OK!--grin!

Hey I am older than AA, how about that? By two years.....

HEATHER'S MOM: Thanks for your supportive advice. I am slowly getting to the stage of life where it matters little what Peeps think about my doing or don't-ing. It is time to BE. We are human "beings"!

Zanejabbers said...

Hey Grineroni, just a simple sober hello from Texas Way.

Sam Liu said...

Ride for Freedom sounds like an amazing journey, I'm sure you'll love very moment. Enjoy your well-earned break, I happily anticipate your return :)

steveroni said...

SAM LIU: This is truth--it honors me for you to visit and comment here. The 3-4-week Ride for Freedom trip I love already two months before it takes place, and the 9 months after!
It is THAT good...

ZANE: It is GREAT to see you remembering the Peeps. We are still planning to meet you at LAMBDA (or anywhere!) Tues nite or Wednesday morning, or BOTH! June 29-30

Andrew said...

Have fun Steve!

The Turning Point said...

Have the ride of your life and if you decide on I75 give me a holler.

we'll a 77 number.


linda said...

sounds like lots of good things coming up for you steve...that makes me happy...see you soon, miss you ♥

joven said...

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Scott said...

lol you make me smile so often :-)

Anonymous said...

Wanted to say hello, Steve! I hope I can find your wife. I'm having trouble getting around in here today. I hate it when they bring food to my Al-Anon meetings. lol (Food issues for me as well).

steveroni said...

ILY: The best way to do EVERYTHING (at my age) is SLLOOWWLY--grin! Yes! Even THAT.........
I'm having a ball with my daughter in Lakeland FL. We have FUNtogether

TRACY: Long time! I left you a comment, Ms Alanon!

SCOTT: Maybe that is because *I* smile....a LOT--grin!

JOVEN: You mean that you are just giving away those fonts for FREE?

LINDA: Time away (quasi!) is just GREAT!!!! Hope you are having a "good" day. Sure glad to see you here.

TURNING POINT: Jim, you will know--well, not everything--grin! What is a 77 ? See, I don't know a LOT of things!

ANDREW: When I see you commenting around the 'sphere, I KNOW you are OK. We are ALL "just getting better" or trying to

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Well mister aroni, you know that we'd always love to see ya and hang out with ya in the Charleston (SC) area! :)

I wish I was going to international (cause that whole want to do everything FUN that everyone else is doing is still in me) But I love that I get to live vicariously through all of you as you experience and share the amazing miraculous wonders that you live as you go to International! Just know that my heart and spirit are with you in your travels and prayers will be moving upward for all who attend!

Dulce said...

i am back BAby!

sweet hug

willow said...

Kudos to you!! That was some fast weight loss....heeehee.