Sunday, November 2, 2008


In case ya didn't guess--I am the baby in the picture, and the powerful arms
holding me and teaching me...are the Steps and the sober members
of Alcoholics Anonymous. --Steve E.

So we "just got off the boat" after breakfast this (Sunday) morning. I had to move my chair back a few inches from the table. Did you know (I didn't) that some people eat dessert for breakfast? Well, as always and forever more, I'm totally "in readiness" to join ANY group, drifting from the ordinary, no matter what they're up to...well, within reason -grin-. So it was no problem to 'be cool' with this crowd of dessert-eaters from Sunday October 26 through the morning of Sunday November 2, 2008. CHOCOLATE RULES!!

During our final dinner Saturday evening, we had the choice of three magnificent 'tastries', and several at our table ordered all three. At this moment, 4:45 PM, I am willing (you know, "willingness?") to give my right arm for a repeat of those three desserts. Alas! My stomach will have to wait until our next Sober Gratitude Cruise on the newest ship OASIS in 2010. Note: OASIS is not built yet, but we are ready!

Now, I'll get get SERIOUS. Prayer-Girl and I agree that we have never enjoyed a week as much as this one--never, ever. I can not put into words that might describe the wonder of being pampered, of being free, of being sober, of being surrounded by 140 strangers, who ALL became immediate friends with us. I didn't even notice there were 4,000 other passengers on board, drinking, cavorting, and exclaiming their joyfulness in loud voices. We became all of that, except for the drinking.

EACH AA meeting--3 to 6 a day--was a DEADLY serious, yet FUN-filled affair, at least for me. Guess I could even have fun in 'ell...NO! Not there, but that's the ONLY exception! We had the best week we could NEVER have imagined! I'll get some pictures up some time some way.

I am sure that if anyone noticed the picture in the heading, that this is our constant prayer this month, one of such GRATITUDE, that I'm frequently overwhelmed at His goodness. And Yes--I am SO grateful that I was chosen to become an Alkie, realizing that not everyone can feel gratitude for THAT gift(?). But nowhere could I have found the peace, the serenity, the utter happiness, which I've found in Alcoholics Anonymous--and I had to become a bottom-type drunk to get here!

Heck, I'm spouting off about happiness, etc., and do ya know what happened to me today. Lost on the ship, top deck, in the wind: my Driver's License, and two credit cards. I'm so happy, I forgot about that. See. Even in adversity, we can somehow be given a gift to stay above that crapola. I can now (sometimes!!!) realize what IS important, and what is merely a few pebbles lying on the road we trudge. The road we trudge--TOGETHER! Stay sober, everyone! Glad to be back, I certainly missed y'all!



Anonymous said...

YAY! You're back! Whoo hoo!!!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh I missed you dearly and am so glad to of read this post to know what a great time this was for you and Prayer Girl, what a joyous, amazing, and wonderful place to be! Thank you for the Gratitude and sharing! YOU WERE MISSED!!!!

Akannie said...

Welcome home, cruise-a-roni!!!

Mary Christine said...

Welcome home. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

Sarah said...

Nice to meet ya!

Btw, my witty opening line line about alcohol was actually written by Ann of Coffee, Cigerettes, and the Center of the Universe.

She actually opened me up to the world of journaling/blogging, so I can't really take credit, lol.

Shadow said...

welcome back! you sound perfectly happy and relaxed after what sounds like a perfect holiday, perfect-o-roni! i'm glad you and prayer girl are back!!!

Laura said...

So glad you're back and dessert first...there's a group for that!


Lou said...

I see by the trail of comments you're back with your crazy self.

Now if you start today with just water & celery sticks you will soon be back to your svelte self.

Cat said...

I am so glad you and Prayer Girl had a wonderful time - it sounds amazing and something that my husband and I may shoot for as a goal in 2010.

I missed ya and are grateful to have ya back!


J-Online said...

So glad you had a great time and are back! You were missed!

~Tyra~ said...

Glad you're home safe and that you both had a wonderful time. You were missed!

Syd said...

It sounds like a great cruise. I missed reading the dailies here. But 3 desserts would be too much for me. I keep the caloric intake down as much as possible. But,hey, cruises are about food too.

Molls said...

I missed you and am so happy that you're back! I loved this post. You make me happy!