Thursday, November 20, 2008


"Not much...but it's home!"



All my known life, I've had a healthy, fairly low, blood pressure reading. Even when I turned 75, after all kinds of medical crapola, the old BP was the same: 115, or maybe 120/58 or 60. Some doctors will admit that is good for a 75-year-old male, who had two heart attacks before he was age 35. (See what Alcoholism did for ME?)

Well, one month ago at a grocery store, my BP reading was 179/78. Now that is very high for one who had never the problem of blood pressure. So finally, after four weeks of this high testing I made a doctor appointment--they tell us in AA to "take care of your body". They say it, like "BOOAWDY", all strung out (like my booawdy!)

So, my doctor of 20 years (that's why I can call him "my doctor", I own his lanai and swimming pool) who knows me so well, was really astounded--because there are no symptoms--well, maybe he was surprised? And so, along with the old usual "blood letting" I got me some pretty pink pills for BP. I read on Internet, they are good for a host of other things also, but when I called the company, I found they have not yet cured "alcoholism" -BIG grin-- Also they can give me a host of things, like Liver Disease, Lung Disease, Heart Disease, Low blood Pressure (Hey, that's what I wanted!) Poor vision, Headaches, Earache, (No, not earache)...anyway, get the picture?

So, I've taken this pink pill (REALLY don't like pills of ANY kind) one day, and at drug store my BP read 129/62...NOW we're talkin'! But a 50-point drop in two days seems kinda extravagant to me. So, for the time being, that is of no concern.

Funny thing, though. For several weeks, wherever I found myself, at the beach, in church playing violin, at a rehearsal, at an AA meeting, at home in front of one of the computers, riding the bike, at the library, I had always for a brief moment, the thought, "Is this where I'm going to die?"

And I'd look around to see who might be horrified, or calm, or unconcerned, in case I left us. And do you know, it did not bother me--otherwise--for even an instant. That is because each day for the past three weeks, I've been "ready". Not on purpose...it's just the way it IS.

This program has been so good to me, means so much to me, that I revel in living it, as it was taught me--and is still being taught me, by God Himself, Who speaks to me--I want to say 'only'--through other people. YOU, people of my blog world, you talk/write daily, and SO often, it is God I hear.

Frequently I am amazed at the God-Moments, coincidences (some call them 'miracles') which I experience here, AND in AA meetings, and even in the Hardware Store, e.g. God is everywhere. I remember the short-lived TV show "Joan of Arcadia" and, although I now watch about 15 minutes every other day, THAT was a show I did not miss.

I will not "blog ya to death" if that has not already occurred. And so it is goodbye, until next time, in Peace and Love.

health-a-roni and happy-a-roni and serene-a-ro


Shadow said...

oooh, don't think about where you're going to die!!!! that can keep as the ultimate surprise... and take care your bp. it seems to be working, doesn't it. stay healthy out there!

AlkySeltzer said...

Really, I do not like commenting on my own blog. But I cannot pass this up: "...the ULTIMATE SURPRISE!" WOW!


Lou said...

You said some touching things here, but as usual tried to be your 'roni self. When I read between the lines, I'm reminded it's the ways we serve others while living that gives us peace with dying.

Mary Christine said...

Glad your bp is back under control.

big Jenn said...

I wonder about that too. I'm not sure about being ready though. It seems like there's more I'm supposed to do. Right now I feel quite stuck about that.
What a real post! Don't leave us quite yet, I want to know you better! Thanks,jeNN-girl

Anonymous said...

Just in case I haven't told you: I'm really glad I met you.

Banana Girl said...

Loved this realistic and heartfelt (no pun intended) post. About six month ago I realized that each day I am given the opportunity to build my life in such a way that when "my time" comes, I will be ready to see the face of God. It is not about holier than thou stuff or anything like that. I have through AA come to beleive that through surrender and humility and giving to my neighbor and loving him/her as myself, I am preparing for the true spiritual perfection: the embrace of God. It still amazes me and gives me awe. I used to fear death and now I don't long for it. I just try to make use of the waking hours in which to share with another the elements of the prayer of St. Francis. It is a tall order and I figure God will give me plenty of time to get it all done, even if it takes a lifetime. Thanks for your thoughts today, such inspiration. And thanks for helping me stay sober. J

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh i loved Joan of Arcadia, that being said, yes, keep taking the BP medicine and don't think about the when and where's of it all, I just have peace with it and leave it at that, Shadows right, it will be the "ultimate surprise".

Just stay healthy-a-roni~!

dAAve said...

Those are some mighty large BP swings.

J-Online said...

I'm glad you're BP is under control and you are taking care of your physical and spiritual self! Hugs, Jen

indistinct said...

Someone told me that coincidents are God's way of remaining anonymous.

Glad to hear the pressure is off.

Cat said...

I can only hope to come to a place where I am OK with my passing, not fearful of the unknown, but peaceful over all I had known. Wonderfully graceful sentiment here has me longing for what you have.


~Tyra~ said...

Hello dear friend.

Syd said...

I'm a person who has premonitions. I don't like to read about your thinking about where you are to die. I like to think that the where doesn't matter and that the when is up to God. I'm still here this day. And I'm glad that you are too. Take care of yourself. You're the roni in my mac.

♥Shann♥ said...

I am 32 and have been battleing blood pressure for over 2 years. I had to loose weight (lost 43lbs) and those pink little pills or any of those pills made me feel funny, I had to manage my stress, (still working on that one) but I monitor it everyday, and for the most part it is ok. Just keep taking care of you

Faith said...

I'm glad the BP is under control. Wow, I had no idea that you had two heart attacks while so young. I agree with Jenn, please don't leave us just yet. And when the time comes, please save a seat for me at the big meeting in the sky.