Wednesday, November 19, 2008


"Well, I've been around these rooms for a few twenty-four hours,
and I want to tell you what's wrong with Alcoholics Anonymous"

The following began as a comment on findon who
writes an interesting and sober blong--I just 'met' him today.
If ya don't know him, please pay him a welcome visit

Find-On, this is the second time today I've found myself on your blog, so it's time to comment. Yes, I also have heard, for years, how we try to maximize our good stuff, and minimize that of which we are ashamed. You have written today about these guys (yep, they're usually guys, I hate to say). I'm recalling some of the words I and you frequently hear --with translations under:

1. "I been coming around this program for about thirty years now..."

means, "I've been in this revolving door for far too long. I don't know much but I'm going to teach you anyway, "How It Works!"

2. "My first AA meeting was in 1960, but I haven't been sober all that long."

means, "I had my last drink this morning before the meeting. It was vodka, so I figure (wrongly) that you will not smell it.""

3. "I've been 'around' the rooms for a few twenty-four hours..."

means, either, "I'm ashamed of my sobriety date, OR "I don't HAVE one."

4, "I don't want to give out my sobriety date, I don't want to brag!"

means: see #3 above.

"I was introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous at the age of eighteen, now I'm sixty-four..."

translated, means, "I just have a little snort now and then. No big deal!


Well, I've been IN the rooms and SOBER! for 12,664 Twenty-Four Hours. God I wonder how many hours that is??? ..Almost 304,000 hours. Wow! It's about time for me to go 'out' and test the waters see how things are now "out there"???

But, ya know, the 'fakers' have been doing that for years, It CAN hurt new members, because some might be misled into choosing a sponsor who might in time, accompany them back out for a drink.
I laugh at the stupid statements these people make. At the same time, I pray for them and their denial----pride-based. And I understand.

I do understand this, that God is IS IN CHARGE, and I am not. So full of gratitude am I when I hear the phrase of a returning alkie, which does NOT include a sobriety date, as he tries to "give us" what HE has, instead of 'wanting what we have'. And I could be there also...tomorrow



Lou said...

I bet you have heard it all, Tales-O-Roni!


My heart goes out to these people. Thank God I'm not in the place they are.

I spent too much of my life in the place of false pride and dishonesty with myself and therefore with you. I know from my experience it's nowhere I ever want to be. I am so grateful to God for my 23+ years of sobriety.

See you for coffee - 2:00 p.m. Looking forward to that.

big Jenn said...

Thank you Steveoroni for the lovely comments on my blog. I'm glad you're giving Findon a shout out, he has a good blog. Another big pet peeve of mine along these lines is when people say relapse is part of recovery! I used to hear that allot in my job. Counselors would say it to clients! Ugh! That just gives someone who's in denial permission to keep using in my opinion. ( and it is MY OPINION.)It kept many from getting sober. It would circulate around the recovery community. There was allot of treatment around where I worked, so some of the meetings had allot of newcommers. Not always a good thing for poeple to get a good sober message. jeNN-girl

Shadow said...

what i want to know is why they keep coming back if it's all 'wrong'????

AlkySeltzer said...

SHADOW. Thanks for dropping by.

Some of the people I was discussing, probably want to stay sober. So they do qualify, of course.

But those old nemeses Pride and Ego will not allow some of us to do the deep down soul-searching, to dig out our character defects, and be willing to have them become 'history'. We think "we're fine, something's the matter with you."

Then some say, "Since I'm OK, I'll celebrate with a drink! After all, ONE won't hurt!!!"

Shadow said...

hiya, thanks for your reply. it just seems to me to be defeating the object if you go to a place for help and guidance, yet emit such ill-feeling about it too... surely their heart then isn't into it the way it should be... hey, i think that is just what you said...

J-Online said...

Same as Lou said! Great post!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great Post, miss seeing ya on my Blong, but hope you're well, now I'm off to check out Findon!!!

Thanks for the blogging! It means a great deal.

♥Shann♥ said...

It is jacked up because when newcomers hear this, and see this behavior it is confusing, but then again, God is in charge, and a lot of us can learn from this behavior and share it so hopefully the new comers really get it.
thanks for sharing Steve-o-roni!

Syd said...

I tell people that my mother was sober for 95 years--she never drank.

I agree that there has to be ego involved. I am glad that there are those like you around to keep things honest. It's got to be confusing to the newcomer though to hear the BS from those who just talk the walk, and maybe believe it.

Zanejabbers said...

I'll second you on Findon. He found my blog about a month ago. We have some of the problems, eyes, diabetes, alcoholic, etc. See, look for the common things discard the differences. I never took the "turnstile" I just came in the ENTER door and have been here a bunch of time. All continuous. But I've also heard the old time with 35 years say it took me 10 years to get sober, but they are not part of my 35 years. So whose to say. But I know what you mean. I just want to shake some of these people sober but it don't work. But then I watch them to keep me on track cause they show me what I DON"T WANT TO DO.

Anonymous said...

But for the grace of God, there go I. It's true for all of us that are afflicted with this illness. Under the *right or *wrong circumstances, I could fall off the wagon tomorrow. I truly consider sobriety to be a very precious gift from God. Now, I just really wish He'd choose to take some of my extra helping of lunacy. ;0)

AlkySeltzer said...

Heather, you keep harping on being a "lunatic". If I keep focusing on something, I can easily BE it. Wish you'd consider focusing on being a vibrant, happy (happy-go-lucky? Maybe!) sober lady, who is finding solutions to her life challenges.

I know you are fine, but do YOU know it? Love, from

brian7 said...

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Anonymous said...

Whoever believes in me, as scripture says: (John 7: 38).