Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"An alcoholic is a person who wants to be held

while he's isolating."


The early morning AA meetings, at 6 and 7AM, which I get to attend daily are the highlight of my day. What a gift, what wonder--to live the best part of every day literally before breakfast! Used to be I'd think people with more than three decades of soberness were crazy for sitting through two meetings each and every day. Well, now that it's ME (crazy is as crazy does?!), I understand the sheer JOY of being with sixty or seventy of my own kind, some first-timers, some of whom I call mid-range (5-15 sober years) and some old timers, like 20-50-year sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Yes, I LOVE it, and, ya know, I don't go to meetings because of what I used to be like. I go because of what I am like NOW, so as to maintain this sanity and stay living in comfortable sobriety. If I keep maintaining my sanity--a.k.a. "Spiritual Condition"--I have no fear that I might get crazy enough to drink again. However, I DO know that could well happen, if I don't keep doing the mix of things that keep me content and comfortable living in--and adjusting to--reality, a day at a time. BTW, I only know what I've heard in these rooms, so if you said something, and I write it, don't fret. Just praise God that it is being passed on. OK? Thanks!

Enuff for this moment, from
Steve E.

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Kathy Lynne said...

Hey Steve! Welcome! I go to an early morning meeting too. I love it...its called What's Good About Today? Sometimes its just the fact that we stayed sober until 7:00 am! It sounds alot like the meeting you described. I love your quote too.....good to meetcha