Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Jumping the gun, I know, but music and other stuff is keeping me hopping, not time for bopping--or shopping, for that matter! So just in case I don't comment ya until Saturday...please, when you pray, mention me, Steve. God will know who you mean.

Truly, I love you all, more than you'll ever know. But time is scarce for me this week. Gotta sleep sometime!


Tylenol: Last night after rehearsal I had a great fall in a dark parking lot. A tuning fork fixed the violin's problems. Tylenol fixed mine...hopefully.

Prayer Girl's Children in Tampa cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

We are their guests

Our beautiful Alcoholics Anonymous Program

All you wonderful Superb Bloggers from S. Africa to Austr,--NO! WAIT!, to Texas, to NY, to Colorado, to Canada, to the U.K., to India, to Egypt, even to Florida!

My BERGMAN Motor Scooter, I LOVE--except its speed limitation--it'll only do 120 mph.


Freedom of the SEAS biggest passenger liner in the world (sigh, memories!)

God's Friendship




Big Book

Florida Weather--I alone LOVE this!

My Mother, who forced me to practice the violin (in all my affairs?) against my will--not the affairs, the violin practice

My violin, and the Music I'm privileged to play still--at my age--today

Our Computers

Life here and hereafter

The belief that we are all one with God, but will not realize this spiritual union until the hereafter. What a surprise awaits us (My Opinion Only!!!)

So we'd better "be nice" to one another (again, my opinion! -grin)


May god bless us all today, and every day.


Syd said...

I like your great gratitude. Hope that you have a wonderful holiday. I'll be thinking gratitude too.


A great fall in a dark parking lot.....hmmmmm!!!

Prayer Girl is always the last to know. Good thing I read this blog.

big Jenn said...

Thanks for the gratitude and I hope your holiday is as wonderful as you are! jeNN-girl

Anonymous said...

What's all this talk of the "hereafter?" You're not going ANYWHERE! So there. Happy Thanksgiving :)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too and thank you for this beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes.


johno said...

God bless you!!

mile191 said...

you are fun to read. i decided to follow, find something uplifting, funny once in a while. thanks. hope you have a great holiday.

catholicandgop said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Cat said...

Wonderful post Steve - Have a great Thanksgiving!


Zanejabbers said...

Ok, now just hold on. I fell three weeks ago in a darkened movie house, and you fell last night in a darkened parking lot.
You've had successful eye surgery and I've had successful laser eye surgery. And we are both sober. Seems like we/ve got something in common. Happy Thanksgiving.

Shadow said...

the gratitude reached out and grabbed me as i read this.

off you go, get some sleep and have a super thanksgiving!!!

dAAve said...

Great list. Enjoy your holiday antics.

Jessica said...

You have become a well loved friend and I just wanted to pop in and say, "Thank you!"

You have continued to teach me things about myself and the fellowship that are absolutely priceless.

I hope that you and Prayer Girl have a wonderful holiday!

I wish you love, peace and unending joy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

mile191 said...

thanks for reading me. and hey, congrats on being sober. i just noticed for how long. that is wonderful. i know that every day is a struggle no matter how long. but thanks for being here and for the hope.

thanks for reminding me of that story. yes, i had forgotten, i needed to think of that.

it does mean a lot. especially when i have had so many family cross the street, turn their backs, and even friends. but there is the one who doesn't. it means the world to the wounded. i appreciate your comments.

happy turkey day, unless you are the turkey.

take care.

♥Shann♥ said...

Happy Thanksgiving eve my friend... I am grateful for you!!!