Sunday, July 20, 2008



Each day for many moons, my wife Anna has been asking me "Well, what is the tune for today?" And I let her know what's playing--not in the concert hall or on a CD, but what's playing "in my HEAD!" Ya see, I played in symphony orchestras for years in earlier times, and many of the concerts I can just "call up" for the day (or hour) and hear the whole thing, in the right key, in tune, and especially MY OWN INTERPRETATION. So whenever a "Song-for-Today" is posted, that's what I'm hearing. TODAY'S "song" is Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in c minor. So, now ya know! Aren't you just overwhelmingly GLAD to know that?

I've never sat in a "boring" AA meeting yet, but if that is ever a happening, I now have a backup! I have played a symphony or a concerto during meetings which were NOT boring...I think...I wonder? OK, so I did not hear much, but I had that smile ("smirk") on my face--you know, that one which says, "Hey guys, look at me, I'm so serene, I'm deliriously happy (and I'm delirious!--opposite of CALM?), I'm so sober, in fact, I'm SO not listening to a thing that's going on here!". Meanwhile the character Mimi (in Puccini's opera "La Boheme") is singing her heart out, telling the lengthy, oh, so sad story of her life, her poverty, her fatal illness, her shattered hopes and dreams...all in about two minutes of a most sublimely beautiful aria (song)--ALL in my head, of course. (She sings SO beautifully! And I am the conductor--the Maestro!)

Now and then, I shall let you know what's "playing", and you shall know exactly where my head IS that day. This whole line of thought was inspired--bad word--by the near-double-fatal accident in which my favorite "online-AA" friend, Mary Christine, was involved as a passenger, as a friend of hers was driving in the mountains yesterday. So far, it sounds as if they both are doing OK. The car was totaled, MC even posted a photo of the mess. Oh, my God, thank you for sparing their lives, so they may continue helping some of us poor dorky alkys to stay sober.

ANYWAY, I got to wondering--another bad word--if I'm ever in a comatose state will I have that non-gift, of hearing whole concerts in my head? Right now I'm wondering--I hate that word--AM I CRAZY? -grin-

Hope my next contribution to this blog is more astute, or I'll be the lone reader...is that like the "Lone Ranger?" (here goes--The William Tell Overture) See what I mean?
Steve E.

NOTE: This is being posted also on my "Normal People" blog. If that offends anyone, I'll remove it immediately. Lemme know!

NOTE#2: Just finished mowing the grass, so the whole world seems to be turning around--backward--or else I am! Low BP....


Mary Christine said...

You are so sweet. Thank you so very much for caring.

Lou said...

I like the idea of having a song to "tune" people out. Thanks for a great concept!

TraceyBaby said...

Hi Steve....love your comments on BMH's blog.

My song for the day is Just Got Started Lovin' You~~James Otto. Added it to my playlist on my blog.

Tomorrow back to work....boohoo!

Take care,

~T~ ;o)

Scott said...

lol, know you or not, I know you now! Thank you for coming by and reminding me that I too have a symphony (much to ym delight) accessible between my very own ears as well...

I too am grateful for MC and her friend being spared. I haven't been by her blog yet today, so I am just now finding out and heading there now.

God Bless!

Kathy Lynne said...

Sounds like a form of meditation to me....buh, buh, buh, baaaaaaaa:) Is that the right one??

Syd said...

I get songs stuck in my head and they won't leave. Most remind me of times that I might not want to remember. I'm glad MC is okay. I've been on another planet for a few days so didn't know about her accident.