Wednesday, July 23, 2008


These remarks are my heart-felt thoughts at this moment--I pray that no one be offended or embarrassed by the following:

24 on the 24th--ONE DAY EARLY!


What may I say which does not make me sound like a "blog-flirt" or even a "slightly tainted old man"--to you, Mary Christine, on this day before? What words are there for me to communicate to you my gratitude, my love--for one who reached out on-line to me one day (or maybe I found you first, I do not remember). You set me on a course headed for a bunch of terrific AA, a truckload of spirituality, barrels of fun meeting new people with like minds...and...you more or less taught me how to blog.

Last night I said to my wife Anna that I do not know if it's God's will for me to be here among y'all--but it sure as heck ain't AGAINST His will!

I've recently become an early riser (BIG change!), and each morning at 4:30 AM Eastern, I cannot wait to get to my computer which is on 24/7. I need to find out ASAP what has been blogged since I fell asleep, and to maybe post my own note. It's the same in the evening. This AA guy/retired violin player, having had a spiritual awakening as THE result of these steps, is now having a spiritual RE-awakening as A result of your patience with my non-knowledge of the blog world. The sobriety, understanding, humor, knowledge, honesty and some occasional struggle for a semblance of peace--a characteristic of these blogs--is what I'm finding here. It's possibly the honesty which differentiates an Anonymous Alcoholic blog from a f-f meeting.

Almost like being on a drug has my happiness with life-on-life's terms been enhanced the past four weeks, thanks to you MC, and all your friends who have dropped by and left comments on my own blog site. I thank you, and God blesses you...please, no more scary "mountain road" stories...us old guys have old hearts, ya know?

Once more: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MARY CHRISTINE, ONE DAY EARLY...I just HAD to beat the other guys and gals. Some old bad habits just ain't yet been removed! Thank you MC, and thank you ALL.
Steve E.


dAAve said...

ain't she sweet?

Lou said...

Very thoughtful. And yeah, we try to get some laughs in also.

Kathy Lynne said...

You put a big smile on my face.

Syd said...

Sometimes I think that I'm a blogaholic. Nice words about a nice lady.

Mary Christine said...

Wow. Thanks. How nice. I have had a long and not so great day, this really lightened my heart.

Thank you, and I am so glad you have joined the sober blogging world...

It started when you sent me an e-mail. And the help I have given you is negligible. Really.


Scott said...

you're in such a great place and it's contagious! thank you my friend!