Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Peter's posts (what I have read so far) 
are brief thoughts, exquisitely sent out 
to the world in words understandable. 
AND I do not need all afternoon to read one--
then try to figure out 
"What does he mean by that?"

IF you enjoy
fine-writ poetry
visit him. OK? 


Poetry is blessing in motion
Across oceans of airiness.
Sea wind pushes all aside--
Water, clouds of cotton, sky.
Communication reigns!

Poems--words which maybe rhyme or not.
Shove away me from me, myself,
Those petty daily thoughts which blot
Worthy long-saved ones on the shelf
Of memory.

Places? Events? Surely so. Although
Every poetic language can bestow
What every selfish one--and all lovers...
Every reader, listener must know:
"Nothing is, ever was--but LOVE"...

Thence TRUTH uncovers.

Sober today!
Love you, Peeps!


steveroni said...

Short and sweet(?) is hard to beat!

Sam Liu said...

I loved you poem about poetry, it rang clear and true. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful blogger too :D

Ily said...

I will visit him shortly. Poetry definitely bonds us...and to think I never even liked it until I ran across a few thought-provoking blogs a couple of years ago.


Rebecca said...

steve - i know peter very well and you're dead on about his poetry. it is by far some of the most exquisite writing i have ever read. he can say so much in so few words. it's not something many can do when writing from the heart in that way. glad you found his blog and enjoyed reading him as much as i do :-)

Brian Miller said...

nothing is, ever was...but love...i like that...nice hit on peter...just got back from checking him out...tight!

Kay said...

was there a link to peter that I have missed???? bet he is your alter-ego, huh? ;)

steveroni said...

SAM LIU: your comments lend great encouragement to would-be poet-peeps and it is a pleasure to introduce a fluent writer like Peter.

ILY: Me too! Until I "discovered" some poets right here about 10 months ago. Writing in some form or style--for me--is like getting high (Oooops, I'd better be careful!)

REBECCA: We are blest to be surrounded with Peeps, endowed with abilities to write good poetry and prose

BRIAN: You, the man who (must) never sleep, because I see you everywhere, supporting, encouraging, even praising others.
It is a sign of greatness, when some so talented will take time to help others. You are one of those "some"....

KAY: Dear, I am so glad for you being here. If you still have not been to Peter's blog, go <a href="http://crazycanaduhian.blogspot.com/>HERE</a> Hope that works...it is a worthy place to visit. Blessings, woman!

Dulce said...

What do you mean? I mean... what do you mean when you say
" in words understandable.
AND I do not need all afternoon to read one--
then try to figure out
"What does he mean by that?"

You mean you spend your day reading us rest of poets like that OH oH ...

I've visited him, and he is good, really good, and apparently simple, but not at all... if you get to read btween the lines you ' ll realize there are a few things which need to be FIGURED OUT

(Sorry- I think you need a few more lessons on poetry-lovely peep)

Love U :)

Bachelor said...

I agree; short and sweet... hope you are having a great day today, Steve! :) The Bach

JStar said...

Yea, that last two lines got me too...Great Steve!

Syd said...

Ah, sometimes the truth isn't love though. I wish it were.

Just Be Real said...

Very nice Stevie. Blessings.

Maha said...

I flew away with your poem to other lands. It just made me sort of relax and lose myself into it.

Adam said...

Great poem about Poetry. Also like the image. thanks

steveroni said...

ADAM: Thanks for commenting. How do I find your blog? (Still learning...)

MAHA: IF reading something I wrote can "relax" and "lose" you, as you fly like a bird...then there WAS a reason I was born!

JUST BE REAL: Your comments are just EVERYWHERE, JBR! I'm SO glad for your visits. Thanks!

SYD: You right: truth is truth, No Matter What.
Inspired by your posts, I bought "Paths to Recovery" and "The Language of Letting Go" yesterday

JSTAR Those last two lines "got me" also...thanks for commenting.

BACHELOR: It is a shame, after only meeting you, that I'm leaving for a time. But you know what? I'LL BE BACH!

DULCE: So you are last on this comment-to-the-comment list. And fitting that you, a teacher, are telling an old man that he "needs a few more lessons..." Thanks a LOTTTT! Take Care, Dulce

ishabellemanalo said...

great poetry! i am glad to have come across your blog...im here from Jingle's

jingle said...


Thank you for the kindness shown to me...
you are very open minded.
I appreciate it.