Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Seems as if I spend a lot of time seeing one doctor or the other(s). Having reached the three-quarter century mark is maybe part of the reason. I do really enjoy "going to" doctors' offices, because I am riding my Suzuki scooter, and it's SO much fun. (I carry an extra helmet--my wife's) for any alky who might need a ride home.) Back to "medical" stuff. Here I am with prostate cancer--which after fighting all through 2007 (ever heard of the "Cyberknife?") seems to be contained. I'm having shingles right now on my head (nothing but sores and a headache, though). Had TWO heart attacks before age 35, phlebitis in late sixties (both leg veins stripped), lots of body skin cancers (every six months the derm doc is zapping and cutting, and sewing here and there) and several small ops--throat nodules or something, a real great "thumb job", (didn't even know there were such people as "hand surgeons!") and etc., etc., stuff I cannot even remember.

So much for the medical crapola. "What's the point?" The point IS that through ALL of those situations and procedures, the only time I've ever given them much thought, is when I'm "in the throes" of trying to help another alky through his own dealing with illnesses and such.. This wonderful gift from God, of the program and people of Alcoholics Anonymous, has allowed me to live happily now for a looong time. Of course, perfection is not what I'm writing about here, but a much better Way of Life which is mostly comfortable.

My wife Anna and I met (she said, "We have to talk." Watch out, when "she" says "We have to talk", it's not just "talk" we're talking about!! ) at an AA meeting about 20 years ago, and she can corroborate that when we first met, she probably asked, "How are you?" And my "mantra" answer was no doubt, "GREAT!" That is still my answer today, to that abstractly-asked question, "How ARE you?" Is it an attitude of gratitude? Well, maybe even more than that. AA has provided me with an attitude of ENTHUSIASM, a love of life, and a willingness--no--almost a "compulsion" to share every thing with every body =sic=...I want SO MUCH for you to have what I have found here, and this is backwards thinking. It should be that YOU want so much what I/we have (well, most of the time =grin=?). Can you tell you are reading stuff written by a "grateful" alcoholic? I don't know if anyone will even READ this, and it matters not much--I had to write it. Again....Amen.

BTW, I've found another special friend (who I've not yet met!) and she has helped me navigate the "blog situation" (how-to) and I wish to thank her. I guess anyone who comes on this page already knows her:


she's a true blue "real" alcoholic of our type(?) and I'm certain she has that "it" which "we are willing to go to any length to get"...love that girl's sobriety. She also has weaned me of my usual four 6 kb Emails per day =grin=I'll continue to grow!
Steve E.


Mary Christine said...

Thanks for the link. As you are posting, you can highlight the text you want associated with a link and go to the toolbar and click on the little world icon up there, and type in the url - and voila! you have a link imbedded in your text. I learned that one from another blogger.

I wonder often what I am doing wrong that others don't seem to want what I have - when I am sure they ought to! I sure want to give it away... it is a huge part of my recovery.

Thanks again for your kind words and link.

BHM said...

Hi,thanks for stopping by.This blogging is addictive,especially for those addictive personalities:)
Actually I've made lots of cyberfriends who know more about me than most of family.
I liked your post about being so excited to share the joy of sobriety, when they should be excited to share their sobriety with you. That's true & funny.
Lookin' forward to visiting again.