Monday, November 24, 2008


G F Handel's MESSIAH--by G F Handel! -grin-

For several days I have been immersed in violin playing for one or another entity. This afternoon I was part of an orchestra for a performance of Handel's MESSIAH, by Handel (little joke!)--for chorus, orchestra and soloists. It was G O O D, guys. Good for the audience, good for the performers, good for me. I have not been in orchestral situations lately, and it was like being "back in the saddle again", know what I mean?

Go back a day, when we had a long rehearsal--only one--and it was like old home week, for me, and others. It was like--well--when someone who used to be a regular part of my AA group, who moved to a distant city. Several years later he returns, only to find but few left of his old friends. But those who DO remember him are all over him with handshakes, hugs, smooches, and invites for breakfast, lunch, dinner, what have you. He is even offered a place to stay.

THAT'S what it is like when musicians congregate, who have wandered apart for a time, doing gigs in different locales, or traveling, or cruise gigging, or just been laying low. It is a wonderful feeling, difficult to 'splain unless ya "been there"!

All that being over with by 5 PM Sunday, I felt nervous--for no reason. Then it dawned on me, I'd missed my regular meetings two days straight. So, on the way home, I stopped in the 'Club 24' and attended a 5:30 meeting. Fellow bloggers, your steveroni was happy as a recently escaped butterfly. And I'm still bubbling over with gratitude, that no matter the time--morning, noon, or night--there is always a meeting just concluding, or just beginning. Just as sure as there is a blogger on the Internet!

Somewhere in this town there is always a place for me to walk in and "know that I am HOME". A place where some will smile and say, "What are YOU so happy about"? And they will listen to my story-of-the-moment. During the meeting they will be quiet while I share, and at least pretend they are listening! After the meeting they will ask questions, or answer some. And I am sober. And I feel love...and loved! How GOOD is the God Who brought me here to these people!



big Jenn said...

Sweet as music! jeNN

Shadow said...

a recently escape butterfly, what a beautiful image!!

you musicians are the best. looking out for one another, bound together in musical spirit. that's great.

Cat said...

I like the fact that there are always meeting sfor my husband to attentd - it seems every day there are several to choose from for him, I on the other hand am lucky to get one a day to choose from in my area... But there is always the wonderful open AA meeting I love to attend on Saturday nights with him!


indistinct said...

You reminded me of the time I was in a choir and we did the Messiah. It was a fantastic experience. Lots of fun.

Don't sing any more, not enough time to work, to go to meetings, for hobbies, to spend time with my partner and family. Days go by much to quickly. But that's good, I get to experience the whole day when I stay sober. So yes to meetings and no to choir practise. Maybe when I retire?

AlkySeltzer said...

Hank (Indistinct), I'm retired! And still get to enjoy the labor of love which I had for many years--and still get paid!

BTW, I also, cannot find enough time, I end up many a night sleeping 4-5 hours, feeling very tired. I'm thinking the world could not function without me. Although I realize it cannot function, no matter what!

My point got lost, but it IS: Where do the folks on here get time to READ all those books in the discussions? Got any idea? If so, you could Email, right? -grin-

~Tyra~ said...

God is good and so is AA.

Syd said...

I don't like missing meetings. Glad that you have a place of friendship and love. I have my home group tonight and really look forward to it.


I'm so glad Handel's MESSIAH was created by Handel.

Loved it. Spiritual and uplifting. The fist violins were "SUPERB"!

From the gal who loves one of those violinists,
Prayer Girl

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post, thank you for the reminder that we always have our options and our meetings, the hand is always there if we see it!

Thank you,

Zanejabbers said...

Good ole Handel. Wonder how Gretal-opps wrong story. GRIN as someone else says.

vicariousrising said...

Oooh, you're a violinist? Sooo cool. I tried the violin for about a year and my parents made me quit. The same with my attempt at the oboe. They let me keep on with the piano, though.

I love Handel's Messiah.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Handel's Messiah is completely uplifting. From the first note I feel my Spirit lifted and it just continues! Thanks for that! :)