Monday, June 28, 2010

What Does Beethoven Have To Do With It???








Hey, it is International Convention Time!  Our plane takes off Tuesday at 6 AM. Maybe there will be enough of my group to have a meeting aboard?--grin!

Today Monday is a busy one. As a result, you will not have much to delete--you could even read it all in one sitting? LOL

Following conversation was with a stranger in Starbucks this morning. I had only asked him, 

"Are you OK?" Do you need help?"

Man: This morning:  "I am having "relationship" problems".

Me: "You DO realize this is not an uncommon issue for us Peeps".

Man: "Well, it is with my wife, we don't get along anymore".

Me:  (Shaking head, and secretly saying to myself--again??). "Oh, C'MON!  I can see you are in pain. But what could I ever do to help?"

Man:  "She told me she wants nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with me for one full year".

Me: Thinking "Some Peeps I know would say God! Are you lucky, or what"? 

Me: Saying, "Let's sit down and talk this over"...

The story of "Man" rambled on, to where it became obvious he is just like so many of us, compulsive and obsessive. 

I can show him how to stay sober--if that is his desire. But I cannot solve his many other issues (nor can he!). If he will come to understand this, I do not know.

How frequently I wait until all else has failed. How often I save the "God-thing" until last. How many times have I leaned over to this God (riding in the back seat) Who is just waiting, waiting, for me to ask--however weakly--for His help. And I have said, sotto voce: "Please help me."  That is ALL which is needed. I sought only His will, and strength to carry it out.

I have to kneel. For one thing, kneeling, preferably on a floor, helps to straighten out my back. For another, so many Peeps have told me that when they kneel, "things" happen. 

"Things" are hardly ever what I had planned, expected, or wished for.  More than likely, IF I have simply Let-Go-And-Let-My-Higher-Power do it, "stuff" has shown itself to happen.  The road has become clear.  Once a fellow asked me, "How in hell do I remember to KNEEL?" An answer inspired itself right out of my head, as if a muse, had been nearby.

"Beethoven's huge Fifth Symphony begins with a stirring fortissimo four-note, like (..._) or "DA-DA-DA-DAAAAH!" To these notes long ago I set the words; "GET-ON-YOUR-KNEEEEEES". 

Since that symphony is one of those phrases to which I awaken each morning...well...it WORKS!  Peeps, it works.

I'll be at the AA International Convention, Wednesday through Monday. 120 nations will take part in the opening ceremonies--with FLAGS flying! Hey, there are only 132 nations in the UN!!!

Blogging from steveroni will be sporadic until next Tuesday. I just looked up "sporadic" to make sure, before saying, "There's not much change going on HERE then, right?  SPORADIC is my middle name!"  Dictionary reads:  Sporadic:  Occurring at irregular intervals; having no pattern or order in time.

That's me, THAT'SS MEEEE!

I truly love these short "meaningless" sessions with you Peeps. Hope you enjoy, also.

You SOBER Peeps...please stay sober with me!
ALL you Peeps, find a little PEACE with me!
And I love you all TOO!
The stars ARE in alignment!

--hey, you Gemini Peeps!  Hear that!



steveroni said...

steveroni--get on those KNEES while you still CAN!

Brian Miller said...

someof my best work is done on my knees steve...lays the foundation for everything else...travel safe...travel light...and thank goodness you were there when that man needed you...see you soon.

Carol said...

you are cute as a bug, stay out of the sun, have a great convention

Carol said...

you are cute as a bug, stay out of the sun, have a great convention

drybottomgirl said...

Godspeed my friend! Will look forward to hearing of your travels!

Wendilea said...

Love your "meaningless" sessions. Stay well and have some fun... you certainly deserve it! Blessings!

willow said...

I like the series of little get-on-your-kneeses" that follow the huge opening "get on your knees" in Beethoven's Fifth.

The Turning Point said...

Have a good flight and a great


Em said...

[big smiles!!!]

Have SO much fun at the convention :) tell me all about it when you get back :)

Andrew said...

Have fun Steve and Anna! I am glad you are doing this for you!

Syd said...

Enjoy it all. I am sure that it will be a great conference. I hit my knees this morning and it worked!

Susan Deborah said...

All it takes is just kneeling and saying it all. Best with the convention and the many different things that can happen while you are there.

Shall remember you on my knees.

Joy always,

G-Man said...

God's speed Ludwig....

Human Being Extraordinaire!!!

Take care of PG...Rock On

izzy said...

Yes, knees- and prayers -and thanks!
because I can be meddlesome,
I might have been tempted to share a
'scenario' , (vision) for the fellow in the coffee shop;left him with a carrot to follow- a piece of gum resin to chew on.....
Enjoy the journey and conference, !

Anonymous said...

Great words of advice! Hope your trip is safe and sound!
:) The Bach

Nevine said...

I wish you a smashing time at your convention, Steveroni. Stay safe and have a great time... Will be waiting for your safe return.

Big hugs,

Wait. What? said...

Have a good convention Steve!

Kathy Lynne said...

have a blast and visit the aa online hospitality suite..they are great peeps!

Jingle said...

cool post!

Jingle said...


some awards,
please take 2 to 5 and enjoy!

Scott said...

I LOVE the "get on your knees" bit to Beethoven's Fifth. I'll never hear that the same way again and I am grateful!

(One of my fave smphonies for the fact that it was one of the earliest prolific uses the modern trombone in symphonic literature). He wrote a "screamin'" 1st Trombone part in the later movements!