Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I pray that some will take my story, shake out all the words, and be left with the thought which remains--Steve E.


How often it has been that we--well, that I--meet a new guy at a meeting, shake his hand, and make with a little small talk? I might mention God, Twelve Steps etc. I might shake his hand, give him a Big Book and a brochure full of phone numbers, and send him out into the dark night, to be alone, with the darkness of himself and his disease. Maybe that is why the following situation meant so much to me:

At a noon "Brown-Bag" meeting today, a blond--someone I've never seen before--girl I'll call "D"., related a situation of the night before. She had attended a "women's meeting", and met another young girl, only a few days removed from her last drink. The new girl had told how frightened she was, and asked the group, "What must I do tonight, what should I do when I walk out the door?" Well, the other women lined up to be helful and supportive, left her with about 20 phone numbers, and scribbled her number etc.

"D" told our group that she felt such compassion for the lost, lonely and hurting girl, that she walked over to her, grabbed her by the arm, and said to her, "Come on, Kid, you come home with me." And at "D's" house they sat and talked until 4:00 AM, then slept for a few hours, and at 7:30 AM, with a wide, bright smile on her face, the young, newly-sobered girl walked out of "D's" house. To face the day. To face the world. To face her God. Possibly to face herself? God knows. I do not need to know.

What an inspirational (emotional?) moment, for me to experience being allowed (so honored!) to be a witness to this story, one of thousands which happen every week in our world. This sharing--to me--is a telling of how today's AA ought to be, a retelling of the way AA used to be!

May God's peace be with all you bloggers.
Always and forever!

Steve E.


Mary Christine said...

What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it.

dAAve said...

Our primary purpose ...

Lou said...

If I had to point to one thing that inspired me at my first Al-A,
it was the open and smiling welcomes.
The giving back & helping others is a cornerstone of recovery, I see that now.
That was a great story. That woman went above & beyond.And if she kept the young girl sober "one more day", well what more can you ask for.

Pam said...

A GREAT reminder of how our experience can help others. It's great to be on the front line!

Syd said...

That is a great story and illustrates caring about another. It just might keep that young woman in the program.

Kathy Lynne said...

Now that's an example to follow! Thanks.